Mr Good is not telling the full story here. I am an employee of Dixons. Not this branch, but I know all the people mentioned in this letter on a personal level and this is an incomplete story. I agree Dixons Group need to sort themselves out. However I have read all the administrative work that came with this case. You will find that Mr Good made a few racial comments, and was treated unreasonably, however, acted disproportionately unreasonably towards the staff of the store. Please do not sympathise with this man.
Mihir Asser ... 7 April 2004
I work as an IT consultant for PC World Business headquarters in Manchester, I have worked for many companies in similar positions and can confidently say that the way people are treated by Dixons in no way reflects how our Coroprate clients are treated and that I find it insulting for a few angry ignorant people to tar all DSG employees the same. James ... 30 April 2004

I am absolutely shocked by the treatment you received. Personally, as a salesman I always offer 100% and I offer the same customer service when selling a toaster as I do a large purchase. I work for the rival company to Dixons and would never dream of being employed by the DSG Group.

I find it frankly disgusting that you were treated like this as salesman are in many ways untrusted as it is and people like Naren tag us with this reputation and unfortunately the whole of the electrical retail sector are being effected by these people who have no care for their companies and are totally money orientated.

I apologise on behalf of the electrical retail industry and I hope you purchase the camcorder at my company and experience the kind of company that I enjoy working for that much I travel 130 miles round trip per day.
Johnnie McDougall... 17 July 2002

I think that this is absolutey DISGUSTING. This makes me wonder how Dixons get any customers at all.
Ashley Hutchinson... 14 October 2002

Yesterday I purchased a HI-FI from Dixons XL in Cardiff. The box was obviously too big to carry straight out the store to the carpark so I asked the sales assistant if I could park my car out back behind the store. He said, "yes and there will be someone waiting for you". I parked up in front of a Dixons Van and two other cars (belonging to Dixons staff and in permitted parking space, I later was told) I went into this little reception and rang the bell at least 5 times before anyone came out to assist. I handed over my receipt and waited a couple more minutes.

Whilst checking on my car, I noticed two thug-like characters running towards it and at first it looked like they were trying to break-in. They CLAMPED it right before me and slapped a £95 fine sticker on it then speeded off. I was there an hour listening to this war the store has with this clamping firm - and which gives the impression of being a "scam" for any unsuspecting customers. I called the police to check whether this was legit but they didn't want to know.

I saw two managers before I was given £50 towards the fine. My car was about to be towed off so I had to pay the rest. I will not let this be resolved until I get the remaining £45 from Dixons for the stress and incovenience of what was to be a quiet afternoon out. They shouldn't sell anything that can't be carried if there is no parking space. They should at least warn customers collecting goods out back, and put some decent signs up and road markings warning that no customers can park there. Apparently, you have to park in the middle of the road. I told the manager I won't be shopping there again and will go public with this. Mark Thomas...11 May 2003
My comment is on the DSG group in general:-
1/ They have some wonderfully helpful staff, 2 0f my family are employed by them. They obviously have some complete head-bangers. The trouble is, all are then tarred by the same brush- simply because the Head Office Customer Services offer a very pleasant I will see to it personally, and get back to you, then obviously throw the note into the trash-can.
I have been trying for three days to send an email to their advertised on their web-site. NOT A CHANCE IN HEAVEN. Rejected by Postmaster:- Not listed: Customer(anything]
In closing, here is an offer you cannot refuse:-
Prize waiting for the first person to be refused AN EXTENDED WARRANTY at Dixons Group!. This is where ALL the Sales Staff fight to help! My complaint on Misleading Pricing is still being transmited round the globe, without a home. Malc Thomas... 11 May 2003
As an employee of Dixons xL in Cardiff, I've a few comments to make regarding all the above comments. Some I agree with, some I must argue. ...CLICK HERE to read
I went into Dixons (Oxford Street) yesterday to pick up a refill for my ink cartridge for my printer and some photo paper. And first of all there was hardly any photo paper or ink cartriges. When I did approach a sales assistant to help me, the three that where standing around talking, all turned around and walked away, I had to call out loudly in the middle of the store and ask for there help. The person who did help was no help, walked me to the back of the store had a quick look and said that was all he had, and walked away before I could ask for further assistance. I then went and asked the same gentleman if he could check which dixons did have the paper and cartridge in store that I was looking for, he went to the desk, looked at me and said none of them had any. HE NEVER EVEN CHECKED. WELL I AM FINISHED SHOPPING AT DIXONS, THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE TO SPEAK OF AND NO ONE IN THERE STORES IS THERE TO DO ANY WORK, EVERY TIMEI HAVE BEEN THERE, ITS AS IF THEY ARE JUST THERE TO SOCIALISE AND THEY GET REALLY MEAN WHEN YOU INTERUPT THERE SILLY CONVERSATIONS. BUY DIXONS, HELLO PC WORLD FROM ME.... Michelle Harris ...10 June 2003
I have a complaint regarding Dixons.
I purchased a Packard Bell laptop in October 2001, with a Coverplan agreement (which may or may not have been necessary, depending which newspaper article you read) for several hundred pounds.

