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It does not surprise me in the slightest that Dixons has behaved like this. On the occasion I made the mistake of purchasing a Video recorder from Dixon's a few years ago, they really did give me the runaround when it starting playing up under guarantee. Also Curry's, as part of the same group, obviously shares their customer service training course, as I had no end of trouble when my girlfriend purchased an expensive camera for my birthday, on the understanding it could be returned if unwanted.

I did not need another camera as I already had one, to which I had to argue no end with the store manager before he very reluctantly gave a refund. He had just turned somebody else who wanted a valid refund just prior to my seeing him, as I heard the argument. They were not so fortunate. They overprice their items anyway, compared to online shops, use empiredirect.co.uk if you want something electrical, I have found them to be reliable.
Mark Sheppard...25 September 2002

I purchased a digital camera from dixons on 3rd september from there slough branch costing £250.It as since developed a fault. I took it back to the store today and i was told by one of the sales assistents the 28 days were up so they did not think they could exchange it for another camera. I was told to go back to the store on monday when the manager was at work and see him to see what he has to say. Mr A J Crockett... 26 October 2002
Every business makes a mistake, and the comments shared by Mr Fahey (although fair - they should have removed the sticky label) is not accurate. All electrical products (no mater what store you go to) do not sell external connection leads in the box due to the manufactures not putting them in - nothing to do with currys or dixons.

Every company makes a mistake and you can not just turn your back - because you had a bit of bad luck!!! no matter how big the company every single one makes a mistake, we are only human!!

As you can tell I do work for the Dixons Stores Group and even I get let down as an employee. But as a customer I have been let down by companys like Comet, Argos and even online stores! the mistakes all seem to be the same.

If you do have some bad luck with a store, you have a right to complain. But do not take it out on the staff - it is our job we don't always agree with what we are being told, like yourselfs in your jobs!!

And if you want to get anywhere, please be calm on the phone and talk to us, we will help you even more, no one likes a shouter or a person who uses "What am i going to get for compensation" sort. You will get alot more help if you are calm on the phone to us or face-to-face. because we have feelings and you lot do have a tendency to upset us - emotionally!! rememeber we are only beings on the end on the line not machines!!! Think before you speak!! :-)
Rob Cowell...3 March 2003
To anyone reading Mark Sheppard's reply: I suggest you do NOT shop at empiredirect.co.uk since their after sales service appears to be even worse than the Dixons Group (if that's possible). Mark seems to have been lucky so far. Just check out the complaints against Empire Direct on this very site.

To Rob Cowell, I'd like to say that the complaint about the SCART lead was not the fact that it wasn't in the box but that he was assured that it WAS in the box at the time of purchase. However, I agree that it's best to stay calm (yet insistent) when complaining. This can be a bit difficult because when you're being treated like an idiot you tend to end up acting like one. It is also best to confront the manager of the store where the purchase was made and speak in a loud clear voice so that all of the other customers can hear. I've had a few problems with purchases from the Dixons Group but have managed to get them resolved through perseverance (and probably not a little luck). I've since learnt my lesson and refuse to purchase anything from them unless it is the only place left and I need the item immediately