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Alex Ayli... 6 January 2003
Ah - the Oxford Servicing Club! I too have experienced the same as soo many others it would seem. The most recent episode in my saga is a letter with a STATEMENT identifying monies I allegely owe for Sky TV. The leter states that if they don't hear from me within 7 days, they assume that I accept the statement, and proceedings against me will continue.

Well, I couldn't resist! I know I dont owe the money, so I called them to say simply that Im not satisfied with the statement, but I havent ignored them! Apparently i will see them in court. Bring it on! These allegations are preposterous. I hope everyone keeps their coments coming to this site though, just incase I need to use case studies in court!
Simon Robinson....9 January 2003

update on 12 March 2003:
Update to my Oxford Servicing situation. Since January, I've received a couple more of their scare-mongering letters, but nothing has come of it. The last time I spoke to them, I was going to be taken to court. That was back in January. They seem to have lost interest in their pitiful £18 or whatever it was. My advice to anyone is to just ignore any letters you may receive.

It is clear this is some type of extortion, and Patricia Jones hit the nail on the head. These guys have bought the alleged debt from SKY, this has even been confirmed to me by SKY themselves. They are nothing more than chancers. If you ignore them from the start, they will go away. Don't be scared, they cannot hit you with a CCJ without the court contacting you directly first.
Simon Robinson
Several months ago my digibox died. As the contract was almost over and subscritions were becoming an unnecessary expense we decided not to renew.

We were contacted by a Sky representative who said if we reconnected we could have a free replacement box and 3 months viewing for free. In good faith we accepted. However we have since recieved several bills totalling approx. £120. We have contacted Sky Customer Services(surely a misnomer) and ,with one or two exceptions, have been met with nothing short of arrogance.They flatly deny such an offer was made and insist the bill is paid.When I suggested it would be foolish to lose a customer and their goodwill over £120 I was told the issue was whether I was prepared to lose Sky tv over £120.

That is just one example of the appaling customer 'service' I have recieved.They have shown absolutely no interest in resolving the issue.The 'team leader' I spoke to refused to allow to speak to a manager insisting he was the most senior person available.No alternative telephone number or e-mail address was made available. I would be grateful for your input. Thank you. Gillian Lightbown... 11 Jan 2003
I am getting harrassed by Oxford (servicing)Ltd, who seem to have bought an alleged debt from Sky T.V.They say that I owe the sum of £38 and without any debate they demand to be paid or they will proceed with court action. When I phone them they were only concerned about settling the alleged sum. I informed them that I have no intention of paying monies that I do not owe ,their reply was to ask me if I knew the result of being refused credit from anyone in the future, this implies that they have already found me guilty without any right to put my case and evidence to a court of law. I find this is is a form of blackmail that must be sanction by Sky or otherwise they would not deal with such a thug of a company. Mr. T. McAlpine.....15 Jan 2003
REF: Oxford Servicing Ltd.
"Well knock me over with a feather duster". It looks like the trend continues.This morning 18/01/03 I had the pleasure of receiving a green envelope with a Portsmouth postal mark on here for more details
I am sitting here totally stunned, I,m actually lost for words,what I did not see with the Green Envelope in the post was a special offer from SKY cutting half the price of a standard installation Addessed to my wife. :O) No thankyou SKY. NEVER again. Ged Edwards.. 18 January 2003
Ref : Mr Lopez
How would Mr Lopez feel If I sent out an unpaid Invoice to him and told him to prove that he did not owe it.

