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Sad to see that my company, the kilt hire co, at present is being slandered by this web site,..You are not giving companies a chance to speak to their customers. Read story here


"I would like to express my concern at your ambush style website where you see fit to publish something before you have heard the full story.".Read story here


We consider that Mr Hussain’s complaint is both untrue and misleading and therefore defamatory of our client (Render Alarms). By publishing the complaint we consider that your organisation has also unwittingly defamed our client’s business. Read More


Mr Irvine's allegations against the company (Tecnik) are completely without foundation. You will of course be aware of your potential liablity..Read More

I have just been reading about MOben Kitchens on your website. I find it appalling that you state when customers are making complaints they should not name anyone personally (Editor's Note: Not So!) and yet my name appears on your website. WHilst I dont doubt aggrieved customers feel the need to voice their complaints where they wish, I do object to my name being published and demand this is removed immediately. This is an infringement of my personal privacy. If this request is not actioned forthwith I will take this matter further. Dedicated Page

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