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I bought a computor from pc world and it went in for froze after 2 days. At our exspence it was reformatted.It broke down again just before christmas after 4 weeks use.They had my comp for 3 weeks and after 5 visits to the store i had to have a new unit.The word customer care does not mean anything as once they have your money it seems thats it. Paul Baines ... 7 January 2004

Have you tried to contact trading standards? They are generally very helpful and should have some suggestions. If the laptop was purchased by credit card you could let the credit card company fight the case for you.As you have paid £350.00 of ensurance, they are in breach of contract and you should entitled to have your money back.

Try and mention the Sales of Goods Act, demand to speak to the manager director or even take the names of all those people who were suppose to help you and tell them you will mention their names in a letter of complaints to the manager director.I have been in business for a long time and untill now I have managed to get results by trying all the actions mentioned above. Don't give up.Good Luck.. Paola Toy...17 May 2002
This could also be my tale of woe word for word.at least my pc lasted two and a half years before acting up. pc world are still 'investigating' my claim for the six week rule , after 3 months. i wrote to the managing director recorded delivery, didn't even bother to reply.pc started going wrong late 2002, as at 25th april 2003 still don't have a working pc !
Mr S Debell...25 April 2003
I am in a similar situation with regards to a faulty Packard Bell PC,
which had numerous faults and has been unusable from approx 6 months from date of purchase. I have gone through every process possible including solicitors correspondence to no avail. PC World show nothing but disrespect towards its customers. I now have to take them to court. Their response.....go ahead and issue proceedings, we'll see you there!. Lovely!!!
Bernadette... 27 April 2003
Would you say that all Irish people are thieves - NO.
Would you say that Blondes are dim - No. So why say that PC World shows nothing but disrespect to its customers. A very general term. Have you done substantive research on this matter, or are you just making an assumption. Yes the service sometimes does not live upto expectations. Yes its not perfect and yes the company try every day to lessen the issues we get.
But they do still arise. Name any major company out there with a perfect reputation, please...an I will apply to them for a job.
Name withheld by Editor... 7 June 2003
Yes I have carried out very detailed research as I have been battling with PC World
for 3 years more or less and they are horrendous - generally. They may have numerous satisfied customers, but I assure you - they also have numerous very dissatisfied customers. The point of this website is to put our complaints forward, and yes, many of our comments may be generalisations, based on our own experiences with the company.

No apologies for that. The fact of the matter is, PC World from the local store to the head office and legal department have done their utmost to prevent good customer relations and justice being done. They sold a shoddy computer as a first rate product and have been unwilling to rectify the situation. The courts will resolve that in the next few weeks! Bernadette... 9 August 2003
In response to Stephen I'm afraid that perhaps he is a little to close to the trees and therefore unable to see the wood.
PCWorld, Dixons and Currys feature, more often than is acceptable for major electrical retailers, in all measures of customer dissatifaction. Whether it is my local radio phone-in, help columns in the national or local press or TV watchdog programs, these three are always in the van.

I have no doubt if a catchall agency were set up then these three would have the proper attention they deserve. Most people who buy cars have no idea of the dreadful problems that plague Renault and their dealers. However through the columns of the Daily Telegraph and the efforts of Honest John the problem is being quantified and gradually exposed to the car buying public.

If PCWorld/Currys/Dixons were subject to a similar scrutiny I'm afraid the results would be damning. Whilst I will buy from these three, I will only purchase top quality brands such as HP and then it will be only minor items like printers or scanners that are intact and boxed. I would not dream of buying a computer system that had been put together by the company and the very mention of a manager's special offer would have me running for the door.

As a businessman, in a small way, I can assure Stephen that the quality of skill and help on offer at most of the stores of these three companies for most of the time is very poor, although it regretably, is slightly better than the after sales service. And oh yes I have been in a large number of their stores and talked at length to the staff. It is quite clear that fundimental attention is needed to the customer after sales service policy and more importantly staff training. Ben Carlton ... 13 August 2003
what was your research, do you really think a retailer would sell shoddy goods on purpose. Is it really your opinion that from head office to store we TRY to give bad service, again you generalise and propher opinions which are cluttered with emotion.

