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My complaint is the ill mannerd weather forecasters that address the viewers as THERE .'Hello there' asthough you have just crawled from under a stone .How about hello everyone ?? Richard Marriott... 11 December 2003
Can any body out there tell me whether they experience a similar problem.
This being SKY loosing the satalite signal on a regular and quite frequent basis. This tends to happen predominantly at weekend and can last for 2 - 3 day. I am left with minimal channels usually the big 3 only but synically all the shopping channels. I initially put it down to the large trees that in Summer form thick barrier on the near horizon. After talking to an engineer(or so called engineer) from SKY. he diagnosed a immediate engineer visit 60 atime and probably a new set top box. "there's a surprise" was my reply. 24 hrs later and the channels are back fine and dandy. Any body else have any advice or similar problem.
Steve B ... 18 December 2003
We had received about 8 phone calls off SKY trying to sell some sort of 'phone line' agreement
, each time I refused and told them not to phone but to no avail. I decided to cancel my SKY subscription and duly wrote to them informing them of this,stopping my direct debit and telling them NOT to phone me again. Since the letter I have received a letter, direct debit form and THREE more phone calls!!! I dread to think what elderly people feel if SKY harrass them with all these nuiscance phone calls. I also notice that there is no 'complaint' section on the SKY web-site,it doesn't even show any results when you search for 'complaint'........interesting?Mark Williams ... 10 January 2004
we have written to Sky Tv PO Box 43 West Lothian, no reply.We have not had good reception since the dish was installed..picture continually breaks up even in good weather,neighbours on both side get good reception.. three of my friends including one who is a Radar technician have checked the digi box and all connections, they all come to the same conclusion the dish was not installed correctly. I am paying 20-00 per month for a service we are not getting if your company is not interested in our custom then I will cancel the debit account and move to another provider. Mr.S.Hodgson ... 17 January 2004
We recently have had the TCM channel removed from our list by Sky with no prior information. It would now appear that to receive the TCM we would have to increase our subscription to 19.50 a month.

A little annoyed that Sky did not advise us and that they have not offered to reduce our monthly subscription to compensate for the loss of TCM.
John Cornelius.South Wales .. 18 January 2004
I am absolutely disgusted with the customer care you have. My father who is hard of hearing and looks after my mom with dementia had Sky installed so he could watch sport on television when he has which are not very often spare moments to himself. He supports Birmingham City and when they had played previously on Premiership plus I telephoned from my home in Dorset (200 miles away from my mom and dad) and booked this particular game for him as a treat and asked if they would charge it to my sky account which they did.

I have now rung up tonight asking them to book Man City v B'ham City on Sunday 8th February and they flatly refused even though I would give them my details to pay for it on my sky account. My dad would find it difficult with remote control and is hard of hearing on the telephone and I wanted to pay for it. I have explained his difficult home life situation but still they would not budge. I have come off the telephone in tears. Is this what Sky is all about; uncaring, selfish and completly thoughtless! I am disgusted and upset that old people can even get a simple pleasure in life to be paid for by their own family living 200 miles away. Sandra Lillywhite ... 3 February 2004

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I too have received the green envelope with the yellow note, apparently handwritten and signed "Pat". But I didn't fall for it.

My advice is: if you are out of pocket in any way as a result of Sky's antics, issue a county court summons against Oxford (servicing) Ltd. They are as easy to obtain as postal orders. The other side will settle within three weeks.
Richard Deakins.. 16 January 2003
I have the same situation with Robinson Way. I moved in September and was unable to receieve SKY. Phoned and cancelled my Subscription on 9th Sept, the date I paid my lat subscription, so I apaid for a month I could not receive it. Cancelled my Next direct Debit and then started to get harrasment from Robinson Way saying I owed the £37.00 for October.

They constantly call my home during the day and lie to my wife to try and get me to return the call. They even said that they administered my Pension account. We have written to Sky & Robinson Way. They have now written and threatend cour action and black listing. I was a SKy Subscriber for 7 Years.This is absolutely disgusting...Roger Pickett...20 January 2003
I too have had the 'phone PAT card, several threatening letters
and 2 letters from Blatchfords solicitors.

I know I do not owe Sky any money as I gave them the required notice back in 1997, Oxford say I owe £30.01.