Peace of mind? Not exactly. Since then my laptop has spent several months being "repaired", with the latest problems beginning around February. I attend university in Stirling and needed my laptop for a variety of assignments. I started getting problems with the mouse, keyboard and sound, so I sent the laptop in for repair.

It came back and the sound still did not work. I needed to use the computer for a short time, then sent it back for further repairs. It came back to me in April with a new hard-disk installed, but they had not bothered to inform me that I needed to use recovery disks to get the system up and running. I was able to use limited text-writing functions at an important time of year for me, university-wise.

I then returned home immediately after our term finished. When I arrived home in Shetland I telephoned a hotline to find out, but no mention was again made of recovery disks (which, incidentally, I was never provided with). I was informed that I would need to send my laptop for further repairs.

When my brother-in-law had to travel South from the isles, he kindly agreed to take the laptop to the Aberdeen branch of Dixons for repair, just over a week ago. I received a call yesterday informing me that the laptop was ready for collection, but it turned out that all that was needed was a recovery disk, which, had I been informed correctly by the hotline, could have been posted to me.

Now Dixons are refusing to pay the cost of shipping the laptop back to me. It may be a relatively small cost, but given the farcical handling of the situation, as a matter of principle I do not see why I should pay one single penny.

1) the laptop should have been fixed the first time.
2) i should have been informed and provided with recovery disks the second time.
3) i should have been informed on the phone that was all that was needed.

Now Dixons are telling me that I either stump up the shipping costs or collect the laptop myself (i.e. wait until September when I return to university or pay £100+ to travel to Aberdeen).
Neil Riddell.. 14 June 2003
I have revceived terrible service from Dixons. Basically, I ordered a dishwasher (which cost over £600) and it wasn't delivered on the day arranged. It took three attempts with visits to the store and numerous conversations with the store manager before it was delivered. The store manager even suggested that maybe I had "forgotten" what was originally agreed, despite it being in black and white on the receipt. I have since learnt from a friend who has met with the senior executives of DSG, that their attitude is "Well, if we lose one customer, there will be another through the door to replace them." Good customer service MUST come from the top execs down in order for anything to be acheived. Paul Bergman .. 17 June 2003
On the 13th June I bought a Toshiba 43" TV at your Currys Basingstoke store. I paid £918.99, 10% cheaper as I bought one that I was told had been used in the store for 3 months. As per your leaflet "We deliver everyday - you choose etc" I did and chose Saturday, but was told they could not possibly deliver till Tuesday, there is the first incorrect fact.... click to read more Ms J A Tite... 24 June 2003
Dear Sir. Really disapointed in the service from Dixons as it's been two weeks since i placed my order and i am still waiting. What is going on, if it carries on like this i want to withdraw my order and u can refund my money so i can go buy somewhere else. Shaun Weidemann ... 30 June 2003
Dear Consumers/Shoppers, I went into two Dixon stores and priced up a Pocket PC Packard Bell 2030, the quoted me £249 inc, i then went on there web, the price there was £199, so i rang them they said because it is on the web thay can not offer me that price. I then went to PC World web, they also priced at £199, i rang and picked one up in Manchester for £199....Dixon staff need training on how to make a sale and not worry too much on the margin, anyway there loss.. Manny Maisuria ...1 July 2003
I wish to complain about the service I received at the St Leonards Hastings branch, I went in and asked about a cooker I wished to buy and was told by a most unhelpful assistant that it was out of stock and that the warehouse hadn't any in stock and never knew when they would get them.I went to the branch at Tunbridge Wells which is 30 miles away and was able to order the cooker from them they ckecked the warehouse and they were in stock.I an very anoyed as the store at St Leonards had £40 off and if the assistant had taken the order I would have saved £40 plus the petrol and the inconvenience of going to Tunbridge Wells.I hope you will look into this complaint as we have purchased lots of items from you including a washing machine and a freezer this year. Doreen Broom ... 11 July 2003
After reading the ordeal that ben good has been through i would like to make some, points, first of all i do work for this company in fact i have been a salesperson for nearly 10 years, if the events as written are 100% accurate then of course i have nothing but sympathy for the appalling treatment received. however i may be able to explain what at first apears to be a lunatic salesman.

