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I have ordered many times from Ideal World and have NEVER had a problem. Mistakes are bound to happen occassionally, it is after all a human failing, we all make the occassional slip. I have always been pleased with the quality of the goods and the speed of delivery. Well done Ideal World.
Sheena McCulloch...3 January 2003
I placed an order for the wine making kit which was a pick of the day
- presenter stated once made it would be ready for xmas - not this batch the product arrived broken as stated in other e - mails. I rang and rang the customer services line each time holding for over 15 mins when finally being able to speak to a customer service rep they were very rude and could or would not deal with arranging a replacement after many calls. I finally got someone to order me a replacement this item arrived 3 months after i had placed the initial call to say the item was defective- i must have spent the same amount in money as the item trying to chase up customer services
sj collins...5 February 2003
Ideal world shopping channel on sky are tha WORST company I have EVER had to deal with
and I cannot believe such a RUDE, IGNORANT, company have the right to advertise on sky. I have been having a nightmare with the company since Febuary the 14th. they have STILL not refunded my money correctly even though they have had the product back, and will not contact me about this even though I must have sent about 50 Emails to them regarding this-UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Tracy Kortlang...17 April 2003
I was absolutely horrified when I witnessed "Whatters" selling ammolite jewellery (a Canadian Product) inset with IVORY ! I
should have thought that there was enough suffering in this world without shopping channels selling goods made from the suffering of elephants and other animals and who knows what else. I complained by email but never got a satisfactory response. A lot of their jewellery is sourced in Mexico where the people are paid next to nothing for their labours (I know as I visit regularly). No wonder the jewellery is so cheap as the labour used to produce it is also cheap !!
Karry Gardner (Mrs)...25 May 2003
I have ordered several items from Ideal world and although there was a problem with a few deliveries they sorted them out.
QVC on the other hand I found to be rude, unavailable to contact and delivery service apalling. I answered the door one morning to find that a parcel was left in the hall and I was home and doorbell not rung. When I queried this he told me that they just leave the parcels otherwise they don't get paid for the delivery! I was horrified. They finally said they would investigate the missing deliveries - just left outside the building apparently!!! and told me it was tough! By this time, a year had passed and I couldn't even claim from my credit card which I think was QVCs plan. I an several £1000 out of pocket from dealing with QVC. I would not recommend them to anyone. Anne Kerlin ... 6 June 2003
My complaint is all so similar - the length of time taken to receive goods.
But now an even BIGGER problem is the fact that all calls are now answered in INDIA - IDEAL WORLD should clear off and try and sell their goods there - as obviously all those staff in Peterborough will be out of jobs - a rotten shame for this country, something should be done - I shall certainly not be buying anything more from them - they have lost a good customer - hope all of you will follow suit. Jane Walton .. 25 June 2003
Thanks for this info on ideal world found in error trying to pick up their web site
to trace an order i have not rec'd.What is their official website address as the one they gave me on the phone will not come up which is making me suspicious i am waiting on an expensive order my nerves now jittering will i ever see it!! Needless to say my bank a/c has been debited. If anyone can help i would be very grateful. Just as a note of interest ideal world has recently launched a sister channel 24 hrs tv called create and craft.THANKS IN ADVANCE judi
Judi Barnsdale ... 3 July 2003
I had never heard of Ideal World or Ideal TV before now
and DEFINATELY never bought anything from them or any dealings with them. I first heard of them when my credit card statement showed up with a mysterious £1000 payed to Ideal World!!! I am stil trying to sort the mess out. Mmdidcote .... 23 July 2003
In response to Anne Kerlin who praised Ideal World and trashed QVC
I can only assusumed that she has a stake in Ideal World! I to have had bad servis and quality from them, and i can't now find the website that i have registered on to see if they really have refunded an item,also i have never recieved a returns label just blank,they said to just peel that and write in the address! some channel,QVC anyday. Carol Trenbath .. 7 August 2003
I ordered over £100 worth of craft items.
Were told they would be delivered in 14 days and the first few were delivered 5 weeks later - the money was taken out of my account when I placed the order, after phoning 5 times I eventually received 2 more items - now 8 weeks after my order. 2 Items were still missing and I was told they must have been lost in the post, after phoning 3 more times I was told that 1 of the items was lost and it is now out of stock so they will refund me and I received the other - now, nearly 3 months later - i still haven't had all my items or my money refunded from 1 returned item and the 'lost' item.