How would he go about proving it if it was 6 yrs ago, I suppose Mr Lopez is a good citizen and saves all his receipts and bills.!!
Ged Edwards.. 18 January 2003
This grasping tactic by Sky TV is very typical of them, they allways seem to try and ring out another payment when you cancil, its happened to me and other people I know, that is why I will have nothing more to do with them.
Mr. P. Vertigan...19 January 2003
I too have had a letter claiming that I owe sky £13 from 1998. I would suggest that a search on the net for a company called EJI Plc shows what I think is happening. I feel that somebody has done a course on debt collection with a company called CSA and following a change in the law in around 1997 are using this to target 'sales'. As all the debts seen to be low, unless you keep extensive financial records, like I do cos I am self employed, you are unable to prove you do not owe the money without resorting to expense greater than the debt claim so it is cheaper to pay a debt you dont owe rather than defend it!Unless like me you get your principles involved and fight them.

I appreciate we are not all in a financial position to do this but if enough do then it would be uneconomic to continue their business in this way.As far as I know if you go to court to disprove their claim and you win you can only claim travel expenses off them. does anybody know otherwise cos a few big expenses claims may stop this scam in its tracks. Good luck to us all I will let you know the final outcome, cheers, Gerry Speechley....20 January 2003
I cancelled my sky ac 5 weeks ago by telephone and 2 weeks after cancelled my direct debit I still had a bill for £40 which I have paid today 21 1 003 it will be interesting to see if I get another bill!!
B BRAY...20 January 2003

I too have this morning recieved the green envelope yellow card inside "give me a call Pat"
I found this site by searching for "oxford servicing" on the net.
I cancelled my subscription in 1997 as I went to work overseas. I left a house sitter in the house and when I returned 2 months later he said sky had phoned about my canceling but hadn't turned it off. I am being hounded for £60 even though they acknowledge reciept of my cancelation. Until today I thought I was the only one. It looks like you cannot cancel your subscription with this bloody company no matter what you do! Sean Beesley...23 January 2003
I can't believe my eyes I myself received a letter demanding 6.87
Threatening court action when I called them I was told that I was going to Court unless I provided proof that this was paid when I advised that after 5 Years where would I find that I was told tough luck Tania.. 25 January 2003
Today I too received a threatening letter from oxford servicing,
And after getting through to various foreign operators who kept hanging up on me I was told to get my proof for my day in court.

I am gob smacked that they can demand £31.86, which dates back to June 1997, 5.5 yrs ago how do these people get away with it I will be going to the Office of fair-trading and the C.S.A. about these ridiculous people.
Julie Ashby..25 January 2003
I received a 'hand written' green envelope containing a yellow
card from PAT of Oxford Servicing Ltd, postmarked Portsmouth. Being
somewhat curious and suspicious (who has an extension number with 8 digits?)
I rang them - 01707 XXXXXX.

The lady I spoke to asked for my name, dob and address, as if they didn't
have them already. She then said in an automated voice that I owe Sky TV £70+ from 1999.

I have never had a Sky Account in my name, although my ex-wife did. Before
our divorce she used my bank account to make the monthly payments, and this is presumably how Oxford Servicing have obtained my details.

Two days later a letter from Sky TV addressed to my former wife appeared. I
have therefore emailed Sky TV requesting they cease to send her
correspondence to me and to inform Oxford Servicing of the situation.

I await their response with baited breath.
K W Amers...26 January 2003
I too have been contacted by Oxford Servicing re: £63.62 dating
to 1999.
No correspondance from Sky and no explanation as to why they didnt
take the amount owed from a direct debit I had set up. I have paid the
amount after having some threatening letters suggesting court action and
bailiffs !!! Seems im not the only one.
Colin McDonald...28 January 2003
Many thanks i recived a green envelope with a yellow slip asking me to phone "pat" i tried but no answer just a msg so typing in oxford servicing ltd the only clue on the slip i found this page and so at least i know what its meant to relate to. I too have not had sky for about 6yrs and as far as im aware owe them nothing so i guess i await a followup letter from this company now
Debbi...1 February 2003
I am so glad I found this site !
I too am being harrased by Oxford Servicing. Since Christmas last year I have received several letters.They say that I owe £45.90 for an account I had with SKY 5 years ago.I know that this bill was paid.They have threatened me with legal action and have also said if I dont pay " a collector may call to my home" I will not let them bully me.Yes do get in touch with Trading standards, if there are enough complaints hopefully something will get sorted.........Not a good advert for Sky is it!
Ellie Boxer.... 7 February 2003

