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As a general comment concerning Curry's/Mastercare/The Dixons Group, call them what you will, in my experience, the service/response is absolutely diabolical!

Over a period of approximately 12 months I was given the runaround concerning a washing machine purchased at a Curry's branch. The machine was delivered and installed as part of the purchase price, however when the connections leaked and ruined my utility room and kitchen floor covering, the response from Curry's sales personnel was to abrogate all responsibility for the problem. It was as if they hadn't sold the product to me - then my problems began!!! I was given a number to call the dreaded Mastercare (what a misnomer, surely Couldn'tcare is more accurate). Their initial response, after many attempts at telephoning was to send an 'engineer'. He duly arrived and wrote on his report that the damage to the floor was, in his opinion, caused by a constant drip from the improperly connected hose. Phew! sense at last. But then I was obliged to contact Couldn't care again.

They of course, and seemingly as a matter of course, proceeded to deny all liability for the damage caused, but that I was to send receipts, engineers report, etc. to them for consideration. Then - NOTHING. Not a 'phone call from them, nothing. Further numerous phone calls from me to them enabled me to speak to a Miss O'H, who stated that they had not received the information asked of from me. In frustration, I went to the Curry's store where the machine was purchased to fax further copies of said engineers report and receipts directly to Mastercare. The branch Manager actually confirmed in my presence that 'Bob' the Mastercare Manager had received the fax. Later on in the proceedings, Mastercare actually denied receiving the fax or having any knowledge of my correspondence. When they did actually admit to having received the info required, they tried to say that because I had called out an engineer (from GIAS?)and that he had been unauthorised, that I had in fact invalidated any warranty and shifted responsibility from Curry's/ Mastercare!!

Finally after many more frustrating months of 'phone calls and letter writing, Mastercare, in their wisdom decided to dump goodwill and indeed The Sales of Goods Act in favour of their in- house bog standard response - 'the customer can't be right, surely'.

This prompted me to seek legal advice and as a result a small claims court action was entered into. Guess what? The Judge found for me. Believe it or not, Curry's/Mastercare/The Dixon Group still tried to worm their way out by attempting to incur me legal fees beyond the value of the claim, but they hadn't bargained on the services of a solicitor who is also a good mate. Curry's - No Worries.....what a laugh. Happy New Year
Robert Thomas ... 8 January 2004


In my opinion Mastercare Coverplan is a Superb example of Extended warrenty cover. they have been fantastic in sorting my Washing machine out. I have all my products with them i have never had a bad experience with them in the 8 years i have been dealing with them
D.T Sheffield ...18 March 2003
I too have a Mastercare Service Agreement,
what a load of rubbish it is too! I bought a PC back in '99. The system never gave me a days trouble unitl a message came up telling me that the bios needed updating. I contacted PC Service line, part of the DSG group, who told me to down load a bios from Packard Bell website. I did this! It goosed the PC. I again contacted them and they informed me that the advisor had told me to download the wrong BIOS.

I have now had 3 motherboards, 1 new floppy drive, 1 PSU, new RAM memory and a CPU sitting in my motherboard that the motherboard can't even take. I have been given the run around by this pathetic company and get no answers. All I get is the 6 week rule. Well the 6 week rule has passed and still no joy. Oh we have to come and pick up the PC then check it and write it off if need be, you will then be given vouchers to buy a new PC. I paid £1200 for the PC and they are gonna give me £300-£400 possibly to replace it. I don't think so.

If you want a headache and a huge telephone bill then take out a Mastercare agreement. S Cameron... 31 March 2003
I bought Toshiba laptop (1110Z14) and Epson C42 printer from Dexion in Nottingham this past February.

Because I did not know much about computers, I have just realised that, the the laptop which is CD-RW has not been accompanied with any CD creater and DVD Software. Some experts in the school tried to install a number of CD Creators (Easy CD Creator and Nero burner) but a message comes out that, they cannot recognised the CD recorder.

In addition to this, the Epson cannot print any longer.

I went to Dexion to complain about it and they gave me this number to call for services (087709013000) which I did but for more than five times nobody picked the phone, only automatic answering directing me to an endless phone number to phone number. I am not quite happy, if I should spend my money for something that is not wealth it and I would be tossed here and there like that. Is there anything you can do to assist me. All the items are have one year warranty Isaac K Mensah...4 June2003
My grandson has a Advent Laptop, which was returned to the Mastercare
workshops for the same reason. Unfortunatley the courier's mislaid it and some ten days after collection from the workshops, claimed that they could not deliver due to no one being at home. The adress for delivery is a Newsagents shop, open from 5am to 5pm six days a week
Mr W. Ferrie... 12 August 2003
I have been waiting three months to get my voucher for a new phone with coverplan.
They are the worst people to deal with and they keep you hanging on the phone for ages. I was sent out two wrong claim forms then I finally recieved the right one 3 weeks after I had reported my phone stolen, and then I posted that away got another letter from them 10 days later saying there was no loss referncenumber when I had already phoned and explained in my form I had not put a loss reference number down as there is no such thing in the Strathclyde Police as they are the one branch. And here I am still waiting. The service is terrible and I advise no one to take out coverplan insurance, it's a waste of money. Laura westwater ... 21 August 2003
I have a major complaint about currys/ mastercare
but after being on the phone for hours can't find the name and address of who to write to to complain about both in writing. Can you help?
Jayne Nichol ... 4 November 2003
Bought Packard Bell laptop December 2001.
took out extended warranty with Mastercare sent away laptop for work on 29/10/03 came back on 4/11/03 without the AC Adapter and mains lead I have since made 7 phone calls I have all the names I have spoke to all full of promises to return our lead 4 weeks later still no sign I shall have no alternative but to cancel my warranty with Mastercare and in future never use them again I am absolutely appalled and disgusted at the after sales service we have received. I feel the next thing to do is speak to a consumer affairs programme. Susan Wilding .. 23 November 2003


I work for a large computer company as a warranty specialist in the uk. Some general comments and advice for you... 1st) somewhere in the T's and C's you will see the 90days statement.. its actually whichever is longest.. the remainder of the Laptops Warranty or 90 days. Does Advent have a web site.. i've looked and cannot find one. If they have its likely that any 'known' issues posted on their somewhere... if you have a URL post it on here and i will look on you're behalf.. more advice would be dont give up.. the louder (and higher) you shout the more chance you have of getting satisfaction
The Badger. IBMUK... 13 February 2002
I had similiar problems with a vacuum cleaner and received the run around from this organization. I found a trip down to the County Court to quickest route to satisfaction. The Judge was very understanding (maybe he had been ripped off too) and although they sent some pinhead of a solicitor he was told to save his shite and a judgement was made for the full amount!
NC....30 July 2002
In defence of Currys, what do you expect them to do if the product is out of warranty! You were offered a Service Agreement on the product, but gambled the price of that agreement was more expensive than any potential repairs. You gambled and lost, so stop complaining! DJS... 4 November 2002
DJS - I hope you got a good Xmas bonus from Currys/Dixons/Mastercare/Coverplan (whichever one you work for). The example of the poor service illustrated here is far from an isolated incident. I just hope you get to experience it someday, then you'll have some compassion with other consumers who are being ripped off.
MCK... 25 January 2003