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Our whole weeks holiday was crap. The appartments were dirty, bed was broken, no cutlery and we could NEVER find our rep! AND they told us the wrong flight time so we MISSED OUR FLIGHTS. For 25 hours we were stuck in a hotel lobbie. Never offered a room, or free drinks. We were MADE TO PAY FOR WATER!!!! It took us a total of 36HOURS to get home. No apologies from Golden Sun, they blamed the airline which we later found out was a lie!!!!! The customer services are S**T. And now they are refusing to pay any compensation.

My advice if you are complaining, dont phone customer services. Get the name and number of a director and phone them constantly. Ellen Pawlowicz ... 5 January 2004
We are stopping at the gabrielle apts in crete in june 04 .
does anyone know anything about them.most grateful of any info. have 6 yrs exp in travel so have seen good and bad
Richard Southall ... 19 January 2004 []

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JUNE 2004

I have to say that we stayed at the Star appts St George Corfu and had a fantastic time!!!! No complaint at all Costas is fab!!! Really laid back and a lovely family to boot.
Rebecca Wilkinson ... 8 June 2004
Can anyone give me any info on bella vista apartments stalis,
are they very far out as it says a 30min wlk uphill. i have a 13 year old so willresort be any good for a child that age? thanks
Lorna .. 15 June 2004

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My husband and I travelled to cyprus with golden sun we were told we would be travelling from east midlands airport to paphos. The tickets arrived and they were correct but a day before were to leave we had another set of tickets which said we were travelling to larnaca and being transferred to paphos. Larnaca is 2 hours from paphos. We also found out later east midlands only depart to larnaca . we were not impressed but as of yet we have had no reply and i don't really expect one. But our hoilday was great. davinder johal....8 January 2003
When we went to akti beach i pahos we thought the place was clean and tidy apart from a dirt track to the main road that needs sorting out Hayley Hughes...27 January 2003
I couldn't believe it when i read these complaints about Golden Sun Tour Holiday's, they practically mirrored my experience last year.The reps were ignorant, stupid and almost laughed in your face at the problems.Our shower broke,almost floodin the apartment which it took them 3days to come and fix.Their total lack of consideration ruined our holiday and i would advise all ppl never to go to kavos or book with Golden Sun. Suzy... 26 February 2003
We have recently returned back from Protarus (7th March). We had a good holiday. However, we booked to go onto three trips and one of the trips - limmasol - we were overcharged. There were four couples, one couple was charged six cyprus pounds and ourselves and another couple were charged nine pounds. We were also all of us given different times to meet the bus.

We contacted our holiday rep. who said that we had to fill out a form as she could not reimburse us, she said she would see us at the airport. Well no rep. escorted the bus back to Larnaca for our journey back and M was nowhere to be seen. I find this highly unacceptable. At the welcome meeting she talked so fast and gave so much hurried information it was difficult to take in. We never saw her at the hotel, she never contacted us to see how we were getting on or if we had any problems. As a rep. and an ambassador for your company I found her abysmal. We have found on some of the holidays we have been on that the reps are out to make extra cash for themselves. When people have paid out hard earned cash to be taken for a ride is beneath contempt. Thanking you in anticipation. Linda Treadwell (Mrs)... 9 March 2003
Well I don't know what to say - I must be too easy going!! We travelled to Kato Stalos just outside Chania(Crete) with GS and had a thoroughly marvellous time.Our last minute booking proved to be an excellent choice. Our apartment surprisingly was two storey although the spiral staircase was a bit dodgy and required large amounts of Retsina to tackle, we cannot fault our rep or the delightful hotel owner Stelios and Louis the dog.Perhaps it because once we get where we are going we just do our own thing rather than follow the herds........although we did go on one excursion it was well organised and we had no problems whatsoever.Just wish we'd had tweo weeks instead of one! Lindsay Allman...10 April 2003

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I am worried about the fact our apartments do not get a mention on maps reviews anywhere !! they are the lliada studios anyone been please going june 2003. Brian Beaty.. 18 May 2003
My friend and I have booked a holiday through Golden Sun and we're staying at the Gabrielle Apartments in Hersonissos. Can anyone please tell me what they are like and whether we would be better to cancel with Golden Sun and go with another tour operator?? This is from reading the bad write ups!!! Jo-Anne Dacre ... 12 May 2003
My wife and I have booked an holiday to paphos cyprus accomadation Akti beach appartments can any one give use any tips or hints on the accomadation and surrounding areas Roy Prince ... 31 May 2003
I booked a holiday with Golden Sun and never again
will i book another holiday with them.
We arrived at the apartment on 2nd June 2003 only to find, there was a replusive odour coming from the bath room, the kitchen was ant infested, the bed linen was damp and dirty. The cupboard we were given as an excuse for storage had a distinct smell of mould. We tried to locate a rep to complain, could not find one. After three days we decided enough was enough and booked a flight home. I can honestly say I have never enountered such an incompetent company. Amanda Owens... 12 June 2003