All of you other persecuted souls may like to e-mail the senior partners at
Blatchfords to let them know what you feel of their persecution methods.
They can be conntacted as follows:
OR telephone 02084221181 Or fax 02088647686

As you all know they omit the above contact details from their letterhead
(suprisingly). May I suggest you put a fight and e-mail the partners repeatedly and write to the Law society to complain about Blatchfords tactics and ignorance of correspondance. Also- write to the office of fair trading(OFT) about
Oxford(servicing) demanding they investigate their fitness to retain a
licence under the consumer credit act 1974 and procede to revoke their
licence due to (this is the key phase) 'deceitful and oppresive measures'used to gain payment. See OFT web site for contact details. Also contact your local trading standards dept. Good luck, don't give in.
Michael Riley ...Scunthorpe... 28 Janaury 2003
Interesting. I have a similiar problem after cancelling my direct debit to Sky TV in October 2002.

A few weeks later (end of November) I was phoned by Sky and advised that my direct debit had been cancelled. WHY??? he asked (I made the mistake of not getting the person's name!) However he suggested I put my termination in writing. This I did.

Since then I received a number of letters asking me to upgrade my subscription level, pay an increasing amount of monies outstanding to Sky, then a letter confirmed that the channels would be withdrawn in early January.

The next I heard was that my £10 a month subscription was overdue & I owed £29+. Then last week (Thurs /Fri) I had a telephone call from a scottish lady at Sky demanding I pay the money. I tried to explain - but she ignored my protestations & demanded I pay. She said I owed the money because my notice was not received until Dec 9th 2002 & they were entitled to 30 days notice from 9 December 2002. She would put me through to customer services. Incensed at her brick wall approach I said no & put the phone down.

This morning Thurs 6 February I received a phone call from Robson Way saying they had been instructed to collect the outstanding debt. They were not interseted in an explanation, but said I should write to Sky. I asked for Sky's address. He did not know. I replied my contract & dispute was with SKy not Robson Way. He said I had no option but to deal with Robson WAy.I had 10 days to pay or else!!

The money is not the issue - I am willing to pay £10 - 1 months sub in lieu of notice. But £30??????

It seems SKy is an agressive if not mendacious organisation, intent on wresting every penny it can from its deserting subscribers. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE
Cyril J Gray... 6 February 2003
This is not really a complaint but more of a warning to others thinking of subscribing to SKY.

We have just subscribed to SKY by online payment and stated we wanted the "SKY FAMILY PACK" (£18.50 a month) and paid £100 for installation. They came and gave us the £38.50 full package with £1 installation which is their offer at the moment.

We rang and told them and they said - you have to ring and cancel after one month and change to £18.50 package ??? This is good though, it works out cheaper for us now.

However, why didn't SKY tell us that this is what we have to do. How many others are going to pay £38.50 a month without realising they are paying for the full package and have to change it? Obviously they will notice they have extra "movies" and "sports" channels, will they think SKY have given them these accidentally and they don't have to pay though?

We signed a contract for the family package and got the full package. This can't be right. Are they trying it on?

We shall have to wait and see and hopefully all will be ok next month and keep you posted how we get on.

Mr & Mrs Payne.... 10 February 2003
I am having a similar runaround since I tried my new card. I have now been seven days without a service and cannot get a straight answer. I was told tonight I was impatient. Who can you get in touch with other than the XXXX at the call centre? M Hegarty.... 31 March 2003
I am Man Utd fan who as a share in a season ticket. I am amazed that next Sunday the eleventh of May you are not showing us on your channels. The champions should surely always be shown. We have had to play sixteen times at midday this season and now when it’s a time to celebrate you choose to concentrate on the worst teams in the league. I am not happy. I subscribe to N.T.L, but I can tell you if I subscribed to you I would be cancelling. You are out of order. Craig Robinson... 5 May 2003
It looks like Oxford servicing is still at it.
I received a letter from them today (13th May 2003) regarding an outstanding? a/c with Sky dating back to either 1992 or 1997. They were not sure which. I got rid of Sky many years ago and have been happily subscribing to Cable TV since 1996.