A letter has just been received by me today.
It was opened inadvertantly which is understandable as you sent it to my house. it is in the name of mr D Batey. My house is quite big but I would have noticed if he lived with me. He doesn't sing for your money. The letter has the customer ref 10446649. I have taken a copy of this for my records. If any bad debt is registered against my address I will take legal action. If you check your records I have sky registered to this address in my name and have had for over two years. Rang your telephone number. the music's poor and I don't do the hold thing because it wasn't as the recorded message said"in my interests" !
Sean... 14 February 2003
I have just recieved a give me a call signed Pat letter
, how do I get rid of them, and this fictious bill for £125? Rob Willis...17 February 2003
Same Here! Contacted by Oxford Servicing Ltd about a debt that they say I have had since 1993! I don't understand why I have never heard of this debt before. I have written and called them and asked for some evidence. Is this just some sort of scam? How can we protect ourselves against this sort of thing? It really is outrageous. Emma Wolstencroft.. 17 February 2003
I have received two threatening letters from Oxford Software.
I have told them to go ahead and sue and I will then sue them for distress and defamation of character! Bully boy tactics will not work with me. I do not owe Sky TV anything, the account was closed in 1998.
Nora Murphy...17 February 2003
Now I really am getting wound up.
I too had the same "Yellow Card" from Oxford Servicing Ltd for a Sky debt which was cleared in 1999. Luckily i still have the receipt for this "debt" I paid (to a company called Scot Call). However, when i sent faxed details of this receipt (no response back from OSL when i stated specifically on my fax to them that i wanted confirmation that they had received my responce) all i got was a letter back from OSL saying that they don't see my receipt of the debt as proof of payment !!!

Today i have just received the letter from OSL saying that someone may be coming round in a couple of days to collect the debt in full. I have sent letters to OSL (again, surprise surprise no responce back from them)had telephone calls with there "staff" promising me calls back which never materialised. I have also asked to speak to or get Mr PG (the bloke who is supposed to be sending me the letters) to get in contact with me only to be told by the staff at OSL "He doesn't take or make any telephone calls" and now i have to spend money on my solicitor sending them letters.

To be honest at first i thought it was a complete misunderstanding and that the matter would clear itself up after they had realised they were making a mistake, however this clearly doesn't look to be the case.

I am also in the throws of buying my first house and if this isn't cleared up soon i have a horrible feeling that the sale could fall through. But i'm NOT going to give up as a matter of principle. Dan Hills...20 February 2003
I too today recieved a letter on yellow note paper and hand written to phone pat.
If this is related to sky tv , i cancelled my subscription over 5 years ago , and now with my new partner i am subcribing again to sky. I tried to ring the number and got put thou to a reception the extension number was 10472610 , if i owe sky anything which I doubt , considering i have heard nothing about this , this company is certainly dealing underhand and from mailign lists , i am sure. Stephen Archer...22 February 2003
Your not alone on this count.
I think there are hundreds if not thousands of people who have fallen foul of sky and their illegal cronies. I have called their bluff many a time since 1997, after cancelling my subsription and giving them their one month letter and cancellation fee. A month after they charge me again and say i owe them another month for not giving them a full written cancellation letter, of which i did.

Since then all manner of cronies have tried to coerce the poxy £25 out of me. but i flatly refused every time and if you know you dont owe it do NOT pay it, the talk of courts is bullshit. their court summons are fake and they sky are scaremogering hardworking honest people out of their cash.

