I agree with one of the comments (below), PC are not the most easy things to understand, i work for the call center and i can vouch for how stupid customers can be. End of the day, if I want to drive a car, i learn to drive first, same with a PC, you get lessons first and learn...dont just jump in and think you can control the world with it...
Annon ... 6 March 2004
I have just bought a laptop in PC World, Harlow.
The man who tried to sell me all the extras, anti virus stuff, extra warranty, etc, was so rude and childish that I have decided that that's the last time I'll go to that particular branch. Even when I complained to the store manager, he, too, was dismissive. I thought places like PC World want to encourage repeat custom?
Roy Birch ... 16 May 2004

Well, it is another case of Dixons Group PLC living up to their profit hungry name, no customer focus, not like their other red and white counterparts. I never shop in any DSG stores and never would
Steve Miller .. 26 June 2002
After hassle and being told lies my computer has been written off. I started court proceedings but they have offered me vouchers for a pc. Before the paperwork has been processed :).The letter came last Saturday. I had a letter saying 'no' on Friday that they won't replace the computer.

I never gave up hope and good luck to anyone else with probs. Im still waiting for vouchers. After e-mailing and faxing Ive been told that they will be in the post on Monday.I am never ever going to buy anything from any DSG Stores again.
Robert George... 13 July 2002
You should have asked about the little known six week rule !! Read the back of you coverplan for details...
Paul...5 August 2002
Dixons Group PLC, strike again.

Let this be a lesson to you:

If you want something from The Link, go to Carphone Warehouse.
If you want something from Currys, go to Comet.
If you want something from PC Wrold go to Argos. If you want something from Dixons, go to Littlewoods Index.

Ashley Hutchinson... 14 October 2002
The products that the companys sell are mostly good products. Its the idiot users that are the problem. Having worked for the company for over 5 years i have seen it from the other side.
annom...18 October 2002
They have a stranglehold on the market and can please themselves. Thank goodness there are some competitors creeping into the market. at least the time/tiny mob know what they're talking about when they sell it to you. dsg have the same guys selling toasters one week, sell pc's the next. SG - Glasgow... 21 October 2002
I have tried endlessly to talk to you and all i am met with is your call is in a queue. I am considering changing banks and i would like a statement from you as to the amount i have paid on my d.d. Mr Tom Riley ...12 December 2002
The Comments made by MR Riley - December 02 -

Read your finance documentation. It will tell you that all correspondance to do with the Direct Debit or remaining credit amount, should be addressed to HFC Finance as that is who your direct debit is paid to. They have financed your loan - not Dixons Stores group -

Would you take out a car loan and ring the showroom to ask how much is left to pay? If only everyboy were to read the information given to them, it would reduce stress all round. Annoyed...14 May 2003
When you get the PC Fixed, I suggest you enrol on an English Language course...

I have worked for the company and feel obliged to support it. PC's are just like cars, yet with the first sign of trouble with a car would you ask for you money back -NO- Why do you insist on doing this for a PC.

If a Mechanic came out to fix your car, would he expect to find items such as:- Toast / snapped pens / keys / soap / coffee / shoe laces etc inside the engine ? With the owner claiming, that must have ben there from new, I have never touched it HONEST.

Time / Tiny creeping into the market -ha- dont make me laugh. If you want to wait 10 weeks for your unit to arive, only to find it is not the one you ordered -go ahead. If you want to have a choice of 6 PC's not 46 PC's _go ahead. If you want to know which retailer has had the most negative aftersales press in the last 2 year -go ahead. If you want to pay more -go ahead.
frustrated -customer abused- employee ... 14 May 2003

reply to comments from "frustrated -customer abused- employee" ... 14 May 2003
by Ex DSG employee, Bedford... 23 June 2003.. click here for details
RE: Ex Employee Bedford. It is not surprising that you are an ex employee. Someone with such pent up agression should not be working for a company who spends thousands on training people. In every organisation you get a minority of people who are bad eggs, we generally weed these out with regular success. I find your comments bitter and twisted and you tar every person in the company with the same brush. Of the 30,000 employess have you personally spoken and asessed every one to gain this view - I dont think so - Please refrain from such wide ranging comments. I refer to engines as a similee. If you are unsure what this is, please consult a friend. If you read your arguments, your comments do not follow a common logical thread. Whilst I am not saying the company is perfect, try and search for complaints on Time and Tiny, and you will find my point proven. The company trys to improve each day. With the right people employed this will continue. Good luck in your job hunting. Frustrated - customer abused - employee ... 5 July 2003

I am sorry, but i left DSG because of them treating customers appaulingly, if you don't believe what you see every day then i suggest you open your eyes to the real world, take the trading standards hand book and take a good read at your all day coffee break. (This year the trading standards enforcing the standards of retailers, so they won't be able to say or get away what they have been for years).

