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I sympathise with you as I have had similar experiences lately. Recently I bought 3 memory modules and all were faulty, in fact it was obvious that they were not new. Eventually I got a refund except for the £7.03 they charged for shipment which I have raised an eNote over.

What really infuriates me is that calls to their customer services cost 7p a minute and it usually takes 20 minutes just to get through. Why should customers pay for their incompetence? Usually there's 12 to 15 in the queue - that works out at around £1 a minute they're making.

Regardless of whether I get my £7.03 or not I will never ever deal with Ebuyer again. Their customer support is the worst imaginable and they don't deserve to be in business. Ron Davison....... 28 October 2002
I have had the same experience
and will never use ebuyer again, as you cant even call up as they dont have a number that conects you with a real person. PATHETIC !!! Angry Customer... 4 November 2002
I have dealt wit E buyer for years and now find the service unacceptable.
If you send receipts of postage to their accounts dept they refund the postage to your credit card... Ian Bebbington... 4 November 2002
2 weeks ago i ordered 2 printers, they still havent turned up,
i cant get through to ebuyer on the phone they wownt answere my enotes (which is a joke why cant they use email, its amazing how one of the most prominant protocols on the internet isnt good enough for them lol) they just sent me an rma, wtf is going on i dont know, komplett is just as bad but at least they contacted me... dabs is the only people that can be trusted....
rob... 7 November 2002
Good to see im not the only one having problems with ebuyer.
I decided to build myself a new pc so i thought i would see what ebuyer had to offer.I sold my pc to a friend and started to order my new parts.

Everything was in stock so i got i t on next day deliverybut guess what?Nothing came the next day,so iphoned ebuyer waited 20mins then got cut off.Has this happened to anyone else?

Any way they had shown to have had the stock but they didnt really.Eventually i got my parts and took them to my local computer shop where they assembled it.A week later it kept crashing then it wouldent reboot so i took it to my local shop and it was a faulty stick of memory so i sent it back.Any way i got a new stick back in a week which was quite good,but guess what things were running great then on the internet one night my computer crashed and wouldent even come on.This time it was the procssor so im now stuck with a borrowed 1.2 duron intead of my 2.0 athlon,bummer.

After paying another load of posting charges i got an email of them saying the chip is scratched which defeats the object that its knackered so why do i have to wait 28 days for a stupid replacement when they have plenty in. The processor was faulty from the start so now i fear the worst,they will fob me off and say it was my fault and i done it.Its a shame that the processor was causing me to blow memory.

Any way could anyone advise me of what to do next if they stuff me off cause it means ive lost £82 so i would rather give someone a spare bit of change then let them. Good luck to everyone else whos in the same boat as me!!!!!!!
M ichael Larkin (cumbria)...12 November 2002
I have suffered the same sort of problem
with E Buyer and will never use them again. Still awaiting an RMA for a mispicked Item and all still show not allocated. John Proudlove.. 15 November 2002
My father previously bought a monitor and a psu from Ebuyer.
Both times the service was excellent, so I decided to buy a new hard drive from them.

Big mistake. Problem number one: you can't sign up for an account of someone else is signed up for an account at your address (and this includes previous owners having an account). You are then instructed to email support to get them to sort it. So I did. I get an email back saying support doesn't exist anymore - they're using 'enotes' now. Which you have to have an account to login and use. You're seeing the extreme loopy problem here. I eventually logged in with my father's account and logged a complaint, to which I got a pitiful one line reply to say that I could have another account at my address now - despite the fact I clearly said that it didn't bother me because I had an account access, and the point was this was something that affected customers that DIDN'T have a cool father who let them have account access, and what were they going to do about it? Wasn't impressed.

Anyhow, ordered my hard drive on the 8th November. It was in stock, and I was given a deliver by date of wednesday the 13th. Nothing. The money for this left my account on the 11th, so there really is no excuse for it to STILL not have arrived. I enoted them 24 hours ago and have so far been ignored.

I am not impressed, and frankly wish I had the option to cancel the order now. But after reading stories now, I suspect that getting a refund would be hell, and they'll do what Eclipse did anyway - which was to not reply to me until after they'd sneakily sent an order out after I specifically asked them to cancel it. I won't be using Ebuyer again. I M Birchall.. 16 November 2002
I bought an ebuyer hard drive which ground itself out after a few months.
After two weeks RMAing they quoted 28days for a possible replacement
Paul... 20 November 2002
To all these poor people who have been badly done by from Ebuyer,
I suggest you do what I am going to do tomorrow.I am going to write, recorded delivery, to their Managing Director and give him a good ear bashing about the pathetic state of his company's so called Customer Service. Then I shall involve the Trading Standards Office if I get no satisfaction. It has worked for me with a number of sloppy firms before.Try it, and good luck!!
Nevill Falkiner Dip.InstAM...30 October 2003

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