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Hutchison 3G (NEC E606 handset)

22 August 2003

I thought you would like to know about the poor service I have received from Comet and Hutchison 3G over my faulty NEC E606 mobile phone handset. I phoned 3 customer services today to find out what was happening re: my situation, I was told that my money would NOT be refunded but that they could replace my handset AGAIN.

I refused and told them that I had lost faith in the model and I want a refund, or I would contact a consumer complaints company and tell them about it. They still refused - even though in my opinion I was sold a piece of equipment which was not "fit for purpose". I would appreciate any advice you can offer, should I take this matter to the Trading Standards Office?

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Brian Davies



I thought you would like to know about the poor service i have recieved from 3pay.
i have had my LG U130 phone for little over a month when i noted an error on the front screen, i had to send off for it to be repaired, when i was still under gaurentee, and it has been over a month and i have not recieved word on when i will have my phone returned. during this month i have also had a bill, which i think shouldn't be paid, do you agree. i would like to know the best way of contacting higher people at 3, as the customer service is a dead end. any advice would be apprieciated. thank you. Bethany Rodgers - sheffield ... 7 March 2005

I was on a 3G contract for 12 months which was ending on 26th Feb, I rang the Billing department to tell them that from the 26th Feb I wanted to cancel - They told me I would have to ring back on or after the 26th feb. I rang back today (28th Feb) to be told I need to give them 30 days notice to terminate. When i questioned it and told them about ringing earlier in the month i was told that I didn't speak to the right deaprtment. 1. Is that my fault? 2. Why should I have to pay another months contract when it's their fault and not mine? There Customer Services department is rubbish - I have passed all relevant info onto trading standards to deal with
Andy Harney - Gateshead .. 28 February 2005

I thought it would be useful to other potential customers of dabs.com if I informed them of the disgraceful customer service which they offer. After an important update to my order payment details I was bombarded with irrelevant system generated E-mails with a touch or arrogance. These E-mails stated that I had sent duplicate E-mails from multiple accounts. Why they think this I am unclear but their reply was in a tone that will stop me from purchasing products from them in the future.
James Tompson, - Leeds .. 22 February 2005

What can i say about 3 - i have had numerous problems with the company. Over the lkast 12 months my phone has packed up 3 times and has left me without a phone for over a month and now. When i rang them up to cancel the contract and change to 3pay they said yes no problem we can do that for you. I have found out today that (1) it cannot be done and (2) i have lost the number because the account has been cancelled. To add insult to injury i was waiting on the phone for over 1/2 an hour just to speak to someone about this. £ are the worst company - customer service i have ever contacted and i should know as i have worked in call centres in the past. Daniel Bayley, - Wolverhampton ... 19 February 2005

Oh how I agree with all your coments. My phone stopped working suddenly after 6 months and a call to customer services has resulted in my handset being barred by accident! I am now on my 4th call which I am told every time the instruction to switch my phone on is stuck on the computer and it will be back on in 48 hours. 48 comes and goes and I have to phone them again only to be told they will sort it out and it will be back on in 48 hours. It is still not back on and my next call with be tomorrow but I already know what they will say and can see no point in me wasting money on my parents landline again.

When I have asked what they are going to do tey just say it will be sorted and to wait 48 hours! I am so fed up, especially as every call to three has been over 25 minutes, and when I asked f there would be any compensation I was told it was not policy! So I am currently paying £25 for nothing! Have taken advice about cancelling my direct debit but advised against it as it will leave a black mark against my name. So it looks like I will carry on paying till April for nothing!
Caroline Eagle, Bristol .... 6 February 2005

My husband and i both took out 12 month contracts with 3G my husbands handset was repaired 4 times before a replacement was given, the new handset is only 4 months old and has packed up again! and we have been told we will have to pay for the repair. we are 9 months into the contract and have never reached our talk plan price limit as we have never been able to get a signal, we have now had to pay over £60 to get out of the contract which is the poorest company i have ever had to deal with. Coustomer services is run in foreign countrys were the english is poor so if you ever get through to them they will be hard pushed to understand anything you are saying. There price plans are cheap because they run there products in low wage countrys and it has a very poor signal!!! Take out a contract with 3G and be sure your normal ability to be-able to function correctly will soon be over shadowed and your nerves will go to pot. I hope no one will have to experiance what we have had to!!! Mrs Fay Evans,- Bridgnorth 25 January 2005



I subscribed to 3 4 weeks ago and from day one the service was poor and the handset was faulty. I then decided to get a preplacement which seemed a hassle then I cancelled my contract but since then I have I have tried to resolve this matter with the customer service 3 times but I still continue to receive treatening letter demanding payment and giving me altimatums. Every time I called the promiss it would be the last time but it is not. Not to mention the fact the supervisors will call me and nobody has yet. I have decided to seek legal advice
Khalid Kassim ... 18 November 2003
I would like to know about the poor customer service policies which 3G has. I have got a Motorola A830 handset for the past 7 months and it has got loads of issues to go along with it. To name a few,
1) The calls are dropped quite often
2) the Handset gets switched off by itself while on the call
3) when you make a call the other person cant hear your voice
4) Terminating the call byitself during the conversation .
These are few.
I went around the local 3 shops(superdrug store) to find out that they can only repair for the customers who have bought through them. I was unfortuanate enough to buy it from a shop where it does not provide any 3G repairing facitliy at all. So I contacted the 3G customer services team and found out that It will take 3 working days to repair my handset, but they cant provide me with a replacement Handset. Unfortunatlely my profession requires me to have my phone with me while I am working.

When I enquired them about cancelling my contract to move on, it will cost me 150£ on cancellation chargs although its not my fault. Hope you will be able to get a better answer for me from the so called 3G customer services. Sreenadh Sankunni ... 29 March 2004
Bought this phone from phones4u in August 2003 and the handset NEC 606 developed a problem in December 2003. I have taken the phone at least 6 times for repairs but the same problem's reocurring. I have not been able to retrieve voice mail regularly which has ended up losing me potential job interviews. I would like either a new phone (but not 606) lost faith in it, or to come out of the contract as of now.
Dilip Dolwani ... 13 May 2004

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