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I purchased a 28" Samsung TV in July 2002. On opening the box we found the remote control to be damaged. I immediately rang Currys/ Mastercare to inform them. They said they would send a replacement. Eventually, in October 2002, I receive a remote control after many phone calls to Mastercare. Originally, I was told that I would have to have a completely new TV and they would set this up. When the Van arrived the men just handed me a new remote control and took away the broken one.

Since then I have noticed that the sound disappears and you can sometimes get it back if you turn it off and back on again using the remote control. I called Mastercare about this and when I explained to them that I could not take another day off for an engineer they said that they could arrange an out of hours call. Having spoken with the engineers department they say that this is not so and only if an engineer is happy to do overtime can they facilitate this. No engineer was happy to work overtime so they said they would get an engineer to call when he was in my area and see if I was available (during working hrs). They did and I was able to take an early lunch and the engineer was able to see my TV. The fault was not present and he said that if it keeps happening then it would need to go into their workshop.

I now cannot seem to get an engineer to come and collect my TV out of hours. Then next thing will be that they have the TV in the workshop for months ... I will never buy another electrial item from either Currys, Dixons or PC World.
Sarah Griffin...13 March 2003
I have now been waiting a month
for a service engineer to repair my washing machine after taking out and extended warranty with dixons, you have to wait at least 15 minutes for someone to answer your telephone call and usually end up being cut off. I am absolutely furious that you can never get through and when you do the staff are extremely unhelpful
Mrs B Dean...16 March 2003
I also have also had problems with this organisation.
I got the runaround for a month on a 3yr laptop coverplan that cost £400. It seems that Currys/ Dixons /Coverplan try to frustrate their customers into giving up on their claims. I think a trip to court and a report to watchdog is the only solution now as I am still waiting. These guys are ripping the public off.
Trevor Durity... 20 March 2003
Mrs B Dean...A month is an unacceptable timescale
for a washing machine repair. You should not contact the shop to arrange a repair as we have to go through the same procedures as the customer. The correct procedure is to phone 08701 565550 and follow the straightforward telephone prompts. You will be directed straight to the appropriate manufacturer or service centre, or given a telephone number. You then explain the situation to the advisor and an engineer will be sent out to your home. (You will require your machine model, serial number and a description of the fault.)
DSG Employee....22 March 2003
I bought a four year extended warranty from Curry's (masterplan/coverplan)
on a zanussi washing machine. I have invoked this warranty as my machine's drum has broken. It took two weeks before an engineer even came to look at the machine and I have been told by him that there is a five week wait for the parts. I also have spent hours in queues on the phone to coverplan(masterplan) and have got nowhere. The waranty is not worth the paper its printed on but cost me £179. Be warned
Mrs L Dowle...8 April 2003
I have brought a hand held computer from Dixon’s.
I have had it sent off 2 times and now it gone wrong again. Coverplan said its Microgenics problem not theirs. Even though the warranty is with Dixon’s. I am not sending it off ,as last time it came back covered in Glue. I can’t get anywhere with Dixon’s after over 15 emails Wayne Styles...10 April 2003
I purchased a lap-top ,a compaq presario 2100 from Currys ,highgate Middleway, birmingham , store number 2320, on the 07/05/03.
On and before purchasing the computer i made it very clear to all the staff members present that i wanted to make a VAT free purchase, as although i am a UK citizin i am resident in Egypt.

I had a conversation with 3 member of staff at the till about this. i asked before purchasing if they could sell the computer and the coverplan without the VAT or how the system worked . they said no i claim it at the airport. at no time did any of the staff mention or offer the VAT reclaim forms , that i have ben informed should be displayed by law at the till. on hindsight it appears the stff manager had neglegted to train or inform the staff of these procedures.

On arrival at Gatwicks' HM CUSTOMS AND EXCISE OFFICE the customs officer clearly told me there was nothing he could do as the retailer was clearly negligent in not handing me the reclaim forms. i then contacted the currys store 2320 , where the manager would not speak to me although they were present and their information was relayed to me by an assistant. They informed me to contact the dixons duty free store to be issued the forms , i questioned this but they assured me it was fine. They refused to contact the store manager to help .

At DIXONS the staff where polite and helpful, however the manager informed me that for him to issue the forms from his store would be illegal. As i have no plans to be in the UK within the 3 month reclaim period it would appear that due to there neglect i can not reclaim this money that i had planned on.
IAIN STEWART PARIS .... 9 July 2003
I am appalled with the was mastercare have treated me
as I' ve had my mob phone for several years and recently the insurance policy ran out so i went into the link to pay the insurance money but was told this was not possable so i called mastercare and they sent me a direct debit form. I signed it and went on holiday on my return they said my bank had refused this. I called the bank and they said there must have been a problem with the form??? but on the letter i recieved it told me to pay in full of £18.67 for full settlement of the insurance.

So i did send the a cheque straight out then not long ago i got another letter off mastercare saying that this was the wrong amount and it was £28 i have sent them a cheque for this amount . But am very appauled with them as they should get their act together and for once try and do their job properly as it wasnt my fault they issued the wrong amount to me in a letter. Im still awaiting a response off them?? Scott Stanford... 1 August 2003
I have mobile phone insurance with mastercare (coverplan) through the link.
Having had the phone for over 3 years, i made my first claim (water damage). The staff at the link were helpful and I though knowledgeable (seeing as they were the ones that sold the insurance), they told me it would take 2 weeks to get sorted.

This was not the case, they also told me that I would probably get vouchers as the model 8210 was very old and nokia had stopped making them. Three weeks later I received a replacement and to my surprise it was a 8210.