Ben - I am afraid witch hunt are not common in this country, if they were you would surely lead one. Yes the company has its fair share of bad publicity, something it is not proud of. The term Managers Special often refers to good which have been purchased and then refunded, because of the sale of goods act and the companies procedures, we open these and test them. We then repackage then and sell them as managers specials "second hand" if you like. Also often refunded when we are not obliged to do so under law, so again putting service before profit Why on earth would this have you running for the door. By all means buy your computer from another retailer. The simple fact is that a Hewlett Packard PC bought at PC World or another retailer, has probably been made in the same factory feet apart. As a major retailer, we do spend thousands of pounds on staff training. Name withheld by Editor .. 16 August 2003
You should be ashamed to work for PC World.
The company form hell. Anyone reading this must be insane to spend one penny of their money, buying products from PC World.
Louie Hutton ... 23 August 2003
Response to Louie.
If it offends you why do you browse this site and reply to articles. move on!! Dont let a few bad apples ruin your experiences of pc world
Name withheld by Editor... 30 August 2003
LOUIE. I find your comments quite absurd.
Why would he be ashamed of his company. They are a retailer and as with any big retailer, they have their problems. But why on earth would anyone be ashamed to work for them or anyone for that matter. This implies that they feel personally to blame.

In my experience (and I work for another retailer) customers come in all shapes and sizes with all manner of realistic and UNREALISTIC expectations. Lets see who you work for and lets go test shop them, if they did not score perfectly or gave somebody bad service, would YOU feel ashamed?
Alan Innes ... 30 August 2003
Hey Louie, If you feel agrieved, dont take it out on the little people take it up with the Board of Directors.
I have bought from PC world loads of times and have only ever had 1 problem, which after some negotiations was resolved. They must be doing something right, look at how they have grown. All big companies have their problems. Rob Corton .. 30 August 2003

PC World are nothing compared with DIXONS whose "engineers" believe that not supplying the correct drivers (or any drivers) with a new PC is a software problem - as was providing a corrupt "recovery" CD (which would never work according to my computer guru friends) are software problems! Software they NEVER put right even when it is not software but something which makes the PC work. They are nasty offensive and rude - and I tell my students (I am a lecturer) not to boycott them (they might sue me) but simply never recommend them. Jack Rance ... 24 September 2003
I bought a e machine 190 from pc world on the 16/06/03. after about 3 weeks my computer started to go wrong, the keyboard no longer works, the system keeps going in to safe mode and freezing. When this happens i have to lose all of my work and switch it of at the wall as it is the only way it will go of. I have viosited 3 stores for help and spoke to customer services about 15 times trying to get a refund on this product they are sayting i cant have one. I have since had a new mother board put in by them which has made no difference. They are telling me that after 28 days no refund can be given. the computer is only 2 months old. Tracy Cannings ...25 September 2003
I thought that the sale of goods act meant that I didn't need a receipt to get a refund for defective goods. I just tried to use a PC WORLD brand ink cartridge that I bought about 3-5 months ago (for which I'd lost the receipt) and it was faulty. I tried to get a replacement at Chelmsford PC WORLD and was told that I cannot get a replacement.

This is despite a) the good being defective and b) the guy even saying they believe me that it is less than months old.

The "customer service" centre just said the manager of the store can replace the item but it is up to the indivual store manager's discretion. They told me that I cannot have a replacement. This is despite the packaging even saying "PC WORLD" on it! Do we really live in a country where we can buy defective goods and then we're lumbered with them?

I know I have the right to have this replaced but they won't let me exercise my rights. I have written to Simon Turner (MD) and Elizabeth Fagan (Marketing director) and have also demanded a payment for the three hours time I have so far spent trying to get what is rightly mine. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with selling defective goods. They even said there is a different rule for consumables! Anthony Hegedus ... 26 September 2003
Reply to Anthony, You imply that PC World are selling defective goods. Do you really believe a retailer would sell you defective goods knowingly? Please come on....
The marketing director is actually Steve Campbell, so dont expect a reply from Elizabeth Fagan. Your rights in this matter are that you will need to produce a valid proof of purchase. What rule have you used to judge the 3 hours worth of payment you are demanding. Everytime something i owned went wrong I wish I could charge the retailer for the time it takes me to sort it out. I'd be quids in
Sean Innes ... 7 October 2003
I am now taking them to court. I have a whole load of my unanswered communication on paper and indeed on cd too.So they will indeed end up paying not only my money back for goods unfit for the purpose but also all my expenses too. It seems the people in head office couldn`t care less.
What a let down for the workers in the shop. Read more
Mrs Margaret Hilton ..9 October 2003
Click on the Dell link and have a look at how many complaints they have!!!
PC World have always been excellent with me, I cannot fault them.
Martin Hennesy ... 14 October 2003