There are currently 1.5 million owners of SKy and that is a conservative estimate. if you count the average amount of wise people who cancel their 50 channels of utter mindless crap, you could end up with I cant be sure, maybe a couple of thousand people at least. meaning if the average debt is £25, £50,000 is ilegally trying to be taken by Skys, kangaroo courts, and cronies. I wonder if the national ombourdsman, and department of fair trade has wind of this. As for the trauma of being bothered by these arses, might just make me claim damages for harrassment. Andrew Deeks... 24 February 2003

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I am being constantly inundated from Oxford Servicing who are chasing the previous occupant of my house who left 5 years ago. I work in London and I am constantly having to pay for redirected mail, infuriating when it comes for someone else.

I have told Oxford Servicing Ltd a number of times, each phone call costs me money, little that they care.

When I demanded to speak to a manager today, I was told to "ask nicely" who do these people think they are?

The recent missive from them was aso a blue/green envelope with with a yellow card asking for the previous occupant to give them a ring and signed Pat, this is a new scam which debt collectors are trying out to get people to respond to, it is highly unlikely that a Pat exists as despite the fancy font it is a print out.I would also point out to everyone who is having problems that they cannot take you to Court for amounts below £50, the Court will not accept the case under the Civil Justice Rules.

The only option they have is to registar a default against your name and address. Should they do this then you can have 'disputed' lodged against it and you can have a notice of disassociation if it is for someone else.

It has to be said that I do not believe they are acting as debt collectors, from the way they are behaving and carrying on chasing some pathetic amounts I would guess that they have bought this debt which is why Sky is just not interested! Patricia Jones....24 February 2003

I too have just received a green envelope
with a note asking me to call Pat. Sky want £48.00 dating back to 1997. They are nasty, unhelpful and downright rude. Hang in there and don't give up - I don't intend to.
Sharon Bell ...25 March 2003
I have been receiving calls from Oxford Servicing Ltd.
I have rung back trying to find out what they want. I would not give them my address and I am glad that I didn't. I shall be ignoring any future calls. I had two today asking to ring back quoting two seperate numbers. I have never had Sky so I have no idea what they are trying to claim for.Lisa Parke..25 March 2003
I have just read all of your comments and I must say that I am impressed by your resilience.
Faulty billing is something that I can only hope to look forward to. I paid for installation in November 2002 and so far (April 2003)I am still not connected. In February they passed me over to Cobra installations LTD, an elusive sub-contractor who only ever seem to pick the phoneup in order to take it off the hook. I pray for the day when I will be able to complain about billing charges.Best of luck to you all.
John Wild... 1 April 2003

I received a letter from OSL a few months back saying that I owed £77 to BT Cellnet. This came as a shock to me as I have never had a mobile phone.

I e-mailed OSL to inform them of this and urged them to investigate the matter and also to inform them that if I continued to be accused of owing this debt, I will take legal action for defamation and harassment. I recieved a reply saying that the matter will not be taken any further and the file is now closed. I thought!!

I've started receiving phone calls from OSL insisting I pay this debt. I told them that I've been told the matter is settled and they said they'll call back in a few days! What shall I do? Kasar Ayub..2 April 2003
I've just got a green letter with a yellow card from Pat! Its 16/4/03 and the last time I had Sky TV was pre 2000. I must admit to being a little confused as there is nothing on it to suggest any debt. Only doing a search on the web enlightened me to what is going on. Any suggestions because I feel like ignoring it. In fact lets all go to court and find out if its legal! Reading more that is written here it seems that Sky has pulled a fast one on Pat as no one seems to owe the money, he he. Graham Steggles..16 April 2003
I too have recieved letter from oxford servicing ltd
demanding payment of £548.35 for a BT Celnet phone bill, I have never had a contract with BT, Celnet or O2. This is the first letter I have recieved from oxford servicing ltd,prior to this i have recieved letters from four other debt collection agencies, it would appear if you ignore them they just keep selling the debt to other agencies. Tom Attwood.. 26 April 2003

I too have been a victim of Oxfords underhanded tactics.
Over five years ago I sent seven, yes seven letters to Sky requesting them to cancel my account. The last four letters were sent recorded delivery. I even send the ‘sky card’ in via recorded delivery. I cancelled simply because I was moving to Germany for a month or two with work. When I got back I found that Sky billed me for an extra month & then wanted the following month’s payment too. So it wasn’t enough that they stole money, they actually wanted more, two months extra after giving them 30 days notification of cancellation over three months ago.

