Golden Sun Representative
Consumer Commendations


26th September 2003 Golden Sun had booked us into the Erifilly Gardens in Molyvos, as a rabbit hutch it was great, for a holiday its too small and they fixed the fridge so it does not get cold enough to make even ice cubes.When we complained Paul the Golden Sun representative came to the rescue by moving us to the Marilena Apartments.

This room was superb, i.e. colour t.v. hairdryer, hot water 24hrs a day (not just heated by solar power) and plenty of room to move about without stepping on each other. And a fridge that worked. Once again, cannot praise the Golden Sun representatives enough, they turned a disaster of a holiday into a great two week holiday. The main reason we needed a fridge that worked is I have to keep my insulin in it the owner of the Eriffilly could not care less the fridge thermostats were sealed with foam.
From Tony & Janet Roberts ... 26 September 2003

We booked a late deal to akti tourist village paphos. looked on internet for info, only good comment was it is clean.our opinion is nice apartment,beautiful setting,everything you need on site,lovely helpful,humorous rep,loads of hot water 10 out the moaners,i say book a big company holiday and pay over the odds, Marilyn Mccarthy 4 May 2004