When I left I went to work for an famous manufacturer doing project design and setting up technical support bases. SO GET A LIFE. DSG is retail only always will be. It should not be in the Technical support arena (nor retail for that matter) the industry is fed up with pc world , - just open your eyes and ask some body, DSG is the problem to the industry and to its customers and clients. Also do they still tell you that they are the major UK player, well I am afraid they aren't the biggest uk retail stock movers as the portray in their adverts. HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS, NOT HELP YOUR MD GET FAT IN THE BAHAMAS. Ex DSG employee, Bedford ... 25 July 2003
My MD does not live in the bahamas, Are you the official spokesperson for Industry in general? if not why do you speak for them. My manager goes for Lunch with our local trading standards officer and we have even invited him to our training sessions, were we have had discussions with him. I have consulted him and this year, Trading Standards are not starting a big hunt at DSG. I have a very good life thank you, I enjoy my work and our bonuses are great. So to are the customer letters we get. DSG turnover last year was up on the year before, your arguments again do not follow a logical thread. If you were so fed up with the company and left, why do you still reply to this website. One piece of advice MOVE ON. frustrated abused customer employee ... 16 August 2003

I bought two memory modules, PC133, 512 from PC World in North Shields in January 2002 after the staff told me it had a lifetime warranty. Both chips failed, PC WORLD refused to honour the warranty, Samsung the chip maker state it is up to PC WORLD to refund or replace & claim from them. PC World do not want to know & say it is not their problem. I think PC World/Dixons should get back to the real world & honour the warranty they gave at the time of sale.
Terrance Bradley ... 26 June 2003
Re coverplan. I can't get them to refund my DD payments. I cancelled within the 14 days and they kept the DD running. When I cancelled it they said that they couldn't refund to that account because I they no longer had access.
Utter rubbish!!!! This was in Nov 2002. They owe me £71.70

They said....We are unable to return payment through your bank account as the agreement has been cancelled. I have requested a cheque for the £71.70 to be returned to yourself. Please allow up to 28 days for this cheque to arrive.
It didn't.... Tim Cptter ... 30 June 2003
Another poor performance from PC World. My laptop purchased from them broke a few weeks into the warranty and I was accused of maliciously damaging it! When the repair was finally agreed, it turned out to be a faulty motherboard of which the replacement was damaged. My only advice would be not to buy from PC World and make regular 'mystery shopper' visits and embarrass the hell out of the sales people when they start spewing out their company's sales pitch.
Richard Ward... 6 August 2003

Reply to Richard. Why suggest a malicious course of action such as this. Stand back and look at your comments. Embarrased you should be. Steve Jackson ... 16 August 2003
My a727 monitor lost all of its colour while still under the coverplan warranty,
i rang them & they said they were sending me a new one, it finally came but was a totally different monitor, the courier demanded the speakers that came with my tower, i refused & he left taking the monitor with him, the one he bought me was a cheap looking one which lowered the value of my pc, ive since been told that i have got to accept this monitor & my coverplan will no longer be valid which i paid for until 2006, i also have to give up my speakers for a cheap stand alone pair of speakers worth £4.99, the value of my pc which cost over £1200 is dropping badly & the pc coverplan people dont care, any advice would be helpful, thanks Mrs Theresa Perry.. 27 August 2003
Sorry Mrs Perry but an older computer is worth next to nowt second hand
...the monitor wouldnt affect the price at all, especially on a packard bell, they arent exactly a 'sought after' name. Robert Gladstone ... 1 September 2003
I purchased an aiwa product (compact disc stereo system z - ht545) one month ago,
initially i failed to recognise the fact that it should come with a turntable, when i found this out, i went back to curry's in edinburgh where i bought it from, to complain about this, i was then told that i should come for a refund if i realy want a turntable, because, according to them, the product is no more in the market and they cant find a turntable for me from anywhere.

