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Sony MIDI System

23 July 2003

I sent this letter by email to Curry's by email on 6th July. I'm still waiting for a response (even an acknowledgement). The footnote is that Dixon's at Oldham settled the matter by providing me with a replacement.


"Dear Sir

In November 2002 I bought a Sony midi system from Dixon’s store in Oldham. At the beginning of June 2003 the system broke down, the fault being a complete lack of any sound! I took it back to the store. They looked at their records and said they could not deal with it because the terms of the guarantee was that it had to be repaired in my home. However they said I could take it to Curry’s at the retail park near Oldham because that was where the engineer was based. I duly took it to Curry’s who accepted it and gave me a ‘Mastercare’ receipt and told me that I would be contacted.

After two weeks, having heard nothing, I went back to Curry’s. The assistant looked in the workshop and came back to tell me that it wasn’t there. She was unable to give me any information about it. I spoke to the manager who said that somebody would phone me during the week when Mastercare was open.

Two weeks later I returned having heard nothing! The assistant again went into the back and returned to tell me it wasn’t there. So I spoke to the manager again. I pointed out that the 28 days had expired and that under the terms of their company’s guarantee I was entitled to a new replacement. He said he was unable to do that because it was not Curry’s fault because the system was with Mastercare. He then said I must come back Monday to Friday during working hours. I pointed out that I, in common with many others, worked during the week and that the guarantee stated that the goods should be delivered to my house. He said there was nothing he could do if I could not go to his store during weekday working hours. Also he said that his store had no record of having my system (even though I was holding the receipt made out by his store!) Furthermore he said he didn’t know why Dixon’s kept sending customers with repairs to his store as they didn’t have any repair facilities and had to send everything to Preston.

He was quite uncomfortable when I pointed out that Curry’s, Dixon’s and Mastercare were the same company. I also asked why I had been told by Dixon’s that simple repairs were done in his store if there was no engineer. He responded that that was the case four weeks ago. Therefore, I said, Dixon’s were correct in sending me to Curry’s. He then said that I should take up my complaint with Dixon’s as there was nothing he could do (even though his store had taken the system!)

I returned to Dixon’s. I will say in favour of that store that they were very sympathetic and have undertaken to sort the matter out tomorrow. They were also incredulous at the response of Curry’s. In fact they were not aware that the Curry’s store no longer did repairs (Are these stores really part of the same organisation?).

I await the outcome of tomorrow’s promised phone call with no real enthusiasm. I still require a new midi system as it appears that my system has gone missing or is seriously faulty. I am entitled to a new system under the terms of the guarantee. After all if the guarantee had expired I’m sure that I would have been give no leeway and that it would not have been repaired.

Most of all I do object to rude and obstructive customer relations that tries to thwart the customer by trying to pretend that different brand names in the same group are separate companies. Having said that there appears to be little co-operation between these two stores and the customer is easily passed from one to the other. I also object to the broken promises which appear to be the result of poor record keeping at Curry’s (nobody wrote down that I should be contacted and they had no record of having taken my midi system).

Please explain to me why I should buy from the Dixon’s/Curry’s group again or why I should continue to buy items from PC World.

Yours faithfully

Peter Holford"

Consumer Comments

I have had a nightmare with Curry's in Taunton Somerset regarding a e machines new computer package. They said they would call when it was in but did not. First computer the c drive went while setting it up. e mailed Curry's but hqave not to this day had a reply. Took computer back again they did not phone as promised when exchange computer arrived. Same thing happened with second computer. Took it back said did not want same make again. Was told could have a Packard Bell, then they phoned to say could not as Packard Bell's machines were to be up dated. Said should have another e machine said would not.

They said would phone on a Monday, did not, went in again, said would call on Tuesday as could not help yet. They never phoned again so took all computer stuff back. All they would do was offer me a obsolete Packard Bell. They really could not care less.Did not want to refund expences for all the calls and petrol. Curry's are only interested in getting the computers
out the door and trying to sell you a warrenty.

Now after weeks I have no computer at all and not even a sorry from Curry's.I feel so disgusted as I was not given any advise in the first place and of course I had been quite excited about my first new computer.Now I do not know where to go for decent service and can get no resonce from Curry,s. Annabel Gregory ..17 August 2003
Bought my second E-machine from PC World last year. After a recent virus attack I decided to use restore CDs, which formatted my hard drive, but failed half way through, leaving me with a useless PC. I called PC World over 2 weeks ago, was told new CDs would be posted to me. No sign of discs yet, I phoned PC World again (including the £1 a minute line). After a half hour call, during which I was told the discs had been sent to the wrong address, upshot was they would send discs out, WHEN THEY GET SOME IN???? After all this time, I am still left with a useless PC. I did visit my local PC World to try and buy replacement discs, but they couldn't help. (Note - I went on a Sunday morning for 10am, a reasonable time ? - no, they didn't open till 11am). No complaint here about E machines, but backup - well, make up your own mind. Peter Halliday ... 7 May 2004
My story is so similar to several others listed.
Laptop broke in March, impossible to get it collected due to collection only during office hours, told to leave it at PC World who would not take it, left it at Currys who managed to forget to give it to the courrier, has been sent back to me twice un repaired. It is now two months. What is going on. Dixons et al are clearly nothing but criminals. My guarantee policy cost me £400. What is going on. Edward Reece ... 11 May 2004


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