I have forwarded their letter and a copy of my reply to them to my solicitor and will also be contacting the OFT as I spent over an hour on hold trying to sort this out over the phone. If there phone line is charges at £1 per minute its just cost over £60 in call charges and nowhere on their letter or taped message is one made aware of this. Surely this is illegal
Graeme Millar... 13 May 2003

You think thats bad, my father was a client of sky, I paid through my visa, my father passed away Dec 2002, told Sky Digital, guess what 5 phonecalls 5 letters 1 Death certificate later, they have just taken another payment June 2003, not bothering anymore. Off to the smallclaims court. If more people did this then this company would not get away with this game they play, loosing letters no details of phonecalls, have they forgot what CUSTOMER CARE means, they should be ashamed of themselves. David Gildart ... 3 June 2003
I too have the usual complaints against oxford servicing.
i have never had an account with them, but my ex wife did, and despite being in possession of an email from sky admitting i have no debt am still harassed by oxford. i have emailed their local trading standards office, and they have logged my complaint on their database. perhaps we should all do the same, their email address is: i wish you all luck! K Amers ... 10 October 2003
I also have been harassed by O.S.L.
They have ignored 6 letters dending only 2 acknowledgment notes in reply ,they have now given me 7 days to pay or else!This relates to a so-called debt from over 4 years ago .Fortunately I have kept all letters and documentation but how many of us do that.I am pleased to see views from others who have been hassled in the same way. does anyone know where they operate from as they refused to give me an office address or,a proper telephone number. John Brierley ... 12 October 2003

Well, I am having a very similar problem

A company called Oxford Servicing Ltd have sent me 2 reminders of a debt with Sky for £25.13. They have appeared to ignore my letters and now a third demand from Blatchfords Solicitors have now written to em demanding this payment. I have checked with my credit card company and have confirmed that no requests have been made by me durung the said time to hold any payment back. I look forward to hearing from you.
David Chan... 13 October 2002

I have had a very similar experience since March 2002.
I wrote to Sky Subscriber Services to cancel my account as i was moving out of my house soon afterwards... following that i didn't hear anything from Sky, so i cancelled my Direct Debit and then moved house. Then several months later i received letters from Legal And Trade Collections saying i owed nearly £80, i rang and informed them that i had cancelled my account and it was no longer current, they denied ever receiving any letters from me.

Then a new company sent me a letter Marsdens Solicitors, so I phoned them... as soon as the phone was answered i was immediately asked for reference number, no hint of a company name or anything just demanding a reference number. Now am i just being silly or could that have been anyone on the other end of the phone, imagine phoning your bank and they immediately ask for your account number before they are willing to tell you the company name, this to me equates to the same.

I am still no closer to having this sorted out still on the 19th October 2002. Perhaps i should just let it go to court and then present all my evidence to the court. Anyone else this sort of experience with these companies? Thanks for your time. ...Freddy Dowsing..19 October 2002
On 25th September I received, out of the blue, a letter from Oxford (Servicing) Ltd
informing me that they had taken over unpaid accounts from Sky Analogue and that I owed them £29.99. I tried several times to call the number quoted but could never get through.

I then got a second letter followed by one from Blatchfords Solicitors telling me they would issue County Court proceedings if I did not pay. I finally got through on the phone and spoke to an arrogant, aggressive young male who invited me to send him £5, on receipt of which he would send me details of the alleged debt. What on earth is going on?
Tony van der Spiegel.. 25 October 2002
On this complaint?????????????
For God sake someone tell me how I can EVEN contact Sky TV to make a genuine comment!!!!
Jill Camden... 27 October 2002
I am also being hounded by Oxford Servicing for a debt against Sky.
My amount is £28.84. They have ignored my letters, emails and faxes and the letters they are sending me are becoming more and more aggressive. I havent been a Sky customer for over 2.5years!

I had severe trouble cancelling my original subscription with Sky when I moved house 3years ago. I got reminder letters from Sky for about 6 months and despite replying to each one, it continued. In the end I finally managed to speak to someone who accepted that my subsricption was to be cancelled. Why this should surface nearly 3 years later is beyond me. I have not kept any copies of my correspondance with Sky (who does - when it is supposedly all finished with 3 years earlier) so how can I prove that this debt is incorrect?

I do not wish to be black listed and being labelled a bad debt, but I am not going to pay for an amount which I believe I do not owe. If they can PROVE I missed a payment then I will pay it! Is this a scam?
Craig Donnelly... 28 October 2002 (an update further down)
Exactly the same problem as well.

Well over 5 years ago I was a customer of Sky with, to my knowledge no outstanding debt. On 4th October 02 I recieved a demand for £14.00 from a company called Oxford (Servicing). I called them several times but no avail. I could'nt even get anybody to talk to me. All I got was a Message saying their was no operators available. Then I received a dark green envolope (hand written) with a bright yellow piece of card inside (no date), with a hand written message saying "Give me call" signed Pat? On the bottom of the slip was the address, Oxford (servicing). I called the number but the same message came up!

On the 22nd October I received a final demand and on the 4th of November a letter from Blatchfords solicitors.

