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I am so pleased I found this web site. We had a Moben representative in our house this morning for 3 1/2 hours. She was totally incompetent, she did no designing, made no suggestions and in the end scribbled a figure on a bit of paper with a pencil. We were so unimpressed with her that I started to look in the Internet and found all the other complaints. We will now look elsewhere.
Mrs M Green....7 January 2003
I am so sad I did not find this website before I committed
& paid in full for my kitchen costing over £16,000 on 9th December 2002 I have a snagging list that will take 3 days to refit & complete & the fitters do not turn up! YOu cant get any helpful or proactive communication at all from the Company , who hang up on you ! I am now having to threaten action under Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982 ( as amended) MY PERSONAL OPINION IS DO NOT RISK YOUR HOME WITH MOBEN Pat...31 January 2003
I too have recieved bad service from moben, it is now two weeks and my kitchen is not finished
i was promised a 2 day installation. The kitchen fitter's assistant didn't speak any english and they failed to turn up the following day after going out on a moben party, the kitchen fitter was too drunk to come to work after being plyed with free booze, he then proceeded to tell me how much moben were making on my kitchen and how he had got his kitchen for £20 by over ordering bits when on the job.

Head office havn't returned any of my calls, im also going to complain to homebase where moben rent the showroom space, as well as the homeform group ltd which moben is a part of. Dolphin bathrooms are also part of homeform and have been on watchdog recently for the same reasons listed on this site. so if anyone asks about your kitchen TELL THEM NOT TO USE MOBEN
David Roff.. 5 February 2003
We are ex moben fitters who have not been paid.
Any more out there?
Alan Williams....9 February 2003
Why is it that Moben kithens never pays there fitters properly and on time.
It is an uphill struggle to get somebody to reply with regards to money that is owed and well overdue and customers keep blaming the fitters for bad workmanship but if only the customer would know how badly the fitters are treated. We fitters even after contacting the directors do not get anywhere. It is always pass the buck. What a waste of time! And how unfair is this?
' Skinner' ... 27 March 2003
A "simple" thing, I thought.
The 'slim' tube of one of the light fittings has gone under one of the cabinets.

Greys, Lewis's, Rexel, Thompson's, various "Johnny-ah thing" shops: NOBODY (including Moben) in Edinburgh can supply another bulb.
Nik Watt...29 April 2003
Just to put some potential Moben customers minds at rest... I came across this website shortly after ordering my new Moben kitchen - and it terrified me! Having spent nearly £2,000 deposit and knowing I was expected to pay £6,000 on delivery I spent a number of sleepless nights wondering what I had let myself in for.

The kitchen duly arrived on 6th May 2003 as arranged. It was only later that I realised that one of the worktops was not as ordered. A phone call to customer services, who were very helpful and pleasant, elicited a promise that the correct worktop would be deliverd 48 hours later. Lo and behold, it arrived as promised.
Monday May 19th was the day that the fitters were due to arrive. Monday May 19th is the day they DID arrive, bang on 8.00am as promised.

It is now Wednesday May 21st, my kitchen is complete and I am delighted with it. The fitters were superbly efficient and I could not have asked for a better or more friendly service. I know that every company has it's problems but, so far, my experience of Moben has been very satisfatory.
Phil Christie... 21 May 2003
How I wish I'd seen this website before I ordered a kitchen from Moben. Or, indeed even asked a few folk their opinions - because I have yet to find ANYONE who has a good word to say for Moben.

As with most of you our fitting dates were not adhered to. The "fitter" made such a bad job of it we asked for another. After a few weeks the wall units fell off the wall smashing two of my treasured ornaments. Moben assured us the "Fitter was "sacked" and they'd send someone round to assess the situation - and for us to get a quote for the ornaments as they'd replace their value. The "sacked" fitter was sent to assess the damage!! We are still waiting for the cheque. We contacted Qualitas a concilitory firm. They managed to get Moben to correct an illegally fitted gas pipe but we cannot get the money for the broken ornamnets.

My husband phone to be told the cheque was, on the desk, in front of the manager and many other excuses. A year later, I wrote to Moben and duplicated it to Qualitas stating that I would write weekly reminding them of of the money owed, and I would add £10.00 admin charge every week for the 2 letters, (one to Moben & one to Qualitas) We're still waiting!!!! What else can we do?? Vickie Ralls-Whitmore.. 22 June 2003
I was thinking of buying a Moben Kitchen, but after reading all the complaints I think i'll look else where. Robert Sean Imrie .. 2 July 2003
In the last three months, I have sent Moben three faxes and have telephoned five times to get a kitchen fault rectified. To date, there has been no acknowledgement of any kind! John Pank ... 14 July 2003
I arranged for Moben to visit us yesterday 28th July at 7.00pm to quote for a new kitchen.
By 7.30pm no-one had arrived so i rang the number on the back of the brochure. The person on the other end of the phone asked 'had i received a phone call on Sunday to confirm the appointment'. I told her that we were out most of the day and that there was no message on the answer-phone when we got back. I was informed that they do not leave messages as they prefer to speak direct with the customer. As the appointment could not be confirmed by us they took it upon themselves to cancel without informing us.