In March I went to a PC World store in London to purchase an Apple G3 laptop
expressly for the purpose of surfing the net. It took two weeks for me to get it to connect satisfactorily to the Internet. After another 2 weeks I realised that the OSX operating system would never function properly with the Internet the way Microsoft software does. I spoke to the shop who agreed to let me return the laptop and I in return agreed to buy a more expensive PC laptop.

But when I got to the store, they went back on this, and said I had to take the Apple laptop back. 7 months later, they still have the Apple laptop, I have no computer, and a default notice has been issued against me by their credit collectors. Peter Martin... 20 October 2003
Sir I went to the shop in Merton in south London hopeful of buying a printer for my computor
but alas I was unable to get any one with knowledge to help me thyen I tried to have a word with the manager but again was not able to what a way to treat your customers I am now a dissatisfied customer
Albert S. Bush ... 23 October 2003
PC world had told me that if was to buy there compaq laptop it would be with me within 2 or 3 days if not they would phone round to find me one.
i returned to the store at norwich where i had purchased it 2 days later they told me it was not in yet and try tomorrow, i returned the following day to recieve my product and it still was not in nor could they give me a time scale when it was going to come in. My point here is before i handed any money over i wanted to know how long it would be before i recieved my laptop on order, they replied nor longer than 2 or 3 days so with that notion in mind i paid the sum of 1000 pounds to them. I told them i did not want to wait to long as if i would i could of gone somewhere else to get one. They have falsely sold me a product which they could not deliver with the reciept of payment which they have, currently working interest on. I spoke to the manager of the store he fobed me off with a load of rubbish with shipments ect , but still could not give me a answer to when i would recieve my laptop.
Jason Dack... 12 December 2003
PC world had told me that if I was to buy there compaq laptop
it would be with me within 2 or 3 days if not they would phone round to find me one. I returned to the store at norwich where I had purchased it 2 days later they told me it was not in yet and try tomorrow.I returned the following day to recieve my product and it still was not in nor could they give me a time scale when it was going to come in.

My point here is before I handed any money over I wanted to know how long it would be before I recieved my laptop on order.They replied not longer than 2 or 3 days so with that notion in mind I paid the sum of 1000 pounds to them. I told them i did not want to wait too long as if I would I could have gone somewhere else to get one. They have falsely sold me a product which they could not deliver with the reciept of payment which they have, currently working interest on. I spoke to the manager of the store he fobed me off with a load of rubbish with shipments ect , but still could not give me an answer to when I would recieve my laptop.Jason Dack...11 December 2004
Reply to Anthony Hegedus -
Sir, being an employee of PC World may I bring to your attention the fact that many customers despise paying large amounts of money for consumables. Yes an inkcart can cost 20 upwards and you'd expect it to last a while. But we all like to print out at 720dpi because it looks good.
The one problem we suffer in store is when someone returns an ink cartridge is,do we believe that it is faulty. We in our store now have a simple answer to solve this problem, we invested in a pair of digital scales. Now when a customer returns a so called "faulty" product we weigh it against a new one. If it is more than 1/2oz less than a full one we probe further into how long the inkcart has been in use. Many leave when they find they've been rumbled. Statistics show that from 1st to 30th September 2003 our store had 30 "faulty" cartridges returned. 1 was faulty. So our store stood to lose 580 minimum in replacement cartridges and the if we'd have returned them to the manufacturer and they found them to have no problem then we stand to lose another 580 as we don't get credit for products that aren't faulty. That's 1060 lost from the store. In simple terms that means we have to sell 10 laptops or 8 PC's to get that money back.

So to all of you out there, don't lie to us please. You are also affecting our wages. we earn 28p above National Minimum Wage and we get a bonus quartely on turnover and profit margins. My last quaters bonus was 130. You are doing no one any favours, in fact, you're keeping prices artificially high. And if you're really bothered about prices remember there's always Internet only companies who can supply your ink carts at a fraction of the cost, and yes I buy from those too.
Paul Gibson ... 17 December 2003

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