Sky then phone my wife & gave her hell, why wont she pay etc, which she explained that we cancelled, the Sky operative, then said to her ‘are you stupid, if your still watching channels then you have to pay’ my wife explained that we gave them 30 days notification for cancellation & sent in the card over 2 months ago.

So still no cancellation & they wanted payment, eventually my account was closed & two years later Sky pursued claiming the £40 that they alleged was owing to them. I challenged this & told them that I would take them to a small claims court for my £40 for that they stole the month earlier. They apologised & said that this matter is closed.

Now low & behold Oxford Services are futilely attempting to take another £42. I too had the green birthday card. Plus they constantly harassed my wife, eventually she broke down in tears on the phone, (when I was in work), as the Oxford Service rep explained how CCJ would destroy her life!!!!

I will not be paying this ever!!! I would love a day in court with this scum. I could pay this £40 a 1000’s time over, but I don’t owe them nothing & in fact Sky owe me £42! Luckily my brother is an excellent solicitor. I am currently writing to Sky regarding this harassment & I am considering legal action. However I will not be corresponding with Oxford Services, who have bought the Sky debt believe it is a panacea for Tony Heatherton’s past business failures. I hope we can all put a stop to this. All the best Phil
Phillip M Griffiths... 21 May 2003
I too received a green envelope
with a card inside saying "Give me a call, signed Pat".Wich i did She said that I owed sky money I told her to send me proof I have had no proof just two threatening demands for £30 they say I owe them from 1998. There must be something very wrong here.
Terry Murphy..21 May 2003
I received another letter from Oxford (Servicing) Ltd trying to collect a £27.99 on behalf of Sky Digital.
The former occupants of our house had the same last name as ours. We have pointed this out to them in the past. Today I tried contacting them all day and the telephone line has been busy. This is starting to annoy me in the extreme.
RAYMOND N. BROWN..21 May 2003
I too have recently received 2 letters from OSL
for £32 outstanding from 1997 after I terminated my Sky subscription following poor service. After several letters to Sky they accepted I owed nothing. Seven years later I have thrown away MOST of my proof. OSL couldn't answer my query last week as their systems were down! They promised to phone back but didn't. I will wait for them to pay for court costs to issue a summons, produce my letter, then they lose their money. Ian Parry...21 May 2003
I am another ex-customer going through the same problem.
Sky turned off my decoder and continued to bill me. Oxford (servicing) are now trying to bully me into paying the bill, which I do not owe. I have had a final demand and today received a final final demand. I will see this to the small claims courts if needed and find the whole issue very annoying. I believe the defendant can convert any legal proceeding to a small claims court and ask for it to be held at their local county court. I wonder if they know where Keighley is?
G Herbert ..21 May 2003
I received a rather blunt letter from this company last week
telling me that i owed sky tv a grand total of £6.29 from july 1998.Although i know this is not the case i rang your office and after being on hold for over half an hour,i spoke to an advisor and reluctently proceeded to pay the amount in full over the phone,and i believed this to be the end of the matter.i have now received another letter telling me that i have not yet paid!