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JULY 2003

My husband and I booked with golden sun last month, may 2003.we booked the holiday to sidari, corfu. we have to be very carefull with the flight times as we have a disabled son who goes int respite to give us a much neede holiday. the flights we booked were day flights both ways, two weeks before we were due to fly they changed the return flights by 11 hrs, this meant we wouldnt be landing at newcastle airport until 10 o clock at night instead of 11 o clock in the morning. we complained to golden sun, ......
Having recently returned from Corfu with this company we found our apartments dirty,
the fridge leaked, the table was missing and the Reps did nothing at all. We were overcharged for excursions compared to other customers, we were given the wrong times for bus departures and to cap it all of when I approached our Rep with the problems I was told not to have attitude with her! I Thistlethwaite .. 2 July 2003
Golden Sun are a complete Joke. Never again would i use them!
We booked 2 weeks in Zante, the day we got there i was told we did not have a rep and the office was 1 hour walk away. Every time we went to office there was no rep to be seen. after 8 times going to the office i left a note for them to contact me at the studio i was staying at, 3 days later i had a rude note left stating "why come to the office you have a rep that comes every day" err they were never to be seen. The studio's we stayed in were called Marriannas. The cleaner decided to clean our clothes which at that stage we thought great, but when we got back later that day she had cleaned then in bleach. this was 4 days in from 2 weeks. it took over a week to get hold of the rep by notes and the day before we left we was told we had to go the police to report it and was told that would take a whole day!! there was also mice in the studio's which of course the Rep ignored it. The overall rate i give Golden Sun is -1 out of 100 there were a complete joke. Also there was 10 rooms where we staying, every single person at the end of there stay left notes for the reps to say how bad golden sun is and they all said were gonna complain as soon as they got back to the uk..! If you want a good holiday DONT book with Golden Sun. Sara Bannon .. 8 July 2003
I stayed with goldensun at penelope apartments in stalis, crete
. I booked this as a family holiday much to my despair i found the traffic noise outside deafening.i have three young children who could not get to sleep to make matters worse the barman come receptionist plays music even louder till 3am gone i complained to him the next morning and he said he would ask if we could be moved he then said no i complained to goldensun and they said the same the hotel is run also by a daft irishman called mike who promises to help but also does nothing. Families beware do not stay here they also let large groups of lads and girls stay there totally unsuitable for familys do not get misled or like us you wont sleep for two weeks. Gary Smith .... 8 July 2003
Me and my best firend have just come back form corfu, sidari - we booked it through goldensun.
I must say that we stayed at the KOUSAROS STUDIOS the accomodation was fantastic, clean, plesant local people. it was fantasic only our rep "CRAIG" presented the welcome meeting clearly stressing that he is around the stdios for us almost every day appat from sundays. WELL we saw him that day and only that day, every felt that his services were disgusting, he was never around/when he was he had no interest what so ever. we got more help/advice off the stuio bar staff/entertainment rep. craig was usless. Being our first holiday abroard we needed him a few times but he was never there!!!!!
Rhian adger .... 9 July 2003
Nothing seems to have changed with Golden Sun.
We booked one of their terrible holidays in approximately 1998 and we found the reps to be totally useless. Our apartment outside Faliraki was broken into on the first night of our holiday. We lost everything, passports, money, travellers cheques, clothing and camera equipment. There were no safety deposit boxes on site, no reception and no staff. We found that the Greek taxi drivers and police were extremely helpful but as for Golden Sun employees all they were interested in was taking money for excursions and chatting up the local Greek men.

Even though we had very little money until we sorted out our travellers cheque insurance, the rep did not offer to take us to the police station or to the British Consulate in Rhodes Town. Although she had a car outside the travel office. We asked to be moved into safer and better accommodation but this was refused. We did not see her again for the rest of the terrible holiday. All I can say if anyone has a complaint about Golden Sun get legal advice immediately. They have to answer a Solicitors letter. We did this, it still took us several months and the threat of court action but we did receive some (if not adequate compensation. For any future travellers I strongly advise them to avoid Golden Sun. They have sub-standard accommodation and their prices are no cheaper than many major tour operators. P.Saunders ... 10 July 2003
Having spent a week with golden sun in ayia napa, i am appalled at the advise and treatment offered by your companys representatives in the Anthea apartments.
Attending the welsome meeting was supposed to limit the risks i would expose myself to whilst on holiday, however under the recomendation of your travel representative Michelle, we took a "safe" short cut to the centre.

Unfortunately however, i was attacked by a group of local men who proceeded to tear my closthes off. having informed a Thomsons rep and my concerns met with sympathy, i was disturbed greatly when my own rep, simply stated that i had to report it to the police. i am most surprised that in such cases there is no set procedure in recording such incidents. to my further dismay, i witnessed the representative still recomenbding the short cut to new arrivals in their welcome meeting. Having been subjected to such an attack on my second day and the trauma which was in no way eleaviated by your representatives actions, my holiday was completely ruined and i have been left with the mental scars that result from having your underwear torn off. therefore, i request immediate action to be taken to avoid further incidents of such nature and would ask that i receive an apology and some compensation for my distress. Katherine Ramsey ... 14 July 2003
Sorry to dissapoint but i dont have a complaint !!!!!!!!!
i want to say thankyou, we booked with Goldensun through tele text and from ringing them to going on holiday to coming home everything was absolutely fantastic, we went to Keffalonia for a week on the 1st July and had an excellent time, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU Goldensun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Teresa Wilson .... 14 July 2003
Golden Sun Holidays Ltd. are now based at 1-3 Valley Drive, Kingsbury LONDON NW9 9NG and should be contacted at this address rather than Kentish Town as noted on this website.

Golden Sun can only accept written complaints submitted to them directly rather than greivances posted on-line. As per ABTA regulations Golden Sun will acknowledge any complaint submitted to them within 14 days of receipt and respond fully within 28 days.

This is clearly noted to all clients booking with Golden Sun via the information incorporated into their holiday contract and is also highlighted on any Customer Service Report Forms supplied in resort.