Knowing the product was very old, I was not happy, paying alot of money in the first instance for the insurance and then another 25 for someone's old refurbished phone was not my idea of quality service.

Seeing as the phone is second hand, I would end up paying another 25 when it packed in later for another reason (due to the age of the phone) or for the same reason it was sent in for in the first place (if u know what I mean).

Anyhow what beggars belief is that I dont have to wait for it to pack up, it turns out that after inspection, the keys, number 3,6 and 9 were not as "press-able" as the others (you know, the click it makes when u press it), I opened the front cover and realised that the metal number pad was not securely fixed on the right hand side, it was prodding out, hence the buttons not functioning properly.

Now what I want to know is what kind of fool spends all day refurbishing and replacing peoples handsets, misses something so obvious!

I will now have to go into the link and get them to sort this problem out. I understand that the handsets are replaced with refurbished models but I believe models as old as the 8210 (out of production) shouldnt have been given to me as it shows how old the model is and is likely to break down once again.
Miss Huyen Duong ... 13 November 2003
Ok so here we are again only this time the scenario is different.
I go into the link store at 9.40am on 14th November 2003, the evening before I wrote on this website stating my problem with my replacement handset.

I go into the Birmingham, Pallasades branch and initially spoke to a sales consultant. She agreed that the phone was faulty (metal key prodding excessively) and that she could only send it off to Mastercare.

I asked if they could call the insurance company to try resolve something, she passed me onto the deputy manager, Tim. He was on the phone but as it was busy he stepped aside to hear what she said that I would like for them to ring Mastercare about my complaint, following this she sat me down and he went on the phone.

After waiting five minutes I began to think there is something wrong, ringing through never takes this long, I ask the manager sorry, excuse me, are you on the phone (as he was not talking). He instantly snapped can you not see I am on the phone, then turning his back to me. To this I thought ok, fine your on the phone but I hadnt managed to finish my sentence on the phone to coverplan (silly me thinking he might be ringing the wrong people). I was also shocked that he replied so abruptly as if I was disturbing him (sales assistant really busy serving customers now).

So again I asked sorry, but I wanted to asked if u were on the phone to coverplan. I saw a smile on his face, someone on the phone must have said something funny. He turned to me and said I am on the phone then slams the phone down (my heart fell as I thought he was on the phone in a queue for coverplan), he says to me I will hang up now, ok, are you happy, I apologise, shocked I told him I just asked a simple question (a nod in reply would have be enough). I was in a conference call, (hence the smile) but youre the customer and youve got a complaint, the customer comes first he says. How can I help you as he sits down.

Sounds simple enough, written down it doesnt sound like he was mean or sarcastic in any way but the shop was full of people who were staring by now. I begin to tell him but couldnt get pass the first sentence as I felt his behaviour was unnecessary and that he would not have wanted to help me. I told him I will take the phone and my problem to another store, at this point I start crying (the shock at the way he talked to me began to take affect), I get up to leave and he apologises, saying he was already on the phone, I said that he should not have spoken to me like that.

After all this he gets on the phone to Mastercare and manages to resolve nothing. He just wanted me out of his shop, he didnt press the agent at coverplan to try and resolve something for me but knew he had to apologise profoundly as he was scared I would complain. Excuses about him being ill and bruising his fingers etc, I dont care if he lost his fingers, he had not right to snap at me.

I read about people getting bad service from companies, sometimes it is through the insurance company not wanting to help, resulting in you getting thrown about the place from one person to another but I would have thought that the link or whatever agents that were selling the insurance would be helpful and sympathetic. In this case all an round 10 out of 10 for poor service both from the link and from coverplan.

Agent from coverplan told me that I am only insured for the 8210, since I bought the insutance with that model but since it is not longer in production why should I be left with someone elses old refurbished phone? Once a model is no longer in production, the insurers should no longer replace it with the same model but an equivalent. What was the point of me getting insurance for 4 years to get it replaced with a refurbished phone that could be 4 years old too!

Thanks for listening. I dont know if this will do much good but I feel much better.
Miss Huyen Duong ... 14 November 2003


I too have been passed from pillar to post by Currys/Coverplan and am at my wit's end with making phone call after phone call to get a result. My Tv has now been repaired four times for the same fault and has just broken down for the fifth time since it was bought in 2000.

Trying to speak to a human being is nigh on impossible, as you are 'held in a queue' constantly and then passed round and round. Do we as consumers have no rights at all? Who are Curry's answerable too, if anyone?
Mrs C Roe....11 September 2002
This is to all of you people who are with matercare coverplan. I been waiting for a backup cd for my pc and have'nt received it and i've ranged them 6 times and have'nt got a reply. Suresh....17 October 2002
I am trying to get a 'white goods'item delivered. The person making the delivery thought it reasonable to leave a message on my mobile rather than actually attempting to speak to me , when he went to the wrong adress. If he had spared 5 minutes he could have found out where I was and made the delivery and everyone would be happy, as it is I now have to wait until Friday, (3 days later) to get this item delivered, take more time off work etc.......

When I spoke to the co-ordinator at Mastercare I was told ' no you can't have the driver's mobile phone number, that's personal. Why on earth is he using a personal mobile in company hours, why isn't he contactable, why do they think that customers have no brain at all? Why do we bother paying for such a non service? How on earth do they manage to keep the company going if this is the level of service they offer? Any comments??
Kerry Dignan _Battersea... 5 November 2002

I purchased 3 items last year, microwave, fridge freezer and tumble dryer. I have recently received my offer of taking up the Master Care Coverplan, but on reading these I have decided not to waste my time and money. Thanks to all for the warning and I hope you get the promised customer care in thew end!
Mrs C Elder... 18 November 2002