After looking you up on the internet i find that i am not the only one with a complaint about your rather bogus company,and my solicitor informs me that he has also had complaints about your company.I look forward to getting the conformation from you that my mysterious debt has been paid and we will not have to come into contact again. J.Howard...29 May 2003
Oxford Servicing Ltd have excelled themselves with me.
After bullying me into settling a bill from BT/Cellnet from three years ago that I am convinced I paid, they then proceeded to debit my account twice for the money. Needless to say I have made numerous phonecalls complaining and I still don't have my money back nearly two weeks later. Dan Cook ... 3 June 2003
I too am a victim of Oxford Servicing.
It seems to me debt collectors are passing around lists of old debts around. I had a Box with Box Clever for ITV and returned it nearly two years ago. Six months later they claimed £200 against me for the box. I had to prove on three separate occasions that I had returned it ad they kept 'forgetting'. I have now, another 18 months later got Oxford Servcing n my back for the same amount. I do not have the old paperwork. They do not answer their phones from which they earn money on 0870. Surely Rogue Traders or such like should be looking at these scammers
Andrew Bell...1 July 2003
I have received a final demand from Oxford (Servicing) Ltd.
to the previous owner of the property I purchased in August 1999. I have been unable to get through to the number on their letter to explain this to them.
Steven Leaver .. 29 September 2003
After around a year of threat letters from OSL
, I have today received a letter (unsigned) from Blatchfords Solicitors advising me that they have been instructed to "consider" legal action against me for the princely sum of 41. Has anyone actually had any action taken against them by this load of jokers? Incidently, I run a business and subscibe to a credit checking agency. I ran a check on OSL and guess what - their credit rating is about hypocritical. Ralph Hyslop ... 12 November 2003
Reading all the complaints on this site assures me that I am not alone
in fighting sharks like SKY, Intrum Justitia, Wescot, Oxford Servicing, and Blatchfords. I too have been harassed by the above to pay 30.16 that I do not owe. I requested on many occasions for them to show me the proof. All I get back is some dates and amounts owed. Surely it is time for the authorities to get involved in this shambles. I have been advised to take the matter to the police to bring criminal charges against OSL and Blatchfords. Is the OFT aware of the magnitude of the criminal activities?K. HANNA ... 12 November 2003
I have had my first letter from Oxford Servicing in March 2003, demanding 32.
(outstanding debt to BT cellnet,1999). The demands kept coming, now they have sent a letter saying that they (OSL) have instructed Blatchfords Solicitors to take legal action against me. Claim plus costs have come to 115. I rang the number supplied and the operator took my details and said she would ring back, though she HAS NOT.

There has never been monies outstanding and i have been in touch with BT/Cellnet who say "that the account was closed in 2000 with a balance of NIL".

Looks like a scam to imtimidate people in to paying up!!.
Alan Thomas .. 12 November 2003
I have also dealt with this company oxford servicing and they are totally unprofessional, they are playing with peoples money, i did a telephone card transaction and they took 5 days to take the money out. i depise them, someone should do an audit, just because they are debt collectors, does not instinclively mean that they are horrible, THEY REALLY ARE CRAP!!
sabrina jones .. 14 November 2003
I found this page after searching OSL. I have had a similar experieance with Sky and up to now I thought it was only me.
The problem I have dates form 1998 and I've had letters from Nelson Guest and Partners, Westcot Credit Services, Debt Enforcement Agency, Scotcall Debt Collecting Agency, Intrum Justitia Consumer Collection and of course, OSL/Blatchfords. I realised early on that it was best to ignore all these stupid demands and this I do as a matter of policy.

I got involved in this saga because I originally paid for my father inlaws Sky Service for him. After cancellation and the, what I now know to be common, 'you owe us money' letter. I did enter into correspondence with them [silly me]. I have also got in my file a letter from Sky dated 4th January 2000 telling me of their mistake and what happened to the 'missing' subscription.

As I said I did this search after the latest theatening letter to him which was opened by his wife. My only hope now is that they will hurry and take this matter before a court. I am confident that I can prove all payments were made but in reality it won't matter cos he's been dead 5 years.
Mike Edland ... 18 November 2003

Update on 26 January 2003.... I have reported Oxford Services to Trading Standards and they have placed their name on file. I notified Oxford Services that I had done so. All went quiet for a while but now I have received a letter from Blatchfords solicitors of South Harrow (no phone number or partners names on their letter head) threatening me with court action.

