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Although it is obvious from reading all the correspondance on this matter, that the company clearly have some issues to address in regards to their level of service, I find it only fair to say that I have used the Kilt Hire Company many times and they have always been excellent. We used the company for my brothers wedding party to get kitted out and there was absolutely no problems what-so-ever.

It is sad to see that Mr and Mrs Hankin had a terrible experience, causing stress and upset around what should be a exceptional occasion. It appears that there were mistakes made on both sides, however there should have been more concern shown by the Kilt Hire Co in my opinion.

Driving a van to St Andrews to rectify a mistake made by the company is hardly exceeding expectations. I don't think you should be seeking too much praise for that gesture, when a few other small attentions to detail could have prevented this situation. Andrew James ... 24 September 2003
I found it very interesting to read the comments made on the kilt Hire Co. It sounds like Mrs. Hankin had bit of a nightmare with her,and her party's, arrangements.

However, as a valued, returning customer of the Kilt Hire Co. I had to double check that it was, indeed, the same hire company. I have found, time and again, the service provided by the kilt Hire Co. to be efficient, accurate and of exemplar standards.

It is, indeed, a shame that things were far from perfect for Mrs. Hankin, however, I can only say what a great job they do and how Mrs. Hankin's experience must have been a one-off! Kilt Hire boys (and girls), keep up the good work!
James Wilson ... 27 November 2003


I think the company involved had plenty of time to respond to the customers letter. To say that they didnt have enough time when four weeks has passed is a bit of a joke. Lisa-Marie...14 November 2002
Your wedding is the most important day of your life and takes a lot of preparation and these people seem to disregard that fact. If you live by the golden rule of retail the customer is always right you would not have this problem. Emma Hanlin... 14 November 2002

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