... 18 July 2003

MR & Mrs Fletcher ... 18 July 2003
This is not a complaint just a query
I haved just booked a holiday for my daughter, the holiday destination is crete the accomodation is crystal sea apartments I would just like to know if it has a star rating and what bathroom facilitys do thay have as it does not read clearly from the internet.
Rita Pollard .. 15 July 2003
A holiday to remember thats right
i had a flight time to remember too i waited 22hours if not longer for a plane to take me and many other anticipated holiday goers!i will not be flying/booking with you again and i have made sure others will not to i wouldnt wish my worst enemy the wait we all had
Krystal Cole ... 17 July 2003
We booked a late deal with Golden Sun on 31st May 2003 to Lindos in Rhodes (Kyriakos Apts).
Having worked as a Rep for 6 years I wasn't expecting luxury accomodation, and the Apt was ok. But I was a bit put out to find myself acting as interpretor between the maid and the guests who wanted to rent a fan, keep their room on later etc etc. Apparently the Rep for our Accomodation had told all the guests to sort these things out with the maid- only one problem, she didn't speak a word of english!
Now I remember why I gave up Repping- British Holidaymakers would drive you mad!
Interestingly, when I talked to the Golden Sun Reps, they'd been in resort 6 weeks and hadn't been paid. Not a good sign in my experience... Ali Ross... 21 July 2003
Arrived at sidari anna appts booked for five people
. Appartment is obviously only meant for four. they put a bed at the front door and expected my 7 year old daughter to sleep there. my 3 kids had to share 2 single beds. approached the rep and was told she couldnt do anything about it and that was the last we seen of her. Alan Odonnell... 22 July 2003
We have just returned from a holiday to Faliraki we booked with Golden Sun and stayed at the Thomas studio’s which was basic, but no real complaints.

The owners were lovely people and always tried to be helpful. We made the mistake of thinking it would be a good idea to book some trip’s with our golden sun rep. we booked three trips because it was buy three trips for the price of two. We booked a trip by boat to Lindos, a night out at “club bed” foam party and a trip to the big water park. First was the Lindos trip which was meant to but on a luxury boat with a meal. We got there only to find we were on a boat jammed full of people, but we found a nice place to the front of the boat to chill in the sun. We made the most of the trip and in the end it turned out to be a good day, but we never saw the free food, it was a good job we had eaten.

The next trip was the water park. We all got out of bed for 10am and there was no coach to pick us up. We waited and waited but no coach came, we spent most of the day looking for are rep. We finally got hold of him and basically he tried to make out we weren’t there on time, but we had been, in fact we were there 15 minutes early. He finally booked us on the next trip to the water park in two days time.
Next was the night out to club bed, a bit chaotic, but the foam party was the best night out ever, if you go to Faliraki you have to go the foam party.

The next day we got out of bed to go to the water park but you guess it NO coach came! Lucky for us are rep did not trust us and came to see us get on the coach, so he sorted it out and a coach came to get us. The coach driver came close to killing us no less than three times and we was all happy to get off the coach at the water park, but I wish we had never got out of bed because when we get there we was not expected and basically we was asked to pay again. It was the last day of the holiday so we all was a bit short of cash and why should we have to pay twice. A nice woman from another travel company got us a free taxi back.

We never got our trip to the water park because Golden Sun would not reimburse us because they said it was a free trip so we could not complain. It was the last day and there was no time for messing around. Plz plz plz don’t book with golden sun. Stephen Wild ... 22 July 2003
I cant believe i stumbled upon this complaints page looking for a recipe that i fell in love with in Kardemena!
I hated my golden sun experience, mould in the shower, fag burns on sheets, a double booked room! Never again! EVER! Emily ... 5 August 2003

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Anyone stayed at the george (stefanos )studios in svoronata. comments please.
Angie Cunningham ... 2 August 2003
I must say we travelled to corfu in may and stayed at the kousaros in sidari and we thought the place was great and so were the staff,especially Manos behind the bar! Mrs H John ... 8 August 2003
My boyfriend and i have booked with golden sun for our wedding next year in protaras,
cyprus, after reading all of the complaints on this site i am very worried although not too many of them seem to be about Cyprus. We are going to the lliada beach if anyone has been here could they let us know what they thought. Thanks. Chantelle Surbey ... 8 August 2003
No comments yet. We have just booked a last min deal with golden sun. Has anyone stayed at the Acro Belino apartments Anissaras northern crete. Has anyone got any info on this establishment and the area.
A. John Roberts ... 11 August 2003
I have been 3 times with Golden Sun and not had a problem of any real magnitude. For the money its great.Dont expect to pay bottom dollar and get Thompson treatment. Our apartments have always been clean and well furnished. We would go again. Martin Brandom .. 12 August 2003
Please remember that a Travel Firm is only as good as its Representatives and its reputation, and if it was not for the excellent service of your Representative Ms G, then,you would have been facing yet another claim for a ruined holiday.
Click here to read this Golden Sun experience
Mr R D Powell ... 12 August 2003
I'm surprised at peoples complaints, I travelled with GS to Faliraki and stayed at Hotel Atalanti in June 2003 and although the studio was very basic (You get what you pay for), the hotel staff were amazing nd the Golden Sun rep Carrie-Ann was so good that within 2 days of getting home we have booked to stay at Hotel Maran in Faliraki next year. Very good cheap holiday if you're not looking for luxury. Although how much time do you actually spend in your apartment!! Very happy with Golden Sun - don't expect to pay such low prices and get Thomson style holidays.Tatina Paddington ... 16 August 2003
Arrived in Rhodes expecting to be excorted to the 4 star A class Lindos Village hotel on an all Incl basis. Told due to over boooking we were being transfered to a better hotel. Ended up in a 3 star full board German/Italian (15 couples in all plus their children were in the same predicament). The reps didn't care. There was no real explanation, only passing the buck to another comapny that they used. Basically we had to pay a taxi at 10 Euos each way to travel to Lindos village to find entertanimanet, good food and drink all of whcih were missing at the hotel they put us in. We run out of money on the Last 2 days as we didn't take sufficient funds due to all Inclusive booking. we have started proceedings to receive compensation but my expectations are very low!! Lee Deakin ... 19 August 2003
Anyone stayed at the Ekavis suite agia marina crete? comments please. On holiday September 2003

