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I bought a nokia 8310 from the klink, part of the dixons group, last march. i took out the company's insurance with mastercare as it was quite a expensive phone. the phone broke down after an accident involving cup of tea so off i went to my local link store to send it off to be fixed. 3 months on i still have not got my phone back, its still broken and its whereabouts is uncertain. the imcompetent staff and manager are accepting no responsibility for this, even though the rep from mastercare assures me they are the ones at fault. and dont get me started on the guy at customer service, he was rude, cocky, ignorant and of no help whatsoever! Gemma....17 March 2003
I have just purchased a laptop from your Dixons store in Farnborough Hants, this transcation was conducted over the phone
......how refreshing when people call back when they promise! The salesman Saul was very helpful, after explaining that I needed the laptop that day the Sales Manager took the time and trouble to deliver it personally to me...How's that for customer service! Credit where credit's due, this team certainly know the value of customer service and I would have no hesitation in confidently recommending this particular store, in my hectic day they made buying so easy, saving me a lot of headache. The staff I dealt with were courteous, friendly and VERY patient. Thank again!
Mrs Lea culshaw...2 April 2003
I work for the dixons group
and i have to say that you can't really blame the staff as we get NO PRODUCT TRANING AT ALL!! and i don't just mean we only get a little we get NONE WHATSOEVER and so any information comes from the box or a member of the sales team's prior knowledge.

Next time your in Dixons ask a question and watch as the sales person reads ths box before telling you... Clive.. 18 May 2003
Clive - misinformed. As an employee of the group, please let me inform you of "passion for product" its the company product information incentive competitions. These are sent out via the company intranet and give the staff a chance to win prizes for buffing up on product information and answering a quick quiz. So far I have won a mobile phone and a digital radio. We also get reps in everyweek who do product training on the job. The company also have Encore. An internal training system, gained at giving you knowledge and whats more paying you for achieving certain standards. The company is also launching the "Academy" a nationally recognised training programme, which leads to yet again more money.
Clive whichever store you are in - get off your backside and get learning
Name withheld by Editor ... 7 June 2003
I am writing not to complain, but to state that not all staff are unhelpful. Our son bought a headphone set last year. I did not have a receipt and went to Dixons in Stockport. The sales staff was so kind that he checked through the computer around the date we bought the item and gave me a duplicate receipt with which I could go to Curry's and get a replacement, as the outlet did not have the model. Ken Nash ...22 June 2003
I have another complaint. My son has learning difficulties and no income, yet he was allowed to sign a mobile phone contract, which he could not have understood. This will cost approx £700 for the year and Dixons have given no help in my trying to cancel it. They have not replied to my email sent over a week ago. Lynn Hatch ... 15 August 2003
I am a manager in one of our Dixons Stores in Ireland. And if you think the service in Dixons England has issues you should see what we and customers have to put up with in here. As dixons is still a fledgling company over here we still use the Dixons England customer services and coverplan customer service helpdesks and we find that almost none of the crowd over there have a clue what to do with Irish claims. This leads to huge issues in ireland. But i have to say instore issues over here are massivly reduced since our no quibble policy. Our policy now means that if there is a reasonable chance for us to replace a unit we will regardless. I would have imagined that dixons in england would have had a similar customer service policy.. Anon ... 17 November 2003


I am battling with them at the moment over unhelpful and abusive staff at the Brent Cross branch. Click to read details Ben Good...3 July 2002
I personally work for Dixons and i would like to point out that all purchases made at an airport (depending on your destination) can be made "Duty Free" which is generally known to any half intelligent member of staff in the company
Bob... 18 July 2002
Thanks for your note Bob. But what if the item is on the high st store shelves and not present at the airport? I was previously informed that you could order it for home delivery.Nick...23 July 2002
Yet another example of the unprofessional approach of Dixons in general. Whether the package is opened or not, (especially as you were unable to use it anyway because of the missing battery), in my experience, you would be entitled to a full refund as long as you had the receipt.

This would fall under their "easy exchange" or "wont be beaten on price" promise. (obviously this doesn't apply to shavers, toothbrushes etc.). The problem with Dixons (and Currys and PC World) is that they think they are a law unto themselves. As you have found they are most unhelpful (even when trying to purchase something!). This, I believe, is due to the fact the staff have limited training in understanding the products being sold or the policies of the company. They are quite simply not interested in their job.

I used to work for Dixons (not on the shop floor thankfully) about 15 years ago and it would seem nothing much has changed since then, apart from the fact they have made heaploads more money, and will continue to do so while the average man in the street still shops there. It is a tragedy that people do not realise they can better a better service from almost any other electrical retailer and at a cheaper cost. I realise this doesn't help you in your current situation, but it just annoys me that these substandard shop staff and mainly managers get away with this kind of approach.

Take my advice and buy nothing more form the Dixons empire which is more expensive than a pack of batteries. OK, so one person doesn't matter, but if everyone took this approach after a bad experience with Dixons and their associated companies (Currys, The Link, Happy Snaps and PC World) they would not have been so successful over the past 10 years, and may, just may have decided to do something positive about it. I guarantee you would not have had the same treatment from someone like John Lewis (and, no, I don't work for them!!)...Jason....15 August 2002
Jason - clearly a misunderstanding of Dixons/Currys policy here - once a product has been opened it cannot be exchanged unless it is faulty.

Incompleteness would qualify as well unless the missing part(s) can be supplied (which i this case they have been).

I also take point over your derogatory and somewhat offensive comments about the staff. In ANY organisation of DSG's size you will get idiots and morons in customer facing roles, but you also get (many more) knowledgable, dedicated, helpful staff.

My advice - come into store, check out the prices, and make your own decision about buying once you've found a member of sales-staff, because if we were all "substandard" we wouldn't be the market leaders...
DJS... 4 November 2002

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