I was also a passenger on swl721 tranjet to rhodes 15th may 2002.

After the intial 2 hour delay on the outward journey, we thought the holiday week itself was ok.

When it got to transfer time on the way back i noticed a delayed flight note on the reps paperwork for the flight from manchester that we should be boarding. I questioned her about it and she said " you can expect up to 12 hours delay but we're working on it"

Duly packed off to the airport to find 2 other flights, one to standstead the other to gatwick delayed. Reps with no information played games with us all pushing us through passport control where it's difficult to get back out from to question them further.Our flight should have taken off at 11.45 on the 22nd may.

After lots of heated discussions to try and get refreshments out of them we finally got some around 4 am i think at this time the gatwick people boarded a plane and the other two sets told a larger plane is on it way to take both sets of passengers.

That is apart from 28 others who were told that they would be put up in a hotel.i was one of the 28 who were then taken to a 4* hotel at around 6:30 am, to be told breakfast is between 7:30 and 9. We were then told that a plane was on the runway at noon and should be out of the hotel at 11. We rufused to board the transfer coach until we could verify that that was the case with the airport. We were told that if we dont transfer we'll miss it and have to find our own way back. We relented and arrived at the airport to find no plane and had to wait another 4 hours before a 24hour delayed flight from manchester finally

Arrived.they got us out of the hotel before noon so as not to incurr another days charge. So on a 170+ seater 28 finally got back to manchester, in all around 17 hour delay. Since 23rd of may i have phoned golden sun every day and nobody answers the call, finally got through to be told to phone the complaints number.

I duly did for another week with no answer so phoned the booking number again and gave my details for the delayed departure paperwork for the insurance claim. Today is the 18th june and i still haven't received it.

Steve Lord.. 18 June 2002

It's now 5th July and I still haven't received my confirmation of delayed departure.

Steve lord... 5 July 2002
Golden Sun claimed to offer us "a holiday to remember"..
now I wish we could forget it. They have offered £40 per person, not as compensation, but as an offer of goodwill. Not bad considering it has taken them almost 12 months to agree that there was something wrong with their service.
Mrs. A. Corbett..5 August 2002
We travlled in Sept 2001 to Rhodes with Goldensun and stayed at the Koala Hotel in Kolymbia. The food at the hotel was apalling and the hotel and facilites very basic.
Alhtough we paid to go half-board, we ended up eating out each evening due to the bad food. The rep there also had a fight with a hotel resident. I will not use Golden Sun again. We paid a lot of money for a disappointing hotel. C Long...10 December 2002
I have been on holiday with golden sun several times and what i am reading here really is just a moaners.

Can i ask how much did you pay for holiday as this will reflect in what you get. As i said been on holiday with golden sun about 7 times the reason being they are cheap and the accommodation is okay with the price i paid. Basic studios with shower toilet and maybe with cooking rings.

With regards to transjet flights i went twice with them, 1st time 12 hr delay going to lefkada and a 6hr delay on the way back - i received a light meal and found the reps okay considering people were screaming (what is that going to get you , nothing). and the second time we had a couple of hours delay but that was okay extra sunbathing. i have been on holidays were we have spent over 2000.00 pounds each and it was not what we expected and that was with a larger company. but when you spend about 250.00-300.00 pounds for two weeks, what do you expect 5star hotels you could not even get that in the uk.

I will be going on holiday with golden sun again as i have booked 3 holidays with them this year as i think they are a good company
Ruth ...15 May 2003
Our holiday in Sidari (the Elena) was a nice break. That said we had to be tolerant of so much - others would be less tolerant.
I wish to point out that the bar, pool and dining facilities at the Elena are excellent. The publican, staff and cooks worked very hard to make our stay enjoyable. They encouraged a good attitude and were genuinely caring and sympatric. The publican actively encouraged complaint with regard the owner.

My complaint is four fold. Firstly previous complaints on the issues I will raise have seemingly gone without action. Golden Sun's acceptance of conditions and lack of response to genuine complaints is unacceptable to all those at the resort during my stay. The lack of prior knowledge, mosquito intolerance and the unacceptable turning off of the water are the main issues. Your Rep was embarrassed when she encouraged us to complain because she was sick of hearing the same complaints time and time again. The situation has been on going since before June. Her warnings were genuine; rare in the industry I guess.

Secondly, the owner of the complex is an arrogant, unsympathetic and monopolising SOB. He neither explained the situation regarding the need to turn off the water nor was he overtly sympathetic to the problems it subsequently caused. I suspect he relished periods when the water was turned off because clients had to resort to buying water from his shop in order to bathe, brush teeth, flush toilets or prepare food / make coffee.

Thirdly, considering the mosquito situation is so bad all who arrive are ill prepared for the first night in their accommodation (most arrive when shops are closed). It is not until they have been severely bitten on the first night that they have to spend quite a bit of money, again from the owners shop, on anti mosquito 'plugins', sprays and repellents. All repellents left in the room by outgoing occupants are seemingly removed prior to the arrival of the next clients. This indicates a complete lack of care by the owner. During our stay two ladies needed medical treatment on the first day after arriving the night prior for severe infections from mosquito bites. In addition a couple cut short there holiday because they could not cope after having been bitten. You Rep did inform all when she had her meeting the following midday; unfortunately too late for those that had suffered bad reaction to bites. You will have heard of the recent death of a lady after her holiday in Sidari as a result of an after infection from mosquito bites.

Finally, had we been warned before leaving the UK about the mosquito problem and the situation regarding water in Sidari we would not have been deterred from going on the holiday but we would have been more prepared for our first night and would have been for tolerant regarding the water situation. The fact that it all was a bit of a shock made it less acceptable; especially for those unfortunates who got eaten alive. Holidays were ruined as a result of your inaction.
Vincent A Scott ... 15 August 2003
To be fair, G.S has some decent accommodation but it does depend on what price you pay, you pay peanuts you get monkeys.....
Also, would be worth keeping in mind that Greece is NOT England in the sun, so standards are going to be different. If you tend to be on the fussy side, it might be best only booking "A" class hotels or paying a little more if you choose self catering, trust me, it will save a lot of tears in the end for yourself and the rep.
Anon ... 9 September 2003
I have returned home after being on holiday in Crete with Golden Sun after 3 days. We woke up to find massive cockroaches all in our clothes and around the door to our room. we had been sold a trip to santorini island on what was supposed to be a luxury liner it was anything but. Every woman on the ship was ill for the 4 hour journey there and then on the way back. we called a number in Greece only to be passed from person to person cause they were greek and didnt have clue what we wanted. we saw our rep on day 1 and never again. it was filth the apartment block and the bloke who ran it thought it very funny when the roaches were running up the wall in the bar, especially when he was cooking and preparing food in there!!!! i would never recommend crete, golden sun agin. The apartments were the penelope in stalis. the transfer time in their brochure states 1 hour it took us 3. be prepared.Stacie Elson .. 14 September 2003

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