Adrian Hobbs ... 21 August 2003


I went to Lindos Rhodes last Sept. with Golden Sun, Kyriakos Stds. Very bad maid service and owners!Golden Sun also did not change our tickets for us on our return journey after telling us that we had a change of flight and so it was like a scene from "Airport" at Rhodes Airport. After a few letters we gained a 10% discount which we are using shortly with them. Unfortunately friends who are booked with them have just had their 4 week hol. changed from Lindos to Rhodes town with just 2 weeks to go. Just not on! Shirley McLennan ... 9 September 2003
Hi I have just booked a holiday at the Akti Beach Tourist Village - anyone got any photos???
James Hunter ... 9 September 2003
Get in touch with ATOL, ABTA, IATA, Fair Trading Standards, Watchdog and get them to shut down or raise their standards!!!

I can not recommend that anyone travels with Golden Sun. The knowledge of their reps is very poor, they are unhelpful and not professional. We had problems receiving the tickets. Getting through to them is a nightmare. Got a responce aftrer 3 days of calling. On arrival the room could not be found. "It must be 'cause you booked last minute" - we had booked 2 months in advance!

About the accommodation:
Nino's on the Beach, Roda, Corfu
The accommodation and standards of the whole establishment were appalling.
They have 1 cleaning lady for the whole complex. We had mouse droppings in the appartment (old complex at the back), dripping taps that never got fixed, filthy fridge (food leftovers) and dirty linens.
On the last day we paid Euro 20,- for a later check-out. We were put into a room in the new complex. Nicer rooms, but...the beds had not been made, pubic hairs in the shower, dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and the toilet hadn't even been flushed. Don't bother complaining to management. Nino's himself will just walk away and tell you that he doesn't have time for this. His english suddenly becomes very poor when you point out that the is a difference between "basic" and "grotty" accommodation. No help from the Golden Sun reps can be expected either. You will be lucky if the rep on the coach manages to find your accommodation in the first place.
Kerstin Brand ... 9 September 2003

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I have no compalints about my holiday as such, but i do have one on behalf of the reps.
we were at the apollon hotel and there was a severe storm.the lights had gone out and it was to put it mildly,it was pitch black. the young rep(clair) had to sit outside on her own as there was not a room allocated for her to sit in till her arrivals or departures came or went.she did not complain but i am going to on her behalf.if it had been me i would have been terrified.craig you have to give your reps a room to keep them safe. goldensun you have to look after them also.nicola and clair wee all loved you..we said we would tell xxxx Liz ... 18 September 2003
I would just like to say " A BIG Thank You" to your Golden Sun Reps in Corfu.
My friends and I stayed there in May 2003 and had a wonderful time, I think some of your complainants just want to be attended to every hour of the day, what is wrong with you all? You go on holiday to escaped don't you and to have a good time, why should you want a rep to be available 24/7? The hours of duty are always posted around your accommodation. GS are a basic holiday company if you want 5* holidays then PAY FOR THEM! p.s. I'm going back next week Ms McCoy .. 19 September 2003
Having just returned from a two week holiday in the Matula (No 2)Apartments in Acharavi Corfu.
I can certainly relate to most of these stories. I do NOT recommned anyone EVER to book with Golden Sun. If you do you have been warned you will feel disappointed cheated and less relaxed than before you went on your holiday.

A warning when booking Matula apartments please ensure you are aware there is no swimming pool, the place is full of wasp nests, the communal seats covered in blood, cracked tiles everywhere, leaking pipes and the bathrooms quite frankly stink! All the bathroom walls and between the tiles are full of mould and could be doing with a right could clean.

The Reps attitude is the worst I have ever encountered and be warned your basically "on your own". We are just beginning what I think will be a long fight for compensation.
M Robertson ... 25 September 2003
I came back from st peters and stayed in the batarolla apartments.
when me and my m8 arrived we didnt know whether to laugh or cry it was awful.scum in the bathroom,mouldy plates we never touched, no blankets just a sheet and we were freezing,cupbord about to fall apart. We had a good time eating out and could afford it we had a laugh with the reps but were 20mins + late for everything with no apologise. i wouldnt go on holiday with golden sun ever again the place was vertually unliveable the bed was awful with springs on top of it. Donna Fisher ... 28 September 2003

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I have travelled with Goldensun 4 times and apart from changing the flight times and the airlines i can honestly say i haven't had a problem. Partly due to the fact that we visit the same place everytime so we know what to expect. I must agree about the Reps most of them are ignorant and dont want to know but this September we had a smashing lad by the name of Harry he was lovely and he listened to you and then proceeded to sort out any problems i will be travelling with them again next year but they do need to pull themselves together otherwise they will lose a lot of custom.
Dawn Tierney ... 7 October 2003
On 29th September we were dumped at the Scorpio Studios in Sidari,
where the rep unlocked the apartment door and almost ran back to the coach before we had a chance to get over the shock.

Whilst we did not expect a lot, we at least wanted somewhere clean.
In particular, the shower room was covered in mould everywhere - a positive health hazard from airborne spores.

Whilst the sheets on the bed appeared clean, the covers were filthy, and there was a microwave (Strangely and dangerously positioned directly under the sink) which was absolutely disgusting - filthy. As we had no contact number for the rep who had disappeared in a cloud of dust, and felt dirty from just being in the place, we were forced to immediately find alternative accommodation for the night ourselves.

