NETGEAR - Wireless ADSL Router

Consumer Commendations


With the advent of ADSL (broadband internet) and the option to chose "wires only", that is, where you pay the telecom company for the service but provide your own hardware, I wanted to report that at least one manufacturer and supplier of the hardware sorted a problem for me with no hassle.

The product was a Netgear wireless ADSL router. It was ordered on the internet from a supplier called It arrived within two days, but did not work. I phoned the Netgear helpline (in the evening) and spoke to an engineer. I've no idea where he was located, but he steered me through a simple series of checks (just typing commands at the keyboard etc - no screwdrivers) and eventually concluded that the unit was faulty. He gave me a reference number and told me to contact the supplier who would send a replacement.

The next morning I did so. Morecomputers wanted me to return the unit for them to check, but when I explained that Netgear had already authorised a replacement, and that I needed the unit urgently they said they would "phone me back". They did ! They agreed to despatch a new unit that day, and if I would return the original unit they would even refund the postage. I posted the original unit back to them, and the new one arrived the following day - and it works brilliantly. I was so pleased with the service I didn't bother to chase them for the postage refund.

Ken Thomas
East Sussex
30 December 2003