There maybe a few reasons why this happened, naren may have been having a bad day, this is no excuse and i never let this affect my performance or behaviour, secondly one key thing from the letter was the phrase ( time waster ) in my experience...and it has become considerably worse in recent years there are customers that are there too waste your time, i experience this many times and its not pleasant and it can sometimes get to the point that you do not wish to continue.

Time wasters are people that come into a dixons or currys store and look at the goods gleam all of the information from a knowledgeable salesman maybe take up 15-30 minutes and then do not buy anything, of course i am not saying that they have to buy but its possible to check by computer days later and they have not bought it a day or 2 later after going home to ( think about it )so either they have decided not to buy this product ever..or after gleaming lots of information and handling the item they have bought the item somewhere else, it is mighty frustrating on many occasions to demo something and then have the customer say can you write the price down....and they then trundle off after gleaming all the info they need to see if they can get the item cheaper somewhere else...of course ignoring the companies price match policy, more frustrating still is the customer that will arrive in the store with pages of discount camera prices from the internet companies then handle and gleam info from the salesperson then tell you that they are going to buy off the net as its cheaper, frustrations boil up due to the fact that there are other customers that genuinley want to buy something and you are there with a time waster.

Another key phrase from bens letter was that he was ( planning a purchase ) ....when that day that week...he had been in the store in the morning then arrived in the afternoon, why not wait to see the previous salesman ????. he was so helpful, was ben going to purchase that day or visit several times gleaming all of the knowledge from the sales people before going somewhere else to buy, to end this either naren is a complete moron or he picked up on the fact that ben was a time waster Mick....23 August 2003
I must say that no matter where you go to buy whatever you will always experience either good or bad service now i am a Dixons employee and also know of instances when people have recieved bad service but what must be remembered is that a big majority get the exect service they require but we are only human and everyone has a bad day which isnt intended as an excuse but let he without sin throw the first stone and one empolyee having a bad day isnt a fair reflection to all the staff who put in the time and effort in training etc to be tarred under the same brush just remember people dont report on the good service they recieve only the bad i work in a branch at Birmingham and experience very very few complaints
Mr B Barnes ... 2 September 2003
A view from a Store: There are plenty of websites that point out the failings of DSG stores, quite rightfully. Give the stores a chance to change and improve. To suggest that DSG is ripping people off and is actively attempting to give bad service is crazy. Like all major retailers we have problems, but sometimes they are blown out of all proportions by customers with unrealistic expectations and then when they complain, they paint an extremely one sided view.

For instance I am a Dixons manager and earlier this week I had a customer come to me wanting to exchange a laptop he had bought 11 months ago. His reason was not that the machine was faulty, but that a newer smaller model was now available and it would be easier for him to carry around. He actually believed that his rights entitled him to bring it back after 11 months and simply exchange it. I asked him if he would do the same with a car he purchased 11 months ago and now had seen a much newer model. His answer was "of course not, dont be stupid". He left the store claiming he would right to anybody who would listen and would phone watchdog. Please read these cases, remember they are from one persons point of view and if the service is found wanting, then let us work to fix it. Sean Innes ... 7 October 2003
As an employee of Dixons (salesman), I feel that I must reply to some of your comments and views on Dixons. First of all, I am extremely surprised at the kind of serivce that Ben Good received! No customer should be treated like this and I can only offer my apologies, on behalf of Dixons! Although, as some other people have said, salesmen are humans and do get bad days, but this shouldn't have been taken out on you.

Secondly, in reply to Manny Maisuria, the Dixon website offers a few prices which are cheaper, as you will find with a lot of websites. This is because it is cheaper to employ a computer to do the work, rather than employing a real person. Of course, you do not get the real customer service, on the internet, that you would get with a real person in a store. Prices are constantly changing, and the salesmen of Dixons have absolutely no control over it. PC World is in the same group as Dixons, and so we are not in competiton with each other.

In reply to Doreen Broom, different stores in different parts of the country use different warehouses. So it was fair for the salesman at St Lenords Hastings to say that it was out of stock and it was not possible to say when they would be in stock again. Tunbridge Wells most probably use a different warehouse.

Not all of Dixons' work is bad. I had some extremely pleasant customer the other day and they were only too pleased to comment on how good the service was!
Anon .... 12 October 2003
I stumbled to this site by accident, and while I have nothing constructive to add - I would like Michelle Harris to know that Dixons and PC World are the same company :) ... Mike Broadhead ... 9 December 2003

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