if I lost so many things in the post - I would be concerned. Customer services are terrible - very rude and not helpful at all. The service all around is absolutely awful and I will never buy from them again. They don't even have the courtesy to respond to letters or let you know of any delays all they want is your money and forget the rest ! How they can still be in business I don't know
Donna Williams ... 17 August 2003
I recieved a diamond pendant, which looked like it had come straight out of a Lucky Bag.
I returned it immediately, along with a strongly worded letter. 4 weeks later I recieved a refund, but only after numerous (non-free) telephone calls and e-mails. Never have I spoken to a bigger bunch of under-motivated and lazy people as their Customer Services personel. I will NEVER use them again, and would advise all others to stay well clear of them.
Gary Hodgson ... 16 November 2003


On 28th june this year i ordered a ring from ideal world shopping channel on sky. The money for this item was deducted from my debit card 2nd july, 4 weeks later the item had not arrived. So i phoned the customer helpline which took all day to get through, and was told the item had been sent out 13th july i should have recv'd it by 20th july and they would be in touch with me next week. No one got in touch so i had to take all day trying to get through to customer services again, told looking into it, was sent a form to fill in claiming i hadnt recv'd item and if i did i would send it back. Said money would be refunded in 10 days, it wasnt so had to phone again numerous times got through was put on hold for 15mins then cut off.

I was furious by this time and phoned orderline which i got through to straight away and put in a complaint, then someone did phone me back said had no record of my calls and no letter that they had sent me and i had sent back, this was 15th august and it is now 27th august and i still have not had my money refunded yet i just do not know what to do now. I cant afford to keep phoning them. i will never view their channel again and they have now lost my custom. Hazel Cairns...27 August 2002
Thought you might like to know that I received another telephone call today, 28 August, informing me that my order was despatched yesterday! So... the customer complaints rep who phoned me on Saturday last, 24 August was lying!.

Hazel, if you read this, try faxing them - fax no 08700 700 803. The call I had today was in response to a fax. You could also complain to your local Trading Standards Department - telephone number in the directory.
regards Graham...28 August 2002
E-mails to the company don't seem to get through either! My bank account has been debited twice for the same order (received OK), but so far all attempts to contact customer services by e-mail or 'phone have failed. I'll try faxing next. D Drummond....29 August 2002
Another update!
6 September today and it has still not arrived. I have faxed and emailed Ideal World and await a reply. The Independent Television Commission have told me that in the absence of "widespread failures" they have no grounds to investigate my complaint. Graham Price...6 September 2002
Please send my refund of £14.99
for order No. or2178565 or I may have call on a solicitor... R Grindle....29 August 2002
Bought goods from ideal world
they were defective sent back as directed with cert of postage. They first said lost in their system then denied getting it. Ii was told to claim off royal mail who only refunded a small percent of the cost of goods. Emails and letters to idealworld are never answered, customer services are of no help at all and refuse to forward call to a senior member of the management team. I will never buy from this place again, buyer beware.
J.Holgate...31 August 2002

I know exactly how these people feel. I ordered an item from Ideal World and it took 4 weeks to arrive! Another 2 craft items I ordered from Ideal world took 5 weeks.

I really do not understand what takes them so long for delivery, and the way the goods are packaged as well is terrible!. Like Graham I regularly shop with QVC, the longest and item has taken to arrive was 7 days and the quickest was 2 days.Ideal world really need to sort themselves out!
Pam...31 August 2002
On the 11th July I ordered a laminator and shredder.
Ideal World took my money out on the 16th July. I have phoned them on the customer help line (not realising that it was charged at national rate) many times with the same result as all are lines are busy. i finally got through and they told me they would send out a non receipt form. that did not arrive so i had to ring again. finally received the form on the 20th of August sent back the same day and faxed. i have still not received the goods or a refund or a reply. I will not be ordering from them again.
Pauline Ellis...2 September 2002
Around three weeks ago, I ordered an audio tape from Ideal Shopping Direct
by phone. The sales girl took my debit card details then at the end of the call advised that postage and packing would be £3.99. I felt this was excessive and made it totally totally clear that I did not want to proceed and that the order was cancelled. The sales girl accepted this.

