GLE Solutions- Home Wireless Networking

Consumer Commendations


I believe this new company is worth mentioning for good service. Their slogan '..finally someone made it simple' in my experience has turned out to be very true indeed!

If you wish to set up a home network and haven't a clue where to start, I would recommend a visit to the GLE solutions website:

I stumbled across their site (just before christmas) which promised competitive prices, simplified instructions, advice and support. GLE Solutions delivered on all points and now I have my home computers and laptop networked and working brilliantly.

I simply had to send GLE Solutions an email detailing what kind of home computers I had and asking what was required to create a network. I was impressed by the prompt reply with detailed easy to understand recommendations and prices.

So I ordered and the goods and were delivered accompanied with the easiest 'step-by-step' set up instructions - specially re written by GLE solutions and customized to my particular computer and laptop type/specs as detailed in my initial email.

I can't praise this unique approach enough. Do try them out.

Jonathan T-Wright
31 December 2003