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Lots of complaints on cost of service, has anyone "channel hopped" through 40-50 channels to find commercials or programme trailers on every single one? I reckon about 15 mins in each hour on every channel! I think the regulations say it should be no more than 10! Just think 25% of what you pay is to watch commercials. I have also noticed that pressing the backup button no longer gets rid of the annoying "press red" logo as it comes back up after about 30 secs.
R.R. Johnson ... 2 January 2004

Re: 25% Price rise and the loss of Boomerang.
Having just had the price of the Value Package increased by 25%, I am
appalled to now find that for that extra money I am receiving less channels
than previously, namely the withdrawal of Boomerang, a firm favourite with
my children.

I have spoken to one of your customer advisers and have been told that this
is due to instructions from Cartoon Network. The originator of this thinly
veiled attempt to blackmail parents via their children is irrelevant to the

I was advised that in order to regain Boomerang I would have to upgrade to
the £15.50/month package ¿ ie: 55% more than I was paying last month.
Surely, this level of corporate greed is beyond compare, and I can hardly
believe that it is actually what was intended.
L Neville... 12 May 2003
The Sky Customer Service is appalling.
I have rung Sky 5 times in 2 weeks to get someone to come and look at my skybox as the interactive never works. since i have had this sky box i have had 5 different engineers to look at it and each one of them blaming the guy before. finally i was promised a new sky box and new cables and guess what the engineer arrived today blamed the last guy and said it was a fault with BT NOT sky.

Im so fed up with been treated so badly by the customer services and the engineers im seriously considering having the sky boc removed. Ive got better things to do with my days the spend it on the phone on hold with sky or waiting for the engineer to call. Mrs Ann Blastland..19 May 2003
Have just cancelled my sky subscription and within one week they are on the phone offering six months at half price.
Talking to work freinds this is common practice, so if it takes a cancellation to get a discount surely all customers should be treated equally and benefit from this saving. I say all cancel and wait for the call!!!!!!!!Ian Goodwin...20 May 2003
April 2003 informed sky of band on tv insert new veiwing card
rang them to say we did not have a new veiwing card or even needed one .oh yes sir we need to change them every 3 years for security reason, funny says I we have only been with you for 18 months, em well sir you come under a post code that needs changing, ok says I how long will this take, we will get you out a card right away sir, thank you.

May 10th no card keep getting signle flashing on screen phone again, and again and again, now mid June 9am excuse me i have this message flashing on my screen, yes sir common practice you need a new veiw card, Oh yes silly me but, but what sir ? ,well says I do you think you could rmove that message from my screen, hang on sir i`ll speak to the engineers, thak you, conssider it done sir, thank you. 1pm same again, 6pm same again, 10pm same again, Oh dear must have got right up there nose now , as we have got nothing at all now,
Any bets that they take this months payment. Rick...21 June 2003
Repeats repeats repeats
repeats repeats (price rise) repeats repeats repeats (price rise) = Sky TV!!! .. Stuart Petts ... 19 July 2003

Will not reply to letters of complaint about over charging and bad service.
H Lithgow... 18 November 2002
I wholeheartedly agree that Sky seem intent on milking us as much as possible with increases way beyond any normally recognised index.

I too am fed up and am now asking whether my (limited) disposable income could be better spent - as I know it could.

Before cancelling completely I'm going to ask them if they want to loose me and if they will be prepared to forgo the next increase.

Why don't we all do the same??? John Carter.. 20 November 2002
hear, hear.
I have canceled my sky subscription because of this increase, Hope more do the same. Andy Caller...24 December 2002
My wife and I have just been threatened by Oxford services Ltd
and Blatchfords in much the same way has been described by others. We have been provided with no evidence that we even owe any money. I will provide a full letter to webmaster. We feel we have to pay just to get these crooks off our backs but we feel we are being bludgeoned without any evidence even that we owe anyone anything. I would like to know if any of the complainents have actually be summoned to county court by Blatchfords?
J R Shadbolt..4 January 2003
Sky know they have the market, poor on On-digit did not last.
The main writer is correct, most of us just want the programs and dont want the other stuff. I am sure that people who do want these services will be happy to pay for them.

Also I wish to comment on the Pay to View. I do not pay out for all the sport however I do like to pay for a match BUT only at 4.99 and not £10. I think it is very wronge to ask for £10 for a match. I am sure that if sky offered more pay to view matches at £4.99 we would all take them up more often.

Come on sky listen to the people and not your bankers.
John Gaskell.... 6 January 2003
I too am waiting for a reply from Mr Ian Shepherd regarding the price increase. On the above evidence, I wont hold my breath! However, just to advise people that if they are getting the message stating; 'further program information is not available' and picture problems due to rain, this is linked to your digi-box and dish and not Sky themselves. There are some good makes of box and some bad! and also some flimsy dishes put up by Sky. Unfortunately, they have the beauty of a monopoly. However, if they lose the football, it would be a different story! P Warner..9 January 2003
I also am a disgruntled sky subscriber trying desperately to get in contact with an authority figure within the confines of Sky, but to no avail. I have had numerous problems, too many to mention here but mainly that the sky subcontractors who fitted sky in my new property have broken my digibox and are blaming me! I have complained by phone twice and been promised a call back within 48 hours (which is not acceptable anyway) but heard nothing. What's going on? Ryan Buckland... 6 February 2003
I cancelled my subscription last November.
Recieved letter back stating I would be switched off on 3rd January. No mention of owing money for December. Have now been forced to pay debt collector £37.10 for a service I neither wanted or requested. Will not be renewing subscription.
Bruce Ingram...21 February 2003
Completely agree with Mr Ransom's comments,
and have just cancelled subscription as being too high for the service offered. Have found it difficult to contact Sky to advise them of this. Capt Mike Smith....5 March 2003
Couldnt agree more.
The service i have received is non existent keep getting fobbed off with miserable people on the phone,always telling me the same thing,been having trouble with reception since last august when we had a second subscription(god help us)since when we have phoned several times and always the same,"please check cables for dust"OK i have no dust sorry,so going to cancel sky and take up chess less expensive and much less hastle.
Julie Hoskin-Walker...29 April 2003
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