Another rep was due to "Meet and Greet" the following day, so we went back to the place to make our complaint and expected to be given alternative accommodation. No such luck - the rep merely shrugged off our complaints and had no offer other than to offer to give us a complaint form. It then turned out that she "did not have one with her" and point blank refused to deliver one to our new accommodation which we were then forced to take for the rest of the week (And pay for personally).

We were absolutely disgusted at the whole episode and are in the process of complaining to Golden Sun, although from other's experience are dubious at the prospect of gaining satisfaction.
Julia Tungate & Phil Kay ... 8 October 2003

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We have travelled with Golden Sun on three occasions to the very centrally situated Anthea Apartments in Ayia Napa. We have had an excellent time on all occasions. The accommodation is basic but clean, but having said that we do tend to go early October when it is not so busy. If you compare the cost with the other companies using this accommodation then Golden Sun is a bargain. Having been to Cyprus 9 times, 6 to Ayia Napa, we didn't need to use the rep as we know our way around. I am in my mid 50's and my husband is nearly 60 years of age but we really like Ayia Napa which has some of the best beaches on the island. Television programmes always tend to feature the noisy part of Ayia Napa, i.e. the Square at its busiest but you don't need to go there. There are some quieter places to go. There are some lovely restaurants in Ayia Napa and if you have children then it is certainly a place to go. I cannot fault Golden Sun, for excellent value and will be hoping to travel with them again in 2004. Mrs Jacqueline Hopkinson ... 9 October 2003
I booked a holiday to Paphos, Cyprus with Goldensun and everything went fine.
We were staying at Akti appartments and they were very good. 3pools a useful reception and good location.
I really enjoyed the holiday and wiuld definately travel withj them again
Paul Bentley ... 12 October 2003
Holiday booked with Golden Sun Holidays.
Holiday booked as a couple, my fiancee and myself to join a group of friends also booked into the same hotel via Golden Sun.
Whilst on holiday in Malia, Crete September 2003 we met up with a friends next door neighbour (from the UK) and her friend who were staying in another hotel app 1 mile away. On the 3rd night the two girls decided to stay over in our hotel as they were going on a day trip with us the next day. We were told the next morning that we had to pay a Greek fine for unauthorised guests staying of 100 Euros which we moaned about but agreed to pay that evening.

Whilst we were out we spoke to some other hotel guests who told us that If we had of paid the security guard a small fee he we have ignored the girls staying over. That evening we paid the fine and one of the group quite innocently said I'd better ask the security guard for my 30Euros back. The Hotel receptionist missunderstood this as the lad calling the sucurity guard a theif and proceeded to lose herself control and physically assaulted the line by violently kicking and slapping him with verbal abuse attached. She stopped the frenzied attack briefly to call somebody on her mobile phone. Approx 2 minutes later the aforementioned security guard rushed into the hotel and jumped onto the lad no questions asked punching him in the back and shoulders whilst he was face down (completely without question).

The hotel receptionist proceeded to order the siz guests out of their rooms without listening to our reasoning that she had completely missunderstood his comment and greatly overreacted. The Golden Sun Rep wandered into the hotel and also ordered the lads out without asking them what their side of events was. (So much for being a holiday rep for the customers. The lad in question was verbally and physically assaulted twice before dissapearing for two hours thinking that his misguided remark would end up with a night in a Greek prison. They managed to find alternative accommodation at a cost of 400Euros.

Quite exepnsive for a harmless flipant comment to an overstressed receptionist. We are disgusted at being ignored by our rep who should have asked for the both sides of the event before coming to a decision on the outcome. Instead she was extremely rude and ordered us out of the premises with no help to find other accomodation.

I completed a complaints form at the Crete Airport which was signed and accepted by another Golden Sun Rep. To date 1 month later I have not received a response. Perhaps the thought of legal proceedings will spur them on a little. Mr Simon Derrington ... 19 October 2003

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Sequel to my holiday in Lindos Kyriakos Stds. in May/June. We booked 2x2 week holidays in Lindos - Vacondium the 1st 2 weeks and Marcos the 2nd 2 weeks. Vacondium was fine but Marcos was so noisy with the people from Vacondium on our roof, it was just unbelievable. The kettle did not work and we were told that as it was the end of the season (3 weeks to go!) it would not be replaced. Our rep. Ms K was very good but Ms C who seemed to replace her at the end of our holiday (and who was our rep last year) was just as dour as ever! She never smiled and always seemed on the defensive. Get another job Ms C that does not involve you with the public! Our friends who went with us had an even worse experience being told that first they were being moved to Rhodes town, but later, to Pefkos Pines after a lot of cajoling. I am sure their complaint will appear on this page soon. Watch this space!
Shirely McLennan ... 3 November 2003
Hi booked to go to faliraki on 26th may with golden sun but cant find much about the apartments we are going to it is not in the holiday truths site have you got any information and pictures of kool pool studios THANKS JACQUELINE LOWRY ... 11 November 2003
I mentioned on this site that we booked an all inclusive holiday with GS to Lindos Village in Rhodes
but when we arrived we were put in a lower class hotel with full board, no entertainment and with German /Italian guests It was terrible. Golden Sun are offering us 40 compensation each which would not even cover 1 night out and they will not budge on that price my advice to anyone thinking of using this company is to stay well away and the more people that find this out the better it will be. Companies such as this should not be allowed to get away with such terrible service.
Lee Deakin ... 13 November 2003

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Just got back from kefalonia my boyfriend and I both fell in love with the island and the people. The flights were on time and the accomodation was first class.

However our rep was sadly not! As soon as the car rental and excursions were sold she didnt seem to care or be bothered. That aside we very much enjoyed our time and hope to return later in the year.

