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I signed up with iShareit to be able to download movies and music. Before I signed up they did not tell me about all the different software I would have to download.

I clicked the box for a lifetime membershig and signed up for the service on Dec 29 and have since then tried to download movies. Up to this time I have not been able to download one single full movie.

I have emailed the support center and keep getting told I have to download more software and connect to more links. NONE of this was explained before I signed up. I have contacted them again asking to cancel my service and get a refund.

I was told that I had signed up for a one time service (they did not say how long the service was for). I was also told that I could keep the software I had downloaded and use their service until my "one time" contract ran out.
In my opinion I have wasted my time and my money trying to use their site.
I have contacted them again asking to cancel and give me a refund. They ignore me.

In my opinion I have been ripped off and they do not care. They got my money and that is all they seem to care about. Craig Hubbard ... 3 January 2004
On 27 Nov 2002 I placed an order for 3 items. Only one has ever been received , and despite emails and phone calls (the line is always busy), I can't get the rest of the order. I have been charged for the items. I don't know what to do about the order, which I still want, except take the company to the small claims court. I've received numerous other orders with no problem.
Ms Jacqui Veazey ... 11 April 2003
I too have had trouble with Ideal World.
They debited my credit card for nearly £175 with apparently no prospect of despatching any goods. I tried Emailing but got no reply. Phoning was a joke in early December - my phone bill showed over £8 in futile calls where a recorded message told me to call again.

It is always possible to get through to their order line which appears to be open all the time - in contrast to their customer services which is only open Monday to Friday - difficult when you go to work. When I eventually got into a queue I had to wait 25 minutes (don't know how much this one cost)only to be told the goods had not been despatched but he could not tell me why.

I cancelled the order and wrote a letter of complaint to which I got no reply. This was the mid December 2003. I have not and will not order from them again.
One thing though - credit where due - they did refund my money without any trouble. Pamela Young..16 April 2003
Bob French is himself factually incorrect
. In stock does not mean in stock and the ITC say as much. No-one least of all the ITC can provide a clear defnition. If you do not believe me look at Bid Up TV who have regularly failed to deliver items because they didn't have the stock. They only receive samples in advance and then wait for the supplier to deliver the stock. On several ocassions when the stock finally arrived it failed "quality control" and was never sent out. Other times the stock had not arrived.

I think Bob is perhaps thinking of the old rules before there were many shopping channles. After all a holiday company cannot physically have a holiday in stock and the same goes for plants etc so the rules were changed and are now much more vague. Not that anyone can explain them properly anyway. David Thorne ... 9 July 2003
I am sending back the miracle Zushi sun top.
I bought and beleived what Steve Whately had to say. When on holiday it didn't enhance my tan but stopped what little tan I receive. I was very disappointed as I was looking forward to coming home from Tunisia (45 degrees) with a much deeper tan than usual but came home with a lighter one. I only got that from stopping Zusshi and reverting to just suncream. Josie Burford ... 29 July 2003
Steve sits pontificating about how wonderful Ideal World is
- he tries to look sincere but ............. Steve people believe in you. Do you not feel guilty???? Try please try to get in touch with customer care line !!!!!!!!!!!! impossible. You have to go to number for buying items and refuse to be put off by telephonists.
A Carrick ... 5 August 2003
Sorry Mr French but you are very wrong about selling goods that are not in stock.
Last year I ordered a body pillow and did not receive it for several months. I was told twice by customer services that the manufacturers machinery had broken down which implies that the goods had not even been made before being sold! Vida Turk ... 12 August 2003
I hate to say it but last year I placed an order for a fibre optic snowman
, I thought it to be a good buy and weeks later saw it £5 cheaper in a local store. Briefly I returned it as it was faulty, it took 16 weeks and several letters to get my money refunded. Needless to say I was not impressed. For all my trouble after 16 weeks they refunded my money and added £5 for postage.
Denise Martin ... 23 August 2003
Not at all surprised.
I have heard of many such complaints about this company. They also use bully boy tactics and threats (alledgedly)to stop customers taking things further. Unfortunately you are unlikely to receive a reply from this co - the haven't yet replied to the request for an apology after a ruling from ITC elizabeth mcgillivray ... 16 March 2002
How can you say that this is a "brilliant" write up?
Clearly Peter Holmes is not happy unless he is unhappy. His initial comment is incorrect, how can he say Ideal World give the punter "a very rough ride?" They may have given him a rough ride (in his opinion) but can he really comment for everyone? I would suggest not.

Furthermore his assertion in paragraph 3 is factually incorrect, the ITC strictly forbid orders being taken for goods that are not actually in stock. The rules are very clear on this, Ideal World would, yes really would, lose their right to trade if this were proven to be the case. Come on Peter, stop pretending that an idea you may have is really the truth.

The rest of his complaint, far from being "brilliant" is tedious and filled with errors. Finally I must comment on paragraph 9, which leads me back to my opening statement, he is not happy unless he is unhappy. Why keep ordering Peter? If you do not like them, you think their service is poor, their products "cheaply made" and "badly finished" then simply stop buying things from them. Nobody is forcing you to buy from Ideal World.
Bob French ... 18 March 2002
Considering the number of complaints the ITC
has upheld against Ideal World for misleading advertising, Peter is not alone in his experiences.
gogglebox ... 21 March 2002
Does Bob French work for Ideal World
or perhaps he's a shareholder!
Graham Price ... 29 August 2002
I have had a lot of goods from both QVC and Ideal World and I have to say have been very happy with the service -
I have had to return very few things but when I have I have received a prompt refund. I am very surprised at the letters of complaint. As a disabled person I rely on home shopping a lot and have nothing more to add other than to comment very favourably on the service of Ideal World.
Sally West, Plymouth ... 28 October 2002
After waiting far longer than the promised delivery time, I contacted Ideal World and was given the courier name and consignment no.
As this item was a present....I collected the item myself at considerable inconvinience,time and cost(mileage worth more than the cost of item involved).I rang "customer services",after many,many attempts was given the "tough luck" treatment.I then e mailed the co.,all to no avail,not even an apology.The final result-Never again will I deal with these people again.It's just not worth the hassle!
Jane Haste, Birmingham ...15 December 2002