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Stores/Customers: I think it is quite amusing at all the complaints so called customers and even worse our own staff bash our own company. We try our very best to help our customers and our worst enemy is our stores! they tell the customer what they want to hear and the fob the customer off to another part of the company in a hope that the customer will come back on their day off so not to face them again.

Now come on customers how many have u rang a number or gone to the store asked to speak to someone to be told they are off today or on a break not to be seen for hrs?!? working in one of our call centres its easier for us to hide but i for one always take responsibilty for my own custoemrs as well as others if they have tried to get rid of them. ive alwasy been told treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. its just a shame that many of our own staff and especially customers forget this really quickly when they speak to us.

Numerous times ive sat at the end of the phone being abused verbally because the customer thinks if i swear and fly off the handle at the person at the end of the phone things will get sorted. IT DOESNT!you will find we are more helpful and things will happen quicker if you speak calmly to us and think with reason.

Custoemrs do want things right first time as much as we try manufacturers let us down so next time a product from Currys, Dixons, PC World or The Link breaks down remember we didnt make it we supply it and follow manufacturers guidelines! so just get oiff our backs and talk to us the way you want to be spoke to because if you swear at us you might just find that your call WILL be terminated! and you become more frustrated but with the same problem!THINK ABOUT IT. anon23 ...6 January 2004

This company seem to have many disgruntled customers such as myself. Why i pay for such a slack, rude and unprofessional service is beyond me. I have lost patience with this company which seem to suffer from poor communication, high staff turnover and a general nack of mismanaging their affairs.

I bought a laptop 4 years ago from them and was told that it would be replaced due to damages. It has since been sent to the wrong address, had unspecified changes made to it, and the internal problems have yet not been corrected. Where is my replacement i wonder???

I am still trying to sort this whole mess out. Looks like I'll be hanging on the telephone for hours to come still!! "Your call is important to us...."...
Yeah, right!!!! Mr Z Sheikh...23 September 2002
I sought repair of a camcorder battery charger under a Coverplan warranty, however they could not repair/replace this so said they would have to replace the whole package bought. They have provided sufficient vouchers to purchase a like for like replacement but have failed to cover extra accessories worth £100 which were free with the initial purchase and part of the reason I chose the package.

Their warranty does say batteries etc not covered however i feel this is intended to relate to batteries which on their own fail. Coverplan would only replace the entire package under their own rules and yet have rendered my accs worthless (they have now lost the acces so the matter rumbles on). The Complaints dept whilst in the main polite showed no movement at all - the story continues but needless to say i will not be choosing to buy from Currys again! Deepreddave.. 18 November 2002
Sorry I cannot see why they should replace anything that you got for free. They have already given you £100 worth of goods for free, and why should they give you another £100 for something you never paid for????, I cannot understand consumers sometimes, they come to the stores squeeze everything they can get from companies who are already struggling for margin on products, and then when the product fails you try and get more "free" money. Please note you get what you pay for
Johnnie McDougall...6 December 2002
My TV 'blew' on Fri 3 Jan - I phoned and was put from one department to the other and was told my one girl to phone back again after I had been holding on for about half an hour. I told her so and said that it would be cheaper to buy a new TV set than to hold on for hours. She said "if that's what you think, then go buy a new TV" and promptly slammed the phone down on me (Customer Services - NOT!).

Mon 6th a Technician walked into my home, switched on the TV, switched it off then walked out never to be heard from again. After several phone calls I eventually got in thouch with the Service Centre who eventually came to collect my TV. No word since.

I asked for a Loan Set as part of our Agreement and they said there were none available - there were 30 that needed to be checked and passed by the Technicians but they were too busy to check them so I just have to do without a TV for who knows how many months? The attitude and service of Mastercare is absolutely DISGUSTING and they should be closed by the Ombudsman - once they have your money, they could not give a damn! I will NEVER buy a thing from Curry's again. Leonie Morton... 13 Jan 2003
The mastercare guarantee isn't worth the paper its writen on after buying a tv it occured a fault which mastercare said wasn't covered for in the warranty they took the tv away 4 weeks ago & still have not returned it. After 4 hrs on the phone it was promised back to me today but has now been put back another 3 days & is still unrepaired. I've now been in contact with trading standards which i advise every1 to do about this company and an independant engineer is coming to assess if their decision is validated which i know is not, then trading standards can deal with this mismanaged unprofessionaly rude company. Paul Hennessey... 30 January 2003
The Mastercare Guarantee is tosh,
along with Currys service. I purchased a hi-fi which has had an ongoing fault for 3 months, and is still not sorted and still no fully functioning hi-fi! Edward I Huggins ... 11 July 2003
So far have taken 3 days off, 21 phone calls
, been repeatedly lied too, told to hurry up by supervisors as they are busy, had my product lost on the system, changed my address 6 times and failed to get any money back for a stereo they have told me they will pay for... losing my parents, quitting smoking and moving house was less stressful than this! I am no longer angry just shocked and longing to make it my life's work to tell even waiters in restaurants never to take out this plan. Florence Horswell ... 11 July 2003
I bought a Sony Digital still camera from DIXONS in 2001, fine...
I hope no one has to go through this kind of thing.2 Months after the 1 yr warranty period the trouble started.I had my camera in for repair 3 times when I received it over the counter as being "repaired" I looked at the camera and then the engineer report, yes, they cracked the display screen on the camera and still sent it back to the shop ! So straight back to the repair centre then, again...

Got the cam back, looked like all's well, went to New Zealand on holiday and yes, the camera still does not charge the batteries. ( I bought 2 extra for about 40 a piece by now to prove that it's not a dodgy old battery that's the problem here )Today after my episode in the store, I had to give in once more to stupid patronising staff, and sent it back with the 3 batteries I have now, the camera and the charger.

In 2001 bought the cam for 639and paid 199 for the extra 4 yrs cover.That's 837 for a camera that hasn't worked at all yet and these days I can buy the same spec cam for the coverplan price !If I can advise any1 anything in my life is DON'T SHOP OR EVEN WALK INTO A DIXONS STORE !!!I hate them.PC World, DIXONS, CURRY's and DIXONS.CO.UK is owned by the same company and the Coverplan company is an offshore account, stay away.
Johan Botha...29 October 2003