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Ive ordered quite a few items from E-buyer, but recently have had nothing but trouble with them. Last month I ordered a Liteon DVD+/-RW drive from them. After FIVE days my items arrived. However, they sent me a Liteon CD-RW drive instead!! I tried telephoning them (waited for ages, but never got through).
I then sent an e-note, and waited for FOUR days for a reply!!
I was then told to submit an RMA request and return the incorrectly sent item.
I was then told that E-buyer would have to look at it before sending a replacement.

After a whole MONTH of waiting I was told that the item which I originally ordered was no longer in stock and that I would get a refund (even though an almost identical item was in stock).

Personally, I don't think this is very good service for a mistake made by E-buyer in the first place (they claim on their website to offer 'World Class Service'). I will no longer be buying anything else from them and find it very hard to recommend the company to anyone.

Yes, Ebuyer are cheap
but that's fine when things go alright but godd help you if you get the wrong item or it is faulty. Ebuyer has never heard of customer service. No they will not repay your return postage. They will take ages to sort the problem. Yes, they will charge you an extra postage charge to return the correct item. No you can't get an answer to a complaint. Basically. If you want cheap then fine but forget it if anything goes wrong. J Baldock ... 15 January 2004

I ordered a canon printer on line. ebuyer did not confirm my order online, so i had to contact them on there help phoneline. I tried numerous times yesterday, only to be told you are in a queue i4 people in front of you. I kept ringing to wait in various lengths of queues so i gave up .

Today Thursday I tried again waited for 30 minutes in a queue. I was told my order has been dispached. I then complained to the operater i was talking to, about the length of time i had to wait , she said we are very busy today people are ringing in about orders we didn't send out yesterday . There are about 300 of them. It is 12.15 now Still time for my order to come. But if 300 orders were not sent out yesterday i do not think i have a chance of receiving mine. After reading letters on your web site i do not hold much hope on the quality of my purchase.
Mr Peter Warrender .....6 February 2003
Oh dear, I am currently facing similar problems,
one faulty motherboard, one incorrect item (their fault - incorrect memory supplied). After a "snotty" e-mail from me I had an e-mail promising me a quick turnaround and that they would pay for the return postage.

Still waiting for the replacements.
They are impossible to contact, (e-notes open for >6 days), telephone cutting off when you are #2 in the queue. They've had my last order.

I have just been e-mailed to let me know that they have just inflicted themselves on the USA, does the US know what they've let themselves in for. Maybe a few US lawsuits will sharpen up their act! Anybody know the e-mail address of their MD? Peter Sheppard...22 February 2003
I received 1 x PC2700 512MB 333mhz DDR memory and LG 16x48 IDE DVD from E-Buyer on 7/01/03.
This was for installation in a new PC which was being constructed.

The system was not running as smoothly as should have been expected, with strange messages about memory appearing at times. After a few weeks the system failed, and it the fault was pinpointed to the memory module, and replaced that with another memory module purchased locally. The PC worked, however the DVD drive would not work for installing software and eventually just gave up the ghost.

An RMA request was applied for but eventually phoned to get RMA. About 10 mins after call I got Authorisation. Items were received at 10.29 on 13/2/2003. This is now March 3rd, and the items still have not been checked to see the fault. I have had to purchase components elsewhere to get PC to run, and as a student cannot really afford this extra expense. To add insult to injury I have further faulty goods awaiting their "swift" attention. I will not be using this company again as they have a non existant customer care policy!!!
Mr J Angus... 3 March 2003
I have the same experiences sadly.
I have delat with Ebuyer for about 18 months and spent over 3,000 personally as well ordering for friends etc. The customer service is non-existant and when the respond to eNotes they often just close them! I was shipped an Athlon 2800 Barton CPU a month ago but due to fact it was installed in my PC and showing up as a 2800XP+ I had not realised they had shipped me a Thoroughbred version which is cheaper and not what I ordered!! I only found out from help from AMD who told me to look at the part number.

