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Sent: 08 July 2002 11:31
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Subject: Complaints on your site

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been taking a look at your site, as a result, have a few questions concerning the site. The disclaimer to your site claims "Postings that have been satisfactorily responded to and acknowledged will be removed". How is it decided that a complaint has been satisfactorily responded to? Surely when a company has resolved an issue, the person lodging the complaint is unlikely to contact you to say the issue has been resolved, as they will be pleased with the resolution and move on.

What procedures do you have for checking the facts of a complaint? Your disclaimer also states "Similarly, postings that are proven to be inaccurate in facts or details will be corrected or removed completely." What evidence would you expect to be provided with, to correct complaints, or as you state, remove them completely?

I realise your site is a complaints site, but the nature of a site like this presents a somewhat biased view. Most of the companies on your site against which complaints have been lodged will have a significantly greater number of happy customers than disgruntled ones. Therefore, if and when people do post recommendations and complimentary comments about companies do you give them equal prominence on your site? For example, do they ever get a mention in the 'Current Highlights' on your home page?

Kindest regards,


Sent: 1 August 2002
From editor@clik2complaints

Dear Mr AP

Thank you for your email which has been published on clik2complaints with my comments at the following address: here. Since your email, the wording of the disclaimer has been amended to give a clearer representation of the clik2complaints practise and procedures with publsihed submissions.

As you rightly say, this is a complaints site and so is geared toward complaints. It also aims to champion the cause of the aggrieved consumer (who may other wise not be heard) and so leans more to the consumers' side.

We do have a section for compliments and recommendations though not included in 'Current Highlights'. Nor do we intend to do so. However, since your email, a link is now available via the homepage to a dedicated page for positive consumer comments.

The site's complaint submission form user is required to supply full personal details (name, address etc) with their greivance, adding credence to the story. These are forwarded to the company. The company is invited to respond.

The Right of Reply response is the Company's opportunity to dispute or clarify any grievance submitted against them. Some choose to do so and others do not. If they do, the company response is published. If not, the Dedicated Page will remain until there is an archiving of content. - We have not had one yet. In some cases, a 'follow up email' is sent to the customer for any possible updates to be included with the original submission.

If a complaint turns out ot be a total fabrication, it will ofcourse be removed. We have not had such. However, sometimes there have been disagreements on the facts of the complaint. In such cases, the Complaint and Right of Reply comment are published. The consumer is advised to comment on the company's refutal. This is also published. if there is no response to that invitation, then the story is removed.

We have had four instances where complaints have been removed. In the first case, the company rep contacted the editor requesting removal with a list of complaints and actions taken to resolve them. The customers were contacted and where confirmed the Dedicated Page removed. Where no response was received, the Dedicated Page was removed also.

In the second instance, the company contacted us strongly disputing some facts in the submission. We contacted the consumer for a response, on receiving no reply, the Dedicated Page was removed.The third was of a similar case to the second above.

The fourth instance was where after several months the consumer contacted us specifically requesting that the page be removed. The Company had contacted her, pointing out that the issue had been resolved. Neither the consumer nor the company had contacted clik2complaints before to confirm this.

clik2complaints has been live for a little over a year and the feedback from consumers who have been helped by the service, gives the Editorial Team the incentive to keep the site going. This will continue long into the future. Thanks again for your useful questions and feedback.

Jonathan T-Wright
The Consumers Complaint List (TCCL)
Website: http://www.clik2complaints.co.uk




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