Surprisingly enough I wasn't able to find them on the law society web site, but if you search for Blatchfords you will find some interesting information and reports about them ..... I'm not sure what to do next, perhaps ignore them and wait for an official court letter. I'm delighted to say I know I have no debt to Sky, I have never had a contract with them, and even possess an email from sky confirming that... so the outcome could be interesting.
K W Amers...2 Deember 2003
Did you know that Blatchfords do not actually send the letters? My husband has been experiencing similar problems with Oxford Services Ltd for the past 4 years on behalf of BT Cellnet (now 02),however because my profession is a credit controller I am aware of the sharp practices some Debt Collection Services operate. Annually OSL threaten legal action to recover a debt not owed. Once a period of six years has expired unless the debt has been actively pursued it is not recoverable.

I and my husband have telephoned this company on many occasions. Two weeks ago another letter was received claiming county court action if not paid within seven days however this was not received until a week after the expiry date! They also claimed that my husband would incur court costs etc. I sent a lengthy e.mail to the number on the letter (thinking I was writing to Blatchfords) in which I pointed out the alleged debt was too small to incur court costs and they would not be recoverable. My closing line was 'see you in court'. Two days ago we received another letter from Blatchfords claiming they had been instructed to begin court proceedings and again claiming we would incur costs.

At this point I realised there were no contact telephone numbers for Blatchfords on the letterhead. I obtained numbers from Directory Enquiries and contacted them direct. The secretary who answered referred my to OSL. I explained that we were getting nowhere with them and needed to discuss the matter with the solicitor handling the case. She told me that Blatchfords do NOT send the letters. When I pointed out that their name was on the letterhead and asked her to explain her statement she confirmed that these letters are sent directly from OSL - they are not directly involved which is why they couldn't discuss with me. I immediately realised that the e.mail number on the letter belonged to OSL and not Blatchfords as I had been led to believe.

I immediately sent a second e.mail to OSL complaining of this practice and that unless they see fit to close the matter we will see them in court. I also pointed out that I will complain to the Law Society with reference to Blatchfords allowing them to use their letterheads and claim for solicitors costs when there is in fact none. I have given them forty eight hours to respond and if no reply is received we will take the matter as closed.
Lorraine Bingham ...4 December 2003


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I to have just recieved a demand for payment from oxford servicing on behalf of sky. They say from 1997 for £55.98 they say is unpaid yet i have never had any correspondence from sky. Oxford servicing when approached by phone were very arragant and said if you cannot prove you have paid this you must pay it in full or court action will commence they said it is my problem to prove i have paid this but this is the first i have heard of it since leaving sky in 1997 five years ago. If someone owed me money I would`nt leave it five years to contact them. Maybe we should club together .
Kevin higgins bolton.... 2 November 2002

Folks, I am 'glad' to hear I am not the only one experiencing problems with OSL/Sky. From reading your comments I note that most of you have been able to make contact at some point - I have not, despite continually telephoning the number provided. If it is of any interest to anyone I have been advised to contact Trading Standards in relation to this matter. Perhaps this may be the best approach to solving the problem. ...
6 November 2002

I too have received a demand for a so called outstanding payment to SKY of £27.96 from Jan 1998. As far as I am concerned I sorted this out with Sky at the time and received no further communications until the demand from Oxford Servicing. I have phoned them but get no help just saying have to pay or they will take me to court. They now are threatening to send someone around to collect the money as I have apparantly ignored their letters!!!! What can we do!! Carole Hall Plymouth... 6 November 2002
My email to SKY's agents copied to clik2complaints here
Mr. B. Ahmed , 12 November 2002
It is worrying to see that this appears to be a trend in Sky's accounting system.
I cancelled my subscription back in May, knowing I had to give a full month's notice for unsubscribing. I moved out of my flat mid-June (it was being sold by the landlord and I moved out 2 days before the new tennants were due to move in).

