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KJC are a good company that sells good mobile phones for their suppliers if their is a fault with the mobile and the supplier (e.g nokia) refuse to do anything about it then there is nothing that they can do!!!
Justine.. 19 November 2002
Do you work for KJC by any chance, Justine??
Mushy Pea, Birmingham...9 December 2002
In response to Justine, 19th November, 2002.. I have never heard such nonsense! If you sell a product, you contract with the purchaser to supply an item, FIT FOR THE PURPOSE INTENDED, and if it does not work, YOU are responsible. Whether Nokia agree to pay or repair is totally irrelevant - KJC sell, KJC contract to supply an item, therefore, when item faulty - KJC responsible for replacing with item FIT FOR PURPOSE.
Sacha... 4 January 2003
To be fair to KJC, most mobile phone retailers have to abide to the same policy. Remember, KJC is the SELLER, not the manufacturer. Comet, for example, would not be responsible for swapping your Dyson vacuum cleaner if it went faulty - it would by Dyson.

I DO work for KJC, and historically we stop selling a product if it becomes well known for it's faults, the last of which was the 8210.

Little tip for all Nokia mobile phone owners: when you buy a Nokia phone, there will always be an invitation in the box to join Club Nokia - make sure you do, as it entitles you to visit any of their natiowide accreditted repair centres for an even speedier service. KJC does provide warranties, but please remember we are sales staff and not engineers, and so can't repair a phone instore like a Nokia repair centre can. For your nearest one, call 01480 434343. Hope this helps! Steve..6 February 2003

I would never ever agree that KJC is is good mobile company. I am going to make a complaint about their shop assistants. Because I experienced something like being cheated for the deposit recently.
Vivian ... 6 February 2003
Just like to correct some legal stuff. Once the phone is out of 14 days (for return) and 28 days (for exchange)the responsibility returns to the manufacturer. Do you really expect Currys to swap a Sony tv after 6 months??! The mobile industry offers good grace as the legal requirement is only 7 days. Perhaps the owner should have taken out insurance. The 8310 is worth £300! And no, I don't work for KJC. Neil... 14 February 2003
It seems to me that both Nokia and KJC need to have customer care courses for their staff
, it is not that the customer is right all the time but more likely that treating a customer not just politely but fairly will build the companies reputation far better than having complaints on the internet that are easier to find than their home sites. I believe that KJC should have investigated the complaint and gone to Nokia themselves with the problem, how many Nokia phones do KJC move, surely they must have some pull with the company. It is a shame that customers have to go else where to finally get treated the way they should have in the first place. Come on KJC how about treating your customers fairly and showing Nokia how it should be done.
Brian Mills.....21 February 2003
Hi my Nokia 5210 has been working great for a few months
and over the last 3-4 weeks my signal has been dropping and the time is cutting off and while in the middle of a conversation it just cuts me off completley, other times when i turn it on its saying sim card not in use.
Michelle Gray..20 February 2003
My Pop decided he wanted an upgrade so off he trundled back to KJC
upon his return I looked at his agreement low and behold they charged him an extra month to pay on an agreement that was well over a yr old and changed his number...spoke to singlepoint to see if this was common practice and they said this was out of order as they receive a much higher commission as if he were a new customer I rang them and pointed this out funny they slammed the phone down a right Mike Wilkins... 22 April 2003
I purchased my nokia 5100 at KJC trowbridge(the Shires branch) mid april 2003. I paid a £50 deposit on the handset on a vodafone contract,2 weeks into the contract I realized that the "answer" button was not functioning properly,the mobile would ring and I could not answer it sometimes.The button in the cover was not making contact with the actual phone.Extremely frustrating!

I went back to mark,i think his name is,at the branch and told him that it wasnt the handset that was faulty just the cover and he tested it and agreed with me.I was told that a new replacement cover would be ordered for me and i left my number for them to call me so I could collect it,i have subsequently been in 3 times in the last 2 months and not once has anybody even tried to make contact with me to let know whats going on,they told me that they are still waiting for the covers.They sell the covers on the net!!!yet i still sit with a faulty cover,please advise me of what to do next???kind regards bevan.
Bevan Killian .. 21 June 2003
I purchased a contract phone because my boyfriend was already a customer and he could get £25 in his bank account by filling out a voucher which the store then sent off, it did not work the first time so he did another one and sent it off, I phoned the number on the voucher and they said it would be in his account friday well surprise surprise he never got the money.