I believe that I will not be alone in my poor view of the rep as friends we made on holiday also were disturbed by her annoyance at having to visit us! Anyway you have given us alot of great times. Keep up the good work Hope to be out again later in the year in the same area so please forgive the name withheld.....18 June 2002

I booked a holiday to Cyprus for Christmas 2001. At time of booking I raised the question if supplements were payable for gala dinners over the christmas period, i was told definately not the travel agent gave me their word.

Youve guessed it we had to pay once we had arrived. There was uproar from other guest some banging on tables at the welcome meeting, some downright abusive. I agreed to pay on advice from the rep and take the matter up when I arrived home. It took over one month for goldensun to reply to my letter, there excuse was laughable. i ended up issuing county court proceedings before receiving a refund of the extra monies paid even then the travel agent paid as Goldensun refused to. i would not reccommend anyone to travel with Goldensun. Wayne Sharp... 7 April 2002

My partner and I went to Kos last year and had a terrible time with golden sun,it took 4 months to get it sorted and thats when they got the right compliant,it was a joke from start to finish,i phoned wrote e-mailed it was a complete waste of time Ian Ebbatson...22 May 2002

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I traveled to rhodes on 15th may from Manchester and we had a terrible delay coming home. I have rung several times. Someone is suposed to be getting back to me and yet no-one has! I'm still unaware what happened about our flight, we were not helped by our reps they dissapeared. Im disgusted that I've still not received a phone call. When I ring, I get fobbed off. Can someone ring me today!! Read Letter here Rachael ..30 May 2002

We travelled to Corfu from Manchester on 3 June 2002 and were delayed 8 1/2 hours going and 9 1/2 hours on the return journey. I understand from the company employees and staff at Manchester Airport that this is a regular occurence with TransJet. I am in the process of complaining to Golden Sun and TransJet. I would be very interested to hear about other people with delays like this. Hilary Sharp.. 15 June 2002

On holidaying with Golden sun we were very happy until the return flight by Transjet. After two hours flying the captain aannounced that we would be landing in Venice for 30 minutes due to engine failure and that we would be landing with only one engine!! Poeple were not impressed.

On leaving the aircraft, liquid was pouring form the wind and being hastily covered up by the airport staff! We had to wait in Venice airport for 14 hours during which time only 2 announcements were made. The first announcement came after two hours and we were told that a plane was being went to pick us up. We were fed three times on crossant and pizza! We had to ring back to Manchester airport to find out when we were coming home as the promised plane never arrived. 9 Hours into our wait we were told that the broken plane was after all suitable for us to fly on again.

Most people said they would not get on it. After the 14 hours, 2 snacks and a long awaited proper meal after ringing England, we departed in a lovely Martinair plane. As we went past the Tranjet craft it had black burn or soot on the wings. We were needless to say, NOT HAPPY! Amanda Parker...18 June 2002

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I was also a passenger on swl721 tranjet to rhodes 15th may 2002. Click here to read Steve Lord's account

Next year we will still use Goldensun as we are normally delighted with every aspect of their holidays and tell all our friends. Thank you.

But in kefalonia the rep and things we wanted to know we had to find out for ourselves! (I wont use my whole name just in case we get her again!!!) Peter... 18 June 2002

We had a 3 hour delay to Rhodes on 12th June and we were eventually told by a rep that it was because the crew needed a rest! The hotel needed refurbishment and the food was disgusting.

We left at 10am on Wednesday 19th June only to be told on the coach to the airport that we should prepare ourselves for a long wait and it was not their fault so there would be no food or drink available free of charge and we would have no comeback against Golden Sun. 24 hours later, we arrived home.

The food on board the plane was a small salad and a stale bread roll. OK, there was a strike going on, but all the other airlines left after a reasonable delay and offered food etc. Our rep just vanished. Never again. Anita... 21 June 2002

We were on flight SWL736 supposedly leaving Gatwick at 05.40 on 15th June 2002. We finally departed at approx. 15.30. There was no explanation other than "technical difficulties" and we were eventually told that they had had to bring another aircraft in. There is no representative of the airline (Transjet) at Gatwick and we were all treated as an inconvenience by the rest of the airport staff.

The levels of service given by the cabin crew is next to none. I have travelled with Goldensun on numerous occasions and have now experienced Transjet on the last two. Both times I was very unimpressed.

Our return journey on the 22nd June (SWL 737)was also delayed, this time by 6 hours. This last holiday has certainly put me of using Goldensun again and I discovered that I was not alone in my feelings on this matter as dozens of other passengers were voicing the same thoughts. Incidently the local reps seemed totally fed up too!! Karen Wall...26 June 2002

I work for Goldensun and i can safely say that they are as bad to work for as they are to travel with! anon... 30 June 2002

We have just arrived back from Crete travelling with Golden Sun, never again, we should have realised the standards when we first got on the plane, the toilet had to be flushed with a pan of water there was food on the overhead lockers but hey we got to Crete ok only to find that we were staying at Fawlty Towers complete with Basil!!

But lets make the best of it, well we did but the only thing that could have spoilt it was the attitude of the reps was totaly unacceptable, rude, they definately couldnt not care less about their holidaymakers and I (amongst) a large amount of others had to raise their voices and complain, but they just shrugged our comments off, when I asked to see our reps boss the reply I got was "we stick together no point complaining to him" not realy the best attitude. Tracey Tyers...6 July 2002

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We booked our holiday from golden sun!!!! what a disappointment!!!!
when we arrived at our appartments there was blood up the wall.The place smelt mouldy.There was rust in the fridge.The front door didnt look very well.Before we could even get in our appartment we had to move a skip bin out of the way!!!