I am extremely annoyed that they work in this manner as i had made special arrangements to be available that evening - had i known they had rang i would have returned thier call as soon as i got home, how can you confirm an appointment if you did not even know they have rang. I have today arranged for another company to quote for a new kitchen as i have no intention in using Moben now if this is the way they conduct their business.

Maybe them not turning up was a blessing as i have since stumbled across this website and on reading a number of complaints am so glad not to be using them. Mary Haynes... 29 July 2003
Please read the letters I have sent that were never acknowledged. PLEASE NEVER DEAL WITH MOBEN!!!!!!! ...
Mr P Phillips .. 22 August 2003
We had a Moben Kitchen fitted in February this year (2003).
All deliveries were made when we were told they would be, the fitters arrived promptly on the day they were due and finished the job when they said they would. The snagging was done promptly and efficiently. All in all we are very satisfied with our kitchen. I would never have ordered a Moben Kitchen if I had seen this site before placing the order, so it seems only fair that my good experience of Moben should be added to redress the balance.
Carol Beebe ... 7 October 2003
Any legal bods out there?
I too am a disgruntled Moben customer - how do we make a joint case against Moben? We spent the best part of 15k and everything that could have gone wrong has. I would laugh if I wasn't already crying. Mrs Zee Lapthorne...22 October 2003

On 24th Nobember 03 we took delivery of a Moben Kitchen.
The fitter who came to fit the kitchen advised that the canopy was missing. The fitter telephoned Moben who advised that the canopy would be delivered the following day. It never arrived, my husband contacted Moben, who advised that it was with the manufacturers and was being sprayed. We were advised that the canopoy would arrive on the 10th December, guess what it didn't. My husband rang customer services every day for a week and they did not return one phone call.

My husband telephoned and asked for an area manager to call as we had other reservations with the fitted kitchen. The gentleman arrived and discovered 15 other defects with the kitchen. The gentleman telephoned Moben and was told that the canopy had been delivered to Moben on the 10th December 03, but the canopy would be delivered on Wednesday 17th December 03. This would give the kitchen fitter time to correct the defects on the 19th December 03. Guess what the canopy did not arrive. We contacted Moben customer services the gentleman was at lunch, and yes you guessed it, they did not call back. The girl who answered the phone advised that we had been mis informed htey had not received delivery of the canopy. I then rang Moben Customer Serices, when you ring you are held on the telephone for a very long while, then I spoke to the gentleman and was advised that it would be delivered on 18th December, but he would ring me in the morning.

To my amasement the canopy arrived on 18th December, but two doors a 450mm and a 600 didnt. I rang customer services I asked the gentleman if Moben were a Quality Assured Company, he didnt know what this meant, I asked if he new what ISO9000 was and no he didnt!. He advised that he was the area manager for custoner services and could not be expected to know everything.! I think this says it all. Mrs J Lidsey ... 18 December 2003


Hi, My partner and I have already had a nightmare with Moben but like all of us seem to be in a no win no win situation. I am expecting delivery of my Kitchen on Tuesday next week and have been told I must pay the full balance then. Were do you stand if you don't ? can any one help and if I don't pay am I opening the door for fitting to take forever?
I would appreciate any advice or solutions that have worked in the same situation. We plan to move into our new house two days before the fitting date and have no kitchen at all so I need this to go smoothly for the kid's sake!
Phil.. 1 February 2002

Editor's Note: The Sounding Board is a good place to check other consumers' responses and advice.
I am dismayed to see so many other customers of Moben having similar issues to myself. My wife and I had a kitchen installed in November and are still trying to resolve outstanding issues with Moben. They agreed to pay £300 compensation for the lack of installation of an external fan. (Both the sales rep and surveyor missed the fact the downpipe from the bathroom would need to be moved). If anyone has any recomendations on directors to contact / name when I take them to court, I would be most gratefull.
James Peden...3 June 2002

Editor's Note: See Director Details here.

We paid a £1200 deposit for the kitchen of our dreams in early January and took delivery on January 28th. We have no garage. Our dining room and kitchen are stacked with boxes and appliances. We were promised a team of fitters on 4th February with an expected installation of 4-5 days. One fitter arrived, checked the plans, checked the boxes and decided that he couldn't fit the kitchen because the plans were wrong. I made 13 phonecalls to Moben customer services seeking help, advice, reassurance. Their customer services is non existent. They do not get back when say they will, they are rude and unsympathetic. I received a call late this afternoon (5th Feb) to say that they will have a fitter here next Monday. One fitter is totally inadequate for the size of this job and this means I will have to survive another 7 days without a kitchen and with a home that looks like a warehouse. I have read these comments with interest and I am on to Trading Standards first thing tomorrow morning. How can companies of this size be allowed to get away with this kind of incompetence?
L. Wheeler... 5 February 2002 | BOTTOM OF LIST

Moben and Kitchen's direct are the same company.
The kitchens direct sales man will tell you that they have the best kitchens at lowest prices as they do not have any showrooms. However Moben is under the same umbrella and they have show rooms around UK. K. patel.. 9 February 2002

Why am I not surprised to find that a web site exists to advertise the malpractise,
incompetence and total disinterest in customer satisfaction/care of Moben Kitchens!
My partner & I like the many others on this site have suffered great disappoinment, upset, inconvenience and anger.
We had to pay £8,500 on delivery and are living to regret our naivety in agreeing to this unfair practise (see the Office of Fair Trading web site and an article in which the Moben / Dolphin group agreed to stop this practise to avoid court action by the OFT in April 99!)

