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I have posted a huge complaint about Moben on your website and told readers to watch this space as the kitchen fitted in March 2003 is still not finished it is now Sept 2003!!! I have had Peter Richardson the installation manager around to survey the problems.
Julie Grant - Render ....10 September 2003

Has anyone successfully sued Moben for compensation for their poor workmanship? If so, I would be interested in contacting the solicitor involved, dealing with Moben is a nightmare and should be avoided at all costs!
R Whetstone ... 4 November 2003
I have just paid a deposit for a new fitted kitchen with Moben..has any-one got any feedback on the service provided and the quality for a recently fitted kitchen?
please help very worried now after reading these comments on this site!
mandy clarke ... 30 December 2003

Does anyone have the names of the Directors of the Homeform Group, of which Moben is a subsidiary - I am writing to The Times where I have a contact and am hoping to have an article published but I would like to send a copy to the Chairman and MD first!
Andrea Parry-Clarke....23 May 2002
Since this page went on the web
, we have been offered a payment of £500, which we have accepted. Thank you for your help. A good contact to address for any complaints to in Moben. May be worth letting your readers know about this. Click here for relevant page for details
T. Reid....14 July 2002

I am very sorry to see this web site,
not because I work for Moben but rather did, at a showroom that shall remain nameless. the reason for my regret is that I didn't leave sooner. I have never worked for a company that has so little respect for it's customers. All I can do now is warn people not to be tricked by the luxury product that some might say is of a lower standed than say B&Q but 10 times the price, or if you believe the all year round half price sale, 20 times more expensive.

The sales reps, sorry qualified designers, that have had a whole days training in how to sell a cheap kitchen for lots of money and half an hour on how to make a pretty picture, work on a sliding scale comision policy (ie the slide goes as long as they think they can stretch it and regulaly add up to 80% on to the price as there own commission). Whereas the girl in the showroom is lucky if she gets her £10 for an appointment on top of her minmum wage.
7 January 2002 BOTTOM OF LIST

I am a designer for Moben.
The showroom girl has made some inaccurate comments... click for details here

I fully ENDORSE the complaints by Mr J Southern. I am incensed with my treatment and I've paid £4,900 up front,due to an overzealous SALESMAN, still no kitchen, to speak of, after 4 mnths.

So ive written to MOBEN, if there is no satisfaction I will have to resort to Trading Standard. The NIGHTMARE goes on
J. Austin, Manchester .... 7 Jan 2002

Moben are great

John King...21 January 2002

May I comment on the complaints on Moben Kitchens.
This is not the experience we have found.we have found Moben to have a top class product, they have been spot on with dates and times on delivery and installation and in Mr D Gibbs who installed our kitchen did a first class job, and we were very impressed with his work.

Every item was delivered on time, and the person that complained about payment on delivery should realise that installation takes days, and should payment not be forthcoming removal a equal time at considerable cost expence to Moben. When we read the complaints on this site after ordering our kitchen we had misgivings, but they were unfounded,and one should realise a company with 200 outlets will always have a few case where things have gone wrong. G.D. Weekes.. 31 January 2002

Thanks for the warnings, I have just paid the deposit to Moben( by credit card) hopefully I can cancel... NOW.
Gordon McKinstry.... 5 February 2002
Thank you so much, nearly bought a Moben kitchen today after seeing a Moben salesman last night, you may have saved us from a fate worse than death Again - thank you S & J from Darlington... 1 October 2002

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