Now when I phone I am told that KJC have been taken over and they do not know anything about the offer.

Not only that but their insurance took it upon themselves to take £4.99 out of my account, upon speaking to them I have to cancel the insurance if I dont want it even thougth I told them when I bought the phone I did not want it, very dodgy. Jemma Berry ... 30 July 2003
Not so much as a complaint but an observation about the 8310 my other half had exactly the same problem of the signal dropping and the phone cutting out, he was told that it was a specific design fault with the phone and that the company were aware of it. Now my phone (motorola t191) has finally packed up after it being sent back to motorola 3 times and also 3 new ones from argos (all within two years)

Argos was not helpful at all especially as the first time round they changed the phone & gave me back my original sim card, all very well and good I thought because I wouldnt have to worry about a new number etc, HOWEVER when my phone died for a second time I sent took it back to Argos who flatly refused to do anything as the sim card didnt match up with the phone, even though I told them that it was a member of their staff who had changed the set and not the sim (are you following this?) so after a threat of the cib and consumer rights people they grudgingly handed me a new handset, which lasted 5 months and then had the same problem (it wouldnt charge) now my phone is only on when im out and about etc so I wasnt using that much credit, however another trip to argos proved unsuccessful and i went straight to motorola who were very helpful and patient.

Now after 3 attempts with them, I am finally giving up on my loyal little phone, and changing for something more reliable (if there is a phone that is) I was thinking about going to kjc as my other half has had no problems and a first class service ill let you know how it goes... Hannah D ... 7 August 2003
I purchased an a 460 samsug cellur phone in late feb 2003. Two weeks ago I woke up in the morning and the phone's screen read test mode . The phone no longer worked with call attempts but was still functioning.

I called samsung customer service line and was assured my phone was still working and only needed software adjustments. Now 2 weeks later I am being told there is water damage and I must pay three quaters of the value of the phone in repairs. I never swam, bathed with the phone, nor was any liquid in contact with the phone. I ask now if none of the above has taken place how dose this occur ? The answer I recived was rain . Now if calling a cb in the rain destroys a $300 + cellular phone is this product not garbage ?

The 'friendly' customer service rep than tells that using the phone in the rain is common sense . Well samsung the common sense I have tells me you ripped me off and care little about your consumer. I was accused of being a liar , being stupid , and was refused any information on how I could contact someone whom was of higher position . I have spent over $1000 on samsung products in my lifetime and more than regretful for surredering my patrinism . I am extremley disapointed and phoneless now thank you 'freindly' people at samsug.
Michael s w Thomas - Toronto... 9 August 2003
Went to 'KJC' to upgrade my phone for a Samsung A800, their asking price was over £200 pounds, when I asked him what his best offer was he said he could do it for £160, however, literally over the road was 'The Link' where I bought the exact same phone for £130 why the huge price difference?
Hannah D ... 13 August 2003
i feel as though im being messed about. im on my second year with my phone on contract,this phone i have at the moment is a samsung t100 i had it for 9 months when the screen started flickering and i couldn't use it.i sent it away to hayes technology centre 4 times in the last 3 months, every time i got it back within a couple of hours it was doing the same thing again.hayes told me it would have to be referred to samsung,whom i got in touch with last month but they have not called me back,i have rang them 5 times and im getting nowhere, they keep passing the buck,im am still paying them contract fees due to a friend lending me theyre phone.i would be very grateful if you could help. this is my ref no that i have had all year 81003XXXXX.
Kelly Ferguson .. 16 December 2003
my complaint is my husband and I gave our daughter money on her 18th birthday to buy a phone. she purchased asagem flip phone. the phone was faulty so she took it back to the vodaphone shop. they have now exchanged the phone 3 times since buying it at the end of august they have now told my daughter she can change it for a phone of the same amount they have only one phone in the shop for this price and it is a nokia but she does not want this phone and asked for a cheaper phone she did like but they said no and they will not give a cash refundon the extra amount of 30 please tell us where we stand
Jackie Shreenan ... 30 December 2003

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