I informed Ebuyer who after 3 days of no response said I should have reported the mispicked item within 7 days!! How could I tell?? Now 8 days on I have the CPU on my desk waiting to go back but no RMA as it has gone to management approval. I have also had to buy another CPU so I can run my PC as I work from home. This is not my first bad experience with them too.

Ordering on next day and some items don't turn up totally screws you if you are building a complete system. Their stock levels are not realistic either, just because they have 500 in stock when you order doesn't mean they will when they go to pick it!

Mainly it's their arrogant attitude I don't like, they don't want to help. Prices are good, but if they spent a bit more on actually sending what you ordered on time we would all be happier. My problem is due to their error but they don't care.
Darren Lilley ... 6 November 2003
I am trying to communicate with Ebuyer.com (UK).
Their enotes are useless and the phone is constantly engaged. Does anyone have a mailing address for them? Steve Miles ... 21 November 2003
I commented before about these people
and I advised anyone with complaints to give them a deadline after which you will involve the Trading Standards Office of Sheffield City Council. I did this, to the Managing director by letter and by Enote. It worked like a charm, they wre falling over themselves to get my cpomplaint settled which they have now done.
Neville Falkiner Dip.Inst.A.M. ... 21 November 2003

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Well, another satisfied Ebuyer customer.
Join the queue!I ordered a flash card reader and it arrived (eventually). I tested it on 2 different machines and couldn't get it to work (and I deal with computers all day) so I sent it back and asked for a refund. Imagine my surprise when I got an email saying it wasn't faulty and that they would be refunding 15.13 instead of the 25.95 I paid. I 'enoted' them asking for a replacement then if they weren't going to refund the whole amount... that was on October 1st and I still haven't had a reply (it's now 19th November).

I rang and finally got through today (after queueing behind only one other call and then getting cut-off before redialling and getting straight through) and they said they'll look at the enotes and respond. I told them I didn't want a response now but wanted a full refund or a replacement. I will wait for their reply (and I may be waiting some time!)

My advice is DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Their customer service is non-existent.

Phil Bradbury Manchester, UK.. 19 November 2002
I suggest you check out my website Mr Kelly: http://ebuyerdotcon.funurl.com
Mister-x... 19 November 2002
I ordered from this company an Omnicube Monitor/Keyboard/mouse sharing device and two sets of cables to join two computers with it.

I received two sets of cables and an AT to PS/2 convertor plug.

After sending them an E note (they have no Email address to send to, they send out Emails but you cannot reply to them, good idea)they decided that they had none of the cube in stock (Site showed 4). Another E Note to ask why the stock showed 4, reply was bin has been mispicked the number is wrong we will refund the price of the cube. (spoke to Visa about this because the ledger for me on the site shows credit to my visa of 56.01 then a debit of 56.01 visa were puzzeled by this but cannot help until a certain time has elapsed.On advice of Visa I have sent them an E Note saying that they are not authorized to take more money from my account.)

They then close that E Note and you cannot reply to it.

That would have been handy as I dont want the cables without the box.
So I start the (By looking on other complaints) Infamous RMA proceedure. Mostly they remain unlooked at or in spite of information dont realize the problem with the order.

They have been to say the least uninformative and obstructive all I want is my money back for an order they were unable to complete, and return the cables. It would be nice for a phone call when in 2 mins everthing could be sorted but maybe they try to wear you down until you dont bother.

They show no address although companies house has some info. What should be a simple return has become a nightmare and as it was their fault very annoying indeed.

I expect that I will not receive my postage etc back and will have to resort to the small claims court for that. You do not Know the names of people only Tim or Mike is shown as allocated.

Oh a quote from their website:
"We focus on all of the things that are of interest to our customers, not only in saving you money but also in saving you time."

John Proudlove, Bexhill on Sea... 15 November 2002

Editor's Note: Details of this posting have been emailed to Ebuyer with request that they contact Mr Proudlove
You all make it far too easy for them.
They depend on you not being able to contact them. All you need to do is tell your credit card company to charge back the full amount of the order. Simple. Then, go spend your money elsewhere. You may pay a couple of quid more than ebuyer, but the peace of mind is sooooooooo worth it ...B Radford...19 December 2002