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I cannot believe that Pc Service call would tell any customer to contact trading standards as they are owned by dixons and the HQ do not allow their staff to say such things.

They are also not allowed to tell you to return an item to the store for a full refund/exchange... 'blobby'... 5 July 2002
I find that hard to believe. I work for pc world and am senior customer service. Advent is NOT PC world own brand. It is made by the PC Manufacturer Hi-Grade Computers. Mastercare are PC Services and they wouldn't tell a customer to contact trading standards against the company they work for. Amdmad....26 August 2002
I think that you've been given some disinformation somewhere during your dealings with PC world. I too purchased a laptop from them TOSHIBA 1900-603, it kept powering off for no reason. They took it in for 2 days but couldnt find the problem and were not willing to give an exchange until they had evidence of the fault.

It happend again two days after I took it home, so I went back to the shop. The service engineer said " i have two options" "1-take a simalar laptop 2-wait for it to be repaired. This guy had seriously infringed my statutory rights. He forgot the third option which was a full refund for a faulty product..

In the end I got a full refund.You shouldnt have to rely on the coverplan to assist you in this matter. Check out the Sale of Goods Act 1974 (updated by the 1994 one)or BBC.co.uk/watchdog. Chris...27 August 2002
PC World what a joke the staff have hardly any knowledge of the products they are selling, the healthchecks they offer are a complete waste of time. I took my pc in for a healthcheck and to have some software upgraded, they had my machine for one week and when I got it back the machine had not even been opened nor any software upgraded. I could go on but I learned my lesson pretty quickly.

I never shop in PC World and build my own machines now. Bigest problem I found was badly informed/trained staff talking utter rubish. Also dont bother with the extended warranty because the company wont even look at the machine if you change or upgrade the operating system. This I found strange as this sort of thing is in the nature of computers.
Cameron Robbins ....14 March 2003
I work for PCSC and i'm surprised by the fact that a call handler advised a cmr to go to trading standards.
Especially as in the case given, all the uplifts would have been organised by PCSC, independently of PC World.

Also although we're not supposed to mention refund/exchange within first 28 days, most call handlers make customers aware just because it's easier for us. Also love to see DSG sack someone for making a customer aware of their rights. 'bob'...18 April 2003
Cameron Robbins,
Were does it say that a healthcheck involves opening your machine? Good advice about warranties though...as it is not sold as a warranty...thanks I'll take the SERVICE AGREEMENT 7 days out of 7
Steve Jackson...14 May 2003
As a staff member for PC World I get thorough training in all our products.
We even have company product knowledge competitions, were prizes can be won, for completing a quiz on the product. Lets hope you dont think you car MOT was a waste of time the last time it was done. We oten find that were our bad name comes from is customers only in possession of half the facts, with the remaining half being subjecture and guess work.
Name withheld by Editor... 7 June 2003
If they employ people thinking like u do,
Then i'm not too supprised that people are complaining about PC world. I have had a problem for over 4 months with my power supply.. and the p.c shutting down when it feels like it. I got told by PCSC, after the 2nd time of an engineer coming out and not fixing it, that it was costing too much money to keep doing this, so they wont any more..

I have been waiting 4 weeks for them to "uplift" it. Was it really worth the £400+ Will ... 21 July 2003
I can only point out that the people instore get thorough training.
I cannot point to what training PCSC get. Although from looking at your case, on the coverplan details, if PCSC cannot fix the item within 6 weeks, you should be sent replacement vouchers. I have never experienced an engineer saying, "it costs to much money to come out" that it what they are paid to do. It is more likely that they cannot get the correct part into stock.
Name withheld by Editor ... 11 August 2003
I also work for PC World, and I personaly dont think its a great job,
although what gets on my nerves is customers who have a go at us for trying to sell the PC Performance, You think you get stick from us? you should see what we get from our bosses, we are all trying to make a living in the long run. Also, if you are acusing us of knowing "Nothing" why the hell do you ask us questions you already know the answer to? John ... 19 October 2003
If those 2 replies were from real PCW employees, then god help the customers.
People buy from PCW for 1 reason, security, such as backup, support and service, there are many online shops that can sell at a much lower price (try a network cable for example).

But what make you thing PCW can expand so fast ? money, money customer spend in your stores, and all the customers are asking for is what they PAID for, something that will work, and repair correctly when faulty, put yourself in their shoes, if you go and buy a car, after 2 months it goes wrong, and then the next 6 months you had taken your car back 6 times, each time come back unfixed, how would you feel ? Still think you are right ?
Robert Lee ... 9 January 2004

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