We complained to our rep she then moved us in to another hotel which was only abit better!!! In this one when we turned the tap on the bathroom flooded!!!! Hayley North...7 JULY 2002

June 15 swl740 (transjet)manchester to rhodes due to fly 0600 finally in the air 1945. Told not a lot fed at 1000 with £5 voucher then nothing till on plane. Another letter to Golden still waiting for late cert to claim on insurance.
Paul Lodge.... 8 July 2002

Those of you who were travelling with transjet on your goldensun holidays will be interested to know that Transjet have had their AoC (Airline Operating Certificate) withdrawn by the Swedish aviation authorities.

This is because the Swedish inspected the airline and were not happy with what they found - they don't consider them safe, so no more flying !

Goldensun had already terminated there contracted with transjet for many of their flights so it looks like they were fed up with them too! David.. 10 July 2002

I booked a holiday to crete with Golden sun, it was not surprising that while we were there the plane we travelled on, Trans Jet had been grounded. Absolutely shocking flight, the worst ever resulting in me fainting.

Our flight times had been changed before we came to a later time, and to our complete dissappointment we got knocked up at 10 am in the morning on the day we were leaving to see our coach waiting for us outside, our flights had been brought forward and nobody, not even the rep we had been sitting with the day before, said a word.

We packed there and then on the spot and our last day we were expecting in crete was stolen from us, ruining any chances of buying presents. Our stay involved 13 days and 13 nights, not the 14 days and 14 we had paid for. NEVER AGAIN...
Claire 17 July 2002

The service received from Golden Sun is pathetic. We have booked a 2 week holiday to Corfu and have since had reports that the accommodation we are booked in is weel below par. Disgusting actually. Gsun want to charge us almost the price of a holiday to change appartments. I feel our holiday is ruined and we don't go till 19th August. If it is then Gsun will never hear the end of it I can promise you. G Hart.... 18 July 2002

I have just come back from a holiday with Golden Sun and it will be my last. After 7 flight changes, a nightmare flight on Transjet, 30 minutes late picking us up from our apartments to ferry port and reps that just couldn't care less! Golden Sun you should be put out of business, you have no thought and couldn't care less about your customers once you have our money!! Next year I am off with Libra, who I have been told are excellent. Diane...24 July 2002

Has anyone stayed in the Slyvia Apartments in Afandou?

Atki Beach Village,Paphos, Cyprus.July 2001.
Brochure indicated new site completed.
picture of lovely beach with pavement.
when arrived site not completed and beach in picture not found, + many other complaints. Dispute with Golden Sun started immediately and is still going on.Has anybody visited same Location.
Richard Loader..26 July 2002

akti tourist village
17 july to 25july 2002

4star ha!ha! akti towers.building site ,poor facilities,entertainment non,no staff,dirt track to hotel.would like to discuss conplaints with anyone.gsun reps discusting no comunication,disappeared when flight was delayed for18 hrs could write a book.
sharron o'rourke
..30 July 2002

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We travelled to Zante with Golden Sun on 14th July, and found their rep to be completely useless, rude, and a blatant liar. We were subject to a 12.5 hour delay on the way there, due to transjet being grounded, and a 13 hour delay on the way home. The delay wasn't Golden Sun's fault but they way they dealt with it (or rather didn't deal with it) was appalling. At Zante airport after finally arriving, we had to wait over an hour in the blistering heat for a transfer coach. The reps didnt say a word, let alone apologise. And i know what you mean about trying to get through to Golden Sun... Jane S...30 July 2002

Kefalonia was very good however Golden sun holiday reps leave a lot to be desired. They sell the trips at over the odds pricing, they warn you off the local hire companies. And when you complain about the fact we were left for six hours without anywhere to change and no shower facilities due to a flight delay (that we were told was not a delay but the normal flight time) one gets to feel that you are not being told every thing.

When I complained to Andy the golden sun rep he almost said tough six hours isn't long to wait it is if you remain in english type clothing for your trip home. Kefalonia and the people are wonderful however the english reps are a disgace and make me feel ashamed at being British 13/7 to 27/7.. Colin Capper..1 August 2002

Following our recent 14 day holiday to Kardemena, Kos on 10 July 2002, I feel it is necessary to bring to your attention the following points.. Click to read details

Slyvia Apartments/Eleftheria Studios. Its like something from the dark ages! Cats, dogs, chickens, turkeys and various other forms of wild life roam around, (and thats not including what was in the swimming pool). It was filthy, the smell from the public toilets in the hotel drifted from the 'cellar' up into the bar area, which was normally occupied by sleeping hotel workers or flea-bitten cats. A nightmare of which I never want to return! Allie, Hartlepool...5 August 2002

Me and my family stayed in the Batarola Apartments in St Peters, Corfu. The accommodation was awfull, plus Golden knew we had a small child with us and our 2 year old daughter fell over the balcony and dropped seven feet to the ground. There were no safety precautions to prevent children from climbing up the railing, my wife only turned round for a split second and she was up and over. Since last November we have heard nothing from Golden Sun as we have taken this matter further.
Gary Clements...5 August 2002

I've just come back from crete with Golden Sun. We were booked to Fly out of Exeter with Transjet but after all the stories my Hubby phone Golden Sun and read the riot act - they quickly agreed to Change out flights to Bristol and with flew with Transavia who were fine. We stayed at just outside of Rethymnon at a place called Apollon Fivos and it really was excellent. Our Golden Sun reps were Carol and Tony who live on the island and they were really helpful and great. I feel very lucky that we had a Golden Sun experience like this as we were the exception to the rule obviously. Nic...5 August 2002

I am disgusted to read the complaint by Gary Clements 5th August. His words brought back to me the anguish of a family staying at the Marilou Apartments. They, like Gary were put into an apartment with a young child where there was a real danger of the child falling from the terrace stairs. The poor parents were at their wits end and could not wait to go home. I hope Gary, your daughter was ok.

