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Editor's Note:
The Survey was aimed at clik2complaints users and site visitors.

Please find below a sample of comments and general feedback from the survey. The Survey has now closed.

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User survey results

(october 2002)

The clik2complaints community currently varies between 650- 850 unique visitors daily. The highest daily unique visitor count to date is 1200 visitors in a single day with a monthly average of 18000 to 20000 unique visitors.

74% of our daily visitors found the site by chance via one of the major search engines (Yahoo!, Google etc). A further 6% came on another person's recommendation and 2% via an advert on another site.

First Impressions:


Nice site


Good idea


Too crowded


Hard to read/understand


Interesting stories


Good content/material


Not professional


Quite professional


What is the catch?


Easy to get around


Too complicated



"Not enough room for really long letters in consumer comments box"

"Excellent - companies should take more notice"

"Looks a bit "thrown together"

"You need a category on Solicitors"

"Some useful info, though sadly i could have done with reading some of it before i found that i had a problem with a retailer."



22.5% of visitors to clik2complaints contribute their comments,views and advice on published complaints. 67.5% submit complaints of their own. 15% take the ongoing poll in the Voting Section and 20% post a message on the Sounding Boards.

Submitting a comment about a Dedicated Page story

Voting in the 'Polling Station' 11.8%
Posting a comment on the 'Sounding Board' 23.5%
Submitting a complaint/story 58.8%
Sending an email enquiry/comment to the editor 11.8%

Something we could do to improve the features?

"You need to be careful about the content that is included. Some of the information I have read regarding legal matters (the Sales of Goods Act in particular) is wrong. It was posted as a comment although I can't remember which complaint it was for. If you allow unsubstantiated claims to be published that subsequently damage a business and the claims prove to be false where do you stand? You need to make sure the reported facts are accurate before you publish the complaint, get a reply from the company and publish the complaint, the response and outcome all at once. Define yourself as a mediator not a mouthpiece."

"possibly finding out or posting any other complaints or faults with companies of the same nature,as ones sent by complainants,so there is a general layout of any other cases which people can relate to or gather advice from."

"Keep statistics of the number of resolved issues"


63.2% were satisfied with the final outcome of complaint submitted to clik2complaints.
A Further 5.3% expressed dissatisfaction at the outcome

If you were dissatisfied, why?

"As mentioned above, I have a complaint about Solicitors. You don't have a category, they rank with second hand car salesmen, estate agents, insurance companies and banks as fleecers of the public."

"it is a bit confusing."




Adverts... not a good idea?'
5.3% of the user survey respondents want to see adverts on the clik2complaints website.
However, 81.6% want Consumer related articles. 60.5% want specific Consumer News items, 10% would want a Newsletter and 26.3% want to see more links. Online shopping also appeals to 7.9% and 26.3% an email service.
What other features would you like to see added:

" more categories "

"Ability to browse through resolved complaints. Statistics on them"

"It would be a brave bussiness to advertise, but good for the consumer as we would be assured that it would have to be efficient and professional to be confident enough to promote its product"

"This is a very functional service. if certain adverts would help to fund it then that would be ok but might detract from its unique independence."


What features would you like improved or new sections added:
"Just stick at what you do best, what it say's on the label."

"Examples of typical letters than can be used to complain to companies regarding poor service etc."

How can we improve the look and feel of site:

"No suggestions, I've found it user friendly."


"Your doing every thing right."


"It seems uncluttered to me = good."


"Usability was great but I wish this site was more publicised - if I had read the comments on Moben before I certainly wouldn't have gone with them. Having just come back from New York where I spent two years, the consumer there IS the customer. In the UK we are far too timid, it is time people began to voice their opinions and begin voting with their pounds which would quickly put companies like Moben out of business. PLEASE publicise your site extensively so that more people know about it and can check up on suppliers BEFORE they spend hard earned cash with unsavoury organisations. "


"Site relatively easy to navigate.Just a bit 'jumbly'.As above -perhaps a bigger box to write remarks.Also, perhaps a seperate section for advice- be it from other customers (no,I don't mean 'go to the store armed with a machine-gun..'),or perhaps professional bodies ie.Trading Standards or Consumer Advice groups.And ADVERTISE yourselves. ie .in the press."


"Excellent the way it is."


"Promote the site...............i know of so many people who in the past needed a site such as this. Many people still do not know...........more know now "


"Found it easy to navigate and colours easy to read as it is now."


"I actually found it very user-friendly. Can't think of any improvements off-hand, but it's a while since I visited the site."


"I think it is a great idea but it needs to be better advertised"



Final Comments:

"Nothing but praise. I noticed someone on the 'sounding board' had concerns about 'unsubstantiated complaints', but don't believe consumers would seek this site out without legitimate reasons to complain. As mentioned, companies identified should take note! "

"As I have only just found you and sent a moan it would be unfair of me to even think of being able to make a constructive observation. It's just nice to have somewhere to moan to. If you are able to change things for the better then I would think you would feel you have done what you what you want. At least I will get to see it there (see moan!)"

"Good job! You are an excellent site truly helping consumers"

""I felt a lot better after I had added my comment to another customers complaint about Wickes and then saw it on screen a night later!!!"

"I think there should be more sites like this around but may i add that u could give more information on how to really tackle these companies, what is the best way to do it and what our rights are in laman terms! This site is very much appreciated, it makes us feel we have someone on our side"

"I did have a period where selecting a particular complaint would cause an error on Internet Explorer and the window would close. This doesn't seem to happen any more. As the Customer Sevrices Manager of a national chain of retail outlets it would be interesting to see a section where companies with good and open customer service policies can display how it should be done. Perhaps some sort of affliate scheme?"

"Potentially great site. Wider publicity would make it more effective"

"I feel great now that i have been able to tell people about my complaint. very satisfying when you tried everything from trading standards to energywatch."

"Very Good site, low graphics helps and the content is very informative."

"Great site, it's just a start though it could be so much more powerful with more publicity."

"This is my first encounter with this site,which i found very interesting, I don't know if you send out survey's relating to various story line's,or print updates on the companies involved,this could be beneficial to most site user's"

"Excellent site."

"I did have a period where selecting a particular complaint would cause an error on Internet Explorer and the window would close. This doesn't seem to happen any more. As the Customer Sevrices Manager of a national chain of retail outlets it would be interesting to see a section where companies with good and open customer service policies can display how it should be done. Perhaps some sort of affliate scheme?"

"Its just nice to feel , in this day and age where businesses are usually so big and generally provide a poor service a site like this may actually worry them. I am tired of the poor service i recieve from nearly every business i deal with, i hope this site kicks them up the bum! Great site, gives us little people a voice!"


"I was very grateful for the opportunity to get my experiences into the public domain. The bonus was being contacted by the company I'd had problems with. I haven't yet replied to them as my intention hadn't been to look for recompense -- I just wanted to get my message out as support for anyone experiencing similar difficulties. I shall, however, pursue a correspondence with the company in question and who knows? I might just get some compensation money, which would be nice. Thank you."


"Your help in our complaint about Currys was very much appreciated. No one else seemed to understand or care. MANY THANKS"


"The site is an excellent development. I wish that I'd known about it when I first had my complaint with Moben Kitchens. The work that you and your team do is much valued .... keep up the good work."





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