A few weeks later, the audio tape arrived in the post. I checked with my bank and discovered that Ideal Shopping and gone ahead and taken money out of my account. I immediately called the company and was repeatedly told I would receive a call back. I never did. I was eventually given a freepost address to return the tape. I have now retunred the tape. I have today been told that it will take up to 14 days to credit my account back. Darren, Bedford...7 October 2002
For a start 0870 isnt a normal prefix for a telephone number.
It would send alarm bells to most people who would then ASK. It looks nothing like a freefone. As for all the complaints, you obviously seen something you wanted to purchase on Ideal World that you couldnt get on QVC and you shouldnt expect the same standards as QVC has a long history and a bigger everything - call centre, warehouse and FREEFONE number... I havent shopped with Ideal World but I do my homework and research a product to find it cheaper elsewhere and you usually can. MagniTwit... 9 October 2002
I know all about Ideal World - probably more so than any of you
, as I have ordered a lot from them. I can hereby confirm that they have degenerated into a complete shambles. There is no customer services standard at all and when you do complain to someone "in authority", they are no better equiped to help you. My list of compalints and the disgraceful way I was treated would take far too long to go into here, suffice to say that they won't survive for much longer if they don't sort themselves out and bring themselves into the 21st century.
Neil Matthews... 10 October 2002
Personaly I think Ideal World does sell some good priced items
although some are the exact opposite, some good, some bad.
Bob... 27 October 2002
I worked for Idealworld as a camera op
and knowing how the company is run, well lets just say that they treat the customers with the same respect as the staff, stick with QVC they know what their doing!!!!!!!!
Rob Kid...28 October 2002
I sympathise with you all. I had a very similar situation.
Ordered an item on 3/8. Money debited 6/8. Still no delivery 30/8. I too spent hours trying to get through to customer services and eventually phoned the order line. I was told that there was no problem with the order and that I should have received it within 14 days. I was promised someone would call me back the next day, but guess what? No-one called.

Phoned order line again a week later and was told to email my complaint. Order finally arrived 23/9. Nearly 2 months!! I was really angry. Before the parcel arrived I had even called my credit card company to see if they could retreive my money and was in the process of completing forms. I was so angry I was ready to call Steve live on air for a "chat". I was determined not to be rude but to definately embarass him.

All that rubbish he spouts about putting the customers first. I wish he would read this little lot! If anyone else has a problem I would recommend that this is an alternative course of action. I bet things would be sorted out alot faster!

P.S. One thing I did discover is that there are only five lines open to Customer Service and no hold system which is why you get cut off. The order line has over one hundred lines AND a holding system. Now tell me where Ideal Worlds priorities lie. Jo...29 October 2002
This is the second time i have had to put a complaint
into this so called shopping channel once this complaint is settled they will get no more business from me.
this firm are slowly putting themselves out of business, and the sooner the better. Mrs Hendry... 1 November 2002
I placed an order for an item on the 21st of October. It is now the 6th of November and I still haven't recieved my product.

The product I ordered was a peel therapy and wic treatment (item no. 210 644, Price £44.90). I have tried the 08700 number 7 times in the last week, but no avail.

Everytime I phone I am told they don't know whats going on and they would try to find out. This is just a stalling tactic as I haven't recieved one phonecall back telling me whats going on.

This e-mail is my last resort. I want to know - Where is my product and why won't someone tell me the real reason why it hasn't arrived yet? I have waited more than the 7-10 working days thing. Naseem Akhtar... 6 November 2002
Ideal World?
I purchased a product, which was delivered faulty. It took them 10 days to collect it, and three weeks later I have no replacement or refund. Customer services, when I can eventually get through, are worse than useless. Trading Standards are shortly being contacted.
William Preston...4 December 2002
On 16 November I placed an order to the value of £42.15 and the money was removed from my account on 19 November but now on 12 December these goods have not arrived.

Despite repeated telephone calls and promises that customer services would phone back, I have had no communication or explanation from your company. I requested on phone to have my money returned but still no reply. I have always shopped with QVC and had no problems. In view of complaints with similar problems, I feel the police should be informed as you appear to be taking money under false pretences. Mary B. Galbraith...11 December 2002
Having been a satisfied customer of QVC for a number of years I am appalled at the lack of customer service I have encountered from IDEAL WORLD TV.

I placed an order on 23/11/2002 and to date have received nothing. I have placed hundreds of call to their Customer Service line only to be answered by a pre recorded message telling me to ring back later. Yes I know I am paying for each and every one of these calls.

I have phoned their order line and have been answered immediately but they refuse to help other than to advise me to continue to call the Customer Service line or email. My emails have gone unanswered also.

I am at a loss as to know where to go from here.
Has anyone got any suggestions? Eileen M Lynch ....16 December 2002