PENTAX OPTIO S - Digital Camera
Consumer Commendations


I recently purchased a Pentax Optio S digital camera.
I had it for a couple of weeks but unfortunately dropped it while taking a photo resulting in damage to the lense. Although it was under a years warranty, I had said it was damaged as a result of myself rather than any manufacturing defect which is often the standard coverage.

Despite my openess, I received the repaired camera back in two weeks by recorded delivery with no charge and no questioning that one might expect elsewhere. Certain high-street electrical equipment stores would attempt to charge for this manufacturers coverage under their extended warranties. During this time, I made several calls, first to enquire about the returns policy and also to find out an update. I found the telephone service excellent with no queues, a friendly response and most importantly immedaite answers. I highly recommend both the camera and the company and ge the feeling they genuinly do look out for their customers.

Regards, Alastair Maltman