Come July I had found that Sky had automatically deducted £65 from me as a re-subscription fee, even though I had never requested it. After unsuccessfully trying to reason with their customer service department (SSSL) I am now being harassed by Robinson Way & Company Ltd, who insist on calling me on my mobile about it.

I am taking legal advice from my solicitor on this matter and am prepared to go to court for this. The suggestion of going to the Trading Standards in relation to this sounds like a good idea to me!
Reza - London.. 21 November 2002
I have been receiving the same harrassment from Oxford Servicing over an alleged debt of £32.56 from April 1998!
It is usually impossible to contact them by telephone and they just do not want to listen to the facts.
I have written to Sky as they have wrongfully submitted this information to Oxford, but as yet have no reply. Today I was informed by telephone that Oxford will begin the legal process to recover this 'debt'!

There was an internal communication problem when I terminated my subscription in 1998 following the purchase of a European Satelite system, but this was corrected by customer services - or so I thought! and if it wasn't why did they not contact me until these 'bully boys' were involved?
See correspondance from Oxford and my letter to Sky which remains unacknowledged at
Mike Dack...5 December 2002

update on 12 December 2002
I had some good news today -
Gen Mangr at Oxford Sevicing phoned & admitted there had been a mistake, confirmed by Sky and the matter is dropped - (I have known this for over 2 months! So anyone sure of their facts contact Sky - The address is on my previous link)
Mike Dack...12 December 2002

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I've just joined the club of people receiving a letter from Oxford Servicing Ltd
, they say i owe £67.78 from a sky anolog service although i have not been with Sky since 1997, I contacted Oxford Servicing and they gave some story about sky clearing out old debts from when they changed from anolog to digital? I actually tried to pay over the phone but they could not accept a visa card, only a debit card, I thought that was a little suspicious, when i refused to give a debit card they were insistant that i sent a cheque the very next day!. Is this a legitimate company? can sky claim a debt 5 years old. I've sent an e-mail to sky and i don't intent to pay this until it is confirmed by them. Alan Haigh, 9 December 2002
My self Mr Lopez works for oxford servicing ltd.
I feel that i will help in every way i can think possible to resolve these problems but what can i do to help you if you can't provide us "oxford servicing ltd" with proof that you don't owe this amount of money?
MR LOPEZ..9 December 2002 (email address supplied to the editor)
I received the letter saying 'phone pat' from Oxford Servicing yesterday morning, having had no prior correspondence from them.
I immediately thought this somewhat suspect, so searched the net and came upon this site. I called them this afternoon and was informed that I had an outstanding debt with BT Cellnet from 1999. Fortunately, I still have all my documentation from the time and can prove that all due payments were made.

It does seem that these people are 'chancers', insisting people owe money and hoping they pay without putting up much of a fight. I intend to withold my documents in the hope that they are stupid enough to take the claim to a court, where I will make them look very silly indeed.
Anthony Cox...11 December 2002
I got a letter from oxford servicing ltd saying i owe sky money £29.99 , I have never had sky tv in my life ...... they say i will have to contact oxford servicing ltd by phone on 0870 742 7033 which costs £1.00 a minute...
John H.W..12 December 2002

After sending a letter to Sky and to Oxford Servicing requesting details about the alleged debt I received a nice christmas present today
(24/12) in the form of a letter from Oford Servicing saying they had been instruced by their clients to stand down on my case an it was now closed. To think I very nearly paid this without question, i wonder how many more have. Alan Haigh...24 December 2002
I received a letter from Oxford Servicing dated 16 12 2002 demanding £6, I responded by e-mail immediately.
I received a further letter dated 20 12 2002 stating that as I had not responded they would take legal action. I received a letter today, 31 December, no date on letter,from Blatchfords,threatening to take me to court.
What do I do now?
Greta Archer....31 December 2002
Newcastle upon Tyne