On top of this, i bought this product for £180, it was actually £200 but with 10% discount. When i went to make the complaint, i was then told that the 10% off was actually the cost of the turntable that was missing, and that this had been deducted from the cost. This i wasnt told at the time of sale and i find this argument completely unwarranted, i contacted the makers of the product and they confirm that the item should actually have been sold with the turntable, and that no turntable costs 20 pounds as claimed by curry. I went to make a complaint and the manager could only send a sales assistant to deal with me while he buries himself in his office doing nothing. Pls advice as i want a redress. Alabi yemmy … 19 september 2003
Ha, most of these problems seem very similar to mine.
.. After 4 engineer visits, 2 trips to the "workshop", 24 phone calls, and 3 months of waiting i finally got my vouchers back for a new p.c. Shame i have to buy it from P.c world again! A simple hardware error turned into a p.c write off, when one of their guys in the workshop dropped the whole unit, they of course sent me this back as "fixed" ... it was only after suggesting that i involve my sollicitor that anything actually got done. Waste of time company, and coverplans to suit. Instead of having "The worlds largest computer store" above the door it should be "The worlds worst computer store"!! Will Cannaby .. 29 September 2003
with reference to Richards comments about regular "mystery Shops" an employee of PC World I can confirm that these take place every 4 wks and the results across the board are generally good...I work in Scotland and in our region last period 5 out of 11 stores recieved 100% result with all others between so much for your comment about sales speil!!....I would agree that there are a few out solely for themselves but I always put my customers first and give genuine, honest advice, because if you dont it just comes back and bites you in the ass and gives people like yourself ammo to make comments on sites like these...Thanks. Anon -Employee of PC World in Scotland .. 5 October 2003
To whom it may concern.
I would like to make a complaint about your customer helpline. I phoned them about a problem with my PC, altogether I was on the phone for around 3 hours. And after all that they made my PC worse. This resulted in me making four 25 mile trips to my nearest store. When PC's go wrong my first point of call is your so called proffesionals on the other end of the phone line. While trying to arrange an engineer to come to my home, I was also greeted by an unhelpful person there too. I needed to know at least a day before wether the engineer would call AM or PM. As I work full time and need to re-arrange my shift. I was basically given the brush off and no one was willing to help. Considering I paid over 300 for cover, this is clearly not an exceptable service.

If I could i would have got my money back, for all the hassle and rudeness that i recieved from your staff. I feel you need to train your staff better in customer service, so other customers will not have to go through all this like I have. I will be expecting some kind of compensation for my trouble of travalling backwards and forwards when it clarely was not needed.
If you require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kathleen Smith ... 12 October 2003 [forwarded to Pcworld on 16 October 2003]
As a multimedia designer trying to get started in the business I set out get myself a Laptop PC, which could run all the software I had been using on Desktop machines. It appeared that most of the main manufacturers had laptops which were are as powerfull as desktop machines. I bought all the major review glossy mags Computer shopper etc and headed to PC world for a suitable laptop. This machine is just useless. It was advertised as being ?designed for Windows XP? yet it is so slow in use that it crawls to a standstill on basic machine operations like clicking the my computer icon. I thought the days of Computers being this slow were gone with the Pentium one processor. This is unbelievable.

It appears it does not have sufficient Ram supplied with it, for it to even operate the XP system, and the response from the hard drive is so slow there is a 5 to 30 second delay on some of most basic functions. As XP still has bugs and is not compatible with all my existing software I sought to remedy this situation and also this unexpected performance issue by installing Windows 98 SE which has always been a totally reliable and trouble free operating system. When I try to install Windows 98 the Laptop freezes.

Apparently the machine is not backwards compatible Pre XP This is unbelievable. The whole point of PC?s is backwards compatibility. There is a point when old operating systems become obselete, and this has?nt happened yet. Many people and businesses still use Windows 98 because it works just fine. The newer system windows 2000 didnt offer anything new so most people ignored it. XP still has a few years to go before it?s reliability is cured and all current software has succesfuly made the transition to it.

I put a lot of my savings into this machine, and its doing nothing. Its crippled for running the system it says its designed for, and its incapable of running previous versions of Windows too. I'm going straight to watchdog and consumer complaint procedures, i'll briefly pass through PC world to note the names of the buck passers en route.
Roger Harris ... 17 December 2003