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Reading the editor's comments would perhaps make you think that Littlewoods Index were efficient at handling customer complaints, when they clearly are not.

I am not the only customer to find no joy with Index. Please see my item on the sounding board. I would dearly love for you to get their comments on my case. As I find it impossible to get any through normal channels.

My uncle has also told me that he had an experience similair to that of Mr. Shoostarian, with an uncooperative manager. Only a creating a major scene in the shop resulted in a resolution. Ian Campbell Paul...4 May 2003
I have bought 2 mobile phones at Littlewoods store in Greenock. The phones were nokia 3410 (o2) the problem I have is there were meant to be 5pound free when registering but it was downgraded to 2.50?? I have contacted O2 and they said the problem lies with the retailer of the phones because they notified all retailers about this downgrade. They are basically saying Littlewoods should have informed before buying the phones.???
Raymond McFadyen ... 12 August 2003

I also have a problem with Littlewoods/Index. I ordered a bed and cancelled a few days later 18/11/03. I was told that the order was cancelled and the money would be refunded onto my card within 6 days. Next day the bed was delivered to my neighbour. I arranged to have it collected on 2/12/03. Guess what? I had a day off work for nothing the bed was still sitting in my hallway.

I contacted Litlewoods/Index on at least 5 seperate occasions and sent a recorded delivery letter requesting collection for this morning 5/12/03 Guess what? no collection and to cap it all off com-plete denial to the fact that the bed was supposed to be collected. I ask for Head Offices phone number and was informed that they have no phone number. They contact head office by letter. I was informed that the collection was up to business express.

I pointed out to the operator that my contract to buy the bed is surely with them and if their contractors are no up to scratch perhaps they should find an alternative. Any comments on how to get thorough the barbed wire would be appreciated. I know where I won't be shopping again and hopefully I will have an empty hallway by christmas Customer service ???
Janet Taylor... 5 December 2003

You advertise the JMB 1400 watt cylinder cleaner on the internet at £22.99. I went to your index outlet in Romford Essex today (22-03-03) and purchased this cleaner at £26.99. the cashier did not know of the internet advertised price. I feel you should correct this discrepancy.
Mrs M. Allen...22 March 2003
Littlewoods Response to above comment:
10th APRIL 2003

Thank you for bringing to our attention Mrs Allen’s query regarding pricing. As a business we are very focussed on offering exceptionally good prices to our customers. When, as in this case, we are in a position to lower the price of a product even further, we set about updating all of our systems as quickly as possible. Whilst it is easy and very quick for us to update our website, it takes just a little longer for us to update each one of our 291 stores with the new low price. It is for this reason that Mrs Allen unfortunately came across different prices when she visited our website and then our Index store.
I have been trying to get a response from Index regarding a claim I have for a damaged Television. I bought a stand for a brand new television from Index and basically it collapsed even though the catalogue stated it would hold that televisons weight. I have received one letter from One liability services (their representatives), on 7th Jan 2003.

Despite numerous telephone calls the only response i get is that One are waiting for instructions from Index. I have now been waiting for 6 months for this matter to be resolved but don't seem to be getting anywhere. I want a cheque for £450 to buy a new television and i also want some compensation for the time and inconvenience this matter has caused. My television is no longer covered by the guarantee due to the damage that is has, proof of which i have sent to One the stand was also returned to Index for tests but they seem to have lost it. Please help me!
Kerri Stones/Jason Ingamells... 23 April 2003

I have just been contacted by One Liabilty Services - Ms L K. She is advising me that she has contacted Powerhouse (where i originally purchased the TV from) and they have adv her that our model of TV is no longer in production. However they have 3 left in stock and they can only give us the value of what it is worth now £350. I paid £450 for the TV 7 - 8 months ago 6 of which i have been waiting for a result from them. I would like your advice on this matter because i think they are trying to force us to lose £100. If i had claimed for a damaged TV on my home insurance i would have been offered one of the same value or the latest model not one that was no longer in production (will the warranty be the same?) I am willing to accept a new TV but only if i receive the original value £450 so i can buy the latest model for the money i originally spent. Plus i have not been offered any compensation for the time or effort it has taken me to get to this conclusion.

I would be grateful for any advice you can offer me in this matter, i have advised her i want 24 hours to get advice on the offer before i decide my next course of action. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you
Kerri Stones..24 April 2003

Hi, thanks for your help, we have had an agreeable settlement now and we are just waiting for the cheque to arrive.
It's amazing how quickly they responded when we advised them we had contacted you. Thanks
Kerri Stones.. 6 May 2003