The kitchen should have been finished after 5 days in mid Jan 02 but there are still 8 major oustanding problems, several others that cannot be put right and continuing 'no shows' from the installers. Moben continue to ignore phone calls (too many to recall) and rarely respond to written communication (6 at last count).
We have now made an application to Qualitas but I am yet to be convinced of their 'independence' as they also are showing little urgency.
I will be going to the small claims court if they do not sort this out. Any advice of succesful efforts to take on Moben would be useful?
A message to Moben - Ignoring us won't make us go away!
Ian Wederell....25 March 2002

Bravo thanks for this web site !!

I am an ex employee of moben/kd and worked in the so called "customer service dept"...they are a greedy shoddy set up who could not care less for the customer the only thing that they want is the happless punter to pay up front for a bog standard product which is oversold,overpriced and in many cases does not meet the buyers expectations i would be happy to take customers comments on board, i can inform them of what action to take and how to avoid the "buck passing" and total lack of empathy which is shown to the customer if you want to know who to contact at that organisation and how to do it let me know .....again dont touch them or the product with a bargepole
dave....27 March 2002
This all sounds so familiar .
Fourteen months after placing our order we are still waiting to have our kitchen completed satisfactorily. Luckily we retained 10% which we are refusing to pay and is the only reason why Moben are still in contact despite the fact the kitchen is still not finished.
Mr Lloyd...14 April 2002
Thats nothing, we have been waiting nearly one year for our sodding kitchen to be completed. They agree we are owed compensation and have offered us £250. Its court time!!!! Simon, London... 16 April 2002
Pfew. Just cancelled my appointment with a sales person thanks to this site.
And when asked why, they were truly surprised to hear they are beeing hung on the internet for their crappy quality, bad service, and inexistant customer care. Francesco.. 25 April 2002
I had a moben kichen fitted in october 2001 and later discovered that one of the cabinet doors had been fitted the wrong way round.I have phoned the after sales service continuosly for the last few months but they do not reply to my calls and as yet I have had no comformation to even acknowledge the fact that they are at fault!!! P.A.FACEY

update on 26 June 2003:

My complaint about Moben kitchens(door on the wrong way round has now been resolved) Patrick Alan Facey

Hallo,in October 2001 my wife and I took delivery of and had fitted £6091 worth of Moben Kitchen - we had no problem with the delivery or fitting but shortly after
we found two air bubbles had formed under the surface of a long stretch of worksurface.After several phone calls and being put on hold we managed to get someone to come out and look at the worksurface who agreed it was a defect in the work surface and they would replace it but would not be liable for any damage caused to the tiling which had been done after the kitchen had been fitted.This was in Jan 2002.We eventually received a phone call to arrange fitting the earliiest date being 07/05 2002(5 months later).

So we waited until the night before when the fitter phoned and asked if the new work surface had been delivered- it hadn't.So the fitter said it was not worth coming - fair point .

The next day I tried ringing Moben was on hold for 20 minutes and then cut off , rang again and was on hold for another 20 minutes and the phone was never answered. I then rang the next day and eventually got through to a rep who looked up my case and thought it was funny when he found the reason that the surface had not been delivered was because the person dealing with my case had left the company and his workload had not been picked up.He then said he would get back to me later in the day -he didnt.After no reply for a week my wife phoned the fitter who gave her a contact who my wife eventually got through to in the warranties dept who said she could not sort the problem there and then and was most upset that my wife had got her name and she would phone us back 2 days later we are still waiting......
Adrian... 14 May 2002
We first saw the sales rep on 2nd Feb 2002.
Unfortunately he came without a tape measure - that was just the start!! ..Click here to read more Sue Middleman 21 May 2002
This makes very depressing reading
as so many people seem to have had the same problem with no solutions offered. Is there any mileage in a group action against Moben? M-L Bridge... 29 May 2002
Since this page went on the web
, we have been offered a payment of £500, which we have accepted. Thank you for your help. A good contact to address for any complaints to in Moben. May be worth letting your readers know about this. Click here for relevant page for details
T. Reid....14 July 2002
We got a moben kitchen last year and can i say it is pure c....
S Thompson...10 November 2002
If you take out the finance package you can pay just £100 deposit
...then on satisfactory completion you can cancel the finance agreement before it starts and pay the remainder in the usual way. They won't get any more than £100 until the job is completed.
J Harwood..19 December 2002