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Give Voice to Your Complaint
clik2complaints is primarily here to assist you the aggrieved Consumer by providing you a public platform to voice to your complaint against an errant company or service that would otherwise have gone un heard.

Force the Complaint Procedure into the Public Domain.
clik2complaints Editors read your email and online form submissions, edit and publish the details on website (subject to editorial vetting) and also contact the Company on your behalf by issuing a single 'Right of Reply' email.

Other consumers to the site are invited to read, comment and share their experiences related to your story. The company's response and details you may supply on the company's handling of your particular complaint will also be updated to your Dedicated Page.

Working Together to Empower the Consumer.
clik2complaints will provide a web-based forum for you to contact other consumers and service providers. clik2complaints aims to bridge the gap between consumer and consumer, consumer and merchant, consumer and vital information. Consequently, empowering consumers and addressing the current unfair balance of power between consumers and companies. Over time clik2complaints will collect a valuable database of information that will assist Consumers in seeking redress for poor service etc.

Who runs clik2complaints?
This is a website by consumers for consumers and was initially introduced in the UK 2 years ago.

Our staff consist of Editorial and legal staff working voluntarily and without pay at this time. The site and work has been funded solely out of the pockets of members of the Editorial Team. No fancy dotcom ventures here. The design was aimed to be a simple, attractive and functional website. Steps are now being taken to move the UK service to a self financing venture. However, The service will remain free to the Consumer.

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clik2complaints.co.uk Website merely provides a forum and Web list for consumers to air their complaints and accounts. Postings that have been satisfactorily responded to and acknowledged may on request be removed. Similarly, postings that we subsequently believe to be inaccurate in fact or detail will be corrected or removed completely. read more details
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