Directory enquiries gave the number of Blatchfords and I called them. The only person I could speak to was the receptionist, who told me to contact Oxford Bloody(Servicing) who still wont answer the phone. We've Emailed and had no reply. So... see them in court, If it happens?.
Dave Bramwell... 6 November 2002
I too am experiencing problems with Oxford (Servicing) Ltd.
We received a letter a few weeks ago from the above company - claiming we owe £22.98 - wait for it - from five years ago. They have since had their solicitors 'Blatchfords' send us a letter threatening Court Action. Oxford (Servicing) Ltd have had several E-Mails sent by ourselves - to which they have very briefly replied to one!!! They have not been able to prove the debt - and have not offered to prove the debt - they just keep stating that we must pay this 'so called debt'.

We do not owe any money to Sky - we have not subscribed for a number of years. We did however have a few 'free one months viewings - which were cancelled well before we had to. surely - if we owed Sky money - they would not have offered us 3 or 4 free months viewings!!!!

A letter has just been prepared to the solicitors and copies of the E-Mails have also been prepared to be sent. We also at first contacted OSL by telephone - and we spoke to a very rude lady - claiming that they had not answered an E-Mail sent three weeks earlier - as they were very busy !!!!!

Well what do they think we are - we certainly have no time for trivialities of a debt that does not exist!!! I have asked for an apology from the company - though i doubt that we will get one. The funny thing is today - we received some literature from Sky in the post!!!! Carole Dunn... 6 November 2002
My email to SKY's agents copied to here
Mr. B. Ahmed , 12 November 2002
Further to my posting shown above I can now add a little bit more!
After 2 unanswered emails and faxs I contacted Oxford Servicing the old fashioned way - with a letter. To my surprise they decided to write back. They acknowledged my correspondance and also noted that I had a complaint logged on this site.

They said they would check further with Sky and would get back to me. They did, a week or 2 later, with a copy of the statement showing the dates and amounts that I am alledged to owe to Sky. I will agree that the dates match with the time I cancelled my subscription, November 1999.

The only problem is that I no longer have copies of the original letters I sent to Sky 3 years ago, and as such I cant actually prove that I dont owe them anything. It is their word against mine. For the sake of £28.43 I guess I'm just going to have to pay it? At least I had a reply which is a damn site more than most people have had! Have you had any reply from Sky since your update dated 9th November? Craig Donnelly....27 November 2002
I got a letter from oxford servicing ltd saying i owe sky money £29.99 , I have never had sky tv in my life ...... they say i will have to contact oxford servicing ltd by phone on 0870 742 7033 which costs £1.00 a minute...
John H.W..12 December 2002
Has anyone actually been taken to court,
or heard of anyone being taken to court by Oxford Servicing/EJI Plc/Blatchfords Solicitors/Mallams Solicitors???

too, am being asked to pay £60.98, and threathened with court action over an alledged debt with Sky Analogue dating back to 1999. They will not listen to any reason, and they certainly don't want to hear that this matter was sorted out with Sky at the time. Sky have been contacted, but have so far failed to respond.

Is this company just scaring people with the possibilty of court action??? Any information would be gratefully received.
Gavin Hanks..16 December 2002
I too have received letters from OXFORD SERVICING.
The debt was only for £9.99 but there was principle involved here, as the debt was three and a half years old and I had had no correspondence from SKY in that time. I asked them for a statement and any information they had on the debt, they said they would send it to me, but I am still waiting for it. In the meantime I received a letter informing me that I had ignored all previous correspondence and a debt collector would be calling on me. Unable to reach them by phone I e-mailed them with all my information. Eventually I managed to contact Oxford to ask where the statement was, only to be told they would not send out a statement unless I paid a fee of £10.00 for costs (yeah right). I asked for a few days grace to sort out paying the debt.

I rang them back a couple of days later to confirm that I was going to pay just to get rid of them. The operator seemed to have a problem locating my account and asked for my number again. I thought nothing of it and told her again, she eventually came back and asked when I was paying and when it would be cleared, being a cheque and bank giro three to five days. That evening I opened my e-mails only to find a several day old e-mail informing me that 'due to the small amount involved we will close your account and that no further action will be taken.' Now why didn't the operator tell me this?

I have been trying to contact them now for a week to make sure the debt has been wiped out but have had no joy. The whole episode has taken two months to sort out and their operators have dragged out every phone call. How much are they making on phone calls? David Phoenix...17 December 2002