Also to Jane S...
Your comments on the lack of care whilst waiting for your transfer coach do not suprise me!
I have in my possesion details of arrangments for the pick up from Marilou Apartments. They state, LUGGAGE LIFT DETAILS..."A mini bus will pick up your luggage between 10:00 and 12:00. Please wait on the road" I feel these arrangments were to suit Golden Sun and not the paying customer!!!
Jean Chapman... 7 August 2002

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I came back from a holiday on the 25 July 2002 booked with Golden Sun. We were delayed 18 hours on our flight back and we were put up an extra night in another hotel. Reason for delay was technical problems with Eurocyprria aircraft. Left on plane for 1 hour in stifling heat before told to disinbark our flight back to Birmingham. No G.Sun reps available during debacle and found them to be incompenant and rude during holiday.

Will tell friends and family never to book a holiday with Golden Sun as they want your money but could not care less what happens to you after or being delayed during your holiday. I phoned them several times for an explanation about events concerning holiday afterwards but always engaged or wont answer. I would not take my worst enemy abroad again to Cyprus with them as they are a set of arrogant useless cretins. Will stick to big name holiday companies in future, instead of crap companies like Golden Sun who specialise in low budget aircraft and fleecing customers with their diabolical attitude and vanish when needed.

In 20 years of travelling abroad the worst by far, i have ever booked a holiday with.
FLEECING..{email supplied)..7 August 2002

Has anyone stayed at the dakas studios falaraki?I have booked a holiday there and would like to know if they are ok, thankyou. Laura..7 August 2002

We have have just come from Santorini, Greece. Our room was not up to standard there was supposed to be ceiling fan and satelite TV. When we complained they said it was a misprint in the brochure also the bar at the pool was never open so we didnt use the pool. We had to walk for breakfast. On third day of our holiday our bed completely collasped causing my husband to cut his thumb we took a photo of it but our camera got smashed through the bed collasping. It caused a big row between my husband and me. Also there was no reception just women and child next to our room which was situated at the bottom floor that every night they was out there at 2am playing music and banging. We want compansation. Also 8 euros for fan, £30.00 back for pool and also for our camera which we had to throw away apart from all this the resort was brilliant and the flight to and from.... Mrs karen Butler...14 August 2002

I recently travelled from newcastle to heraklion with transjet and we had no delays at all and the flight and aircraft could not be faulted apart from a stop off in Rimini on the outbound leg for more fuel due to strong headwinds! Also Transjet are not bankrupt but the fleet of MD-80 aircraft are grounded until essential maintenance is carried out thus the AOC has been removed for 2 months. However TransjetAB are still established as one of Swedens Top airlines! Regards. Karl Watson....14 August 2002

To Whom It May Concern:
My wife and I have just returned home after two weeks in Greece with “Golden Sun Holidays”.
I know as I write this nothing will be done about the following points. click to read

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We have recently returned from holiday in Kefalonia Holiday Ref: 5xxxx, and would express our deepest disappointment in the state our accommodation. We were staying at the Aris apapartments which were dirty, and very poorly equipped. A formal letter of complaint is being sent to Golden Sun head office.
E Pelosi...26 September 2002

My cousin and I are just back from a 1week holiday at the Dakas Studios in Faliraka the place is filthy. No maids, rooms never cleaned, bed linen full of holes and the rep refused to let me on the transfer bus until I paid £20 for spilling coke on the bed linen. Leona Ross..3 October 2002

I was delayed around 9 hours on a Transjet Airways flight from Catania, Scilly to LGW. On arrival my bagagge was delayed a further 6 days. The reason for the delay was a baggage handling dispute at Barcelona airport I understand. I wrote to Transjet (30th April 2002) asking only for confirmation of the delay for my travel delay insurance. They have not responded at all. I'm writing again (6th October 2002). Lawrence De'Ath...6 October 2002

In June 2002 my wife and I arrived at Manchester airport for a Golden sun holiday to Rhodes. On the Saturday prior to departure I was contacted by the tour operator who informed me that my flights had been changed and I had lost one day of my holiday. When booking in at the airport we were informed that there was a delay "due to an industrial dispute" However after 6 hours waiting I asked about refreshments, as promised in the small print. We were told "It's not our problem so we're not giving any food or refreshments" The most annoying aspect was that flights to Rhodes by other carriers who should have departed after us had left after only 3 hours delay. After 8 hours and ten minutes we left.

The airline "Transjet" then gave us a cold sandwich for our meal. Our accommodation was not as detailed n the brochure. In all a disaster. My initial letter of complaint was answered one month later without any explanation as to the points that I have raised. I am still awaiting a reply to my second letter sent one month ago, prior to taking legal action against them for breach of contract and under the trade descriptions act. Golden Sun holidays. I will never use them again as long as I live.
David Liversidge...17 October 2002

I just want to say for a few years I've been looking at becoming a rep. i went on holiday to kavos (corfu) this year i loved my rep was brilliant and thats what made my mind up about becoming a rep so thanx j,p
Laura from Leicester...23 October 2002

Well, well, well - a dedicated page. More dedicated in fact than the 'Customer Services Department' and all round ethos of the reps! I have also written two letters - but had no replies! Well done for starting the all rolling - we need to inform our friends and family to stay well clear of this company if they are to enjoy a well earned break. Power to the Passengers!!! Best wishes, Liz Voges.
Liz Voges...28 October 2002

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