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"With regard to the above complaint. We have responded to the customer direct on the issues raised and we do not recognise yourselves as an avenue to receive complaints" .
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a snob from B&Q who, by the way, have drawn the strongest comments from dissatisfied consumers on this site

"Off the point I approve of your website and have two similar websites of my own registered and dedicated to the twin demons of BT and Virgin Cars. I think another like crazy-customers.com might be even more entertaining though."
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"One final note to the Editor - whilst we applaud your site in some ways for giving the opportunity for folk to air their grievances, there's an old saying "mud sticks" and we really do think you should take care in allowing publication of derogatory remarks and quite possibly unfounded allegations, without due investigation. We have read your disclaimer but feel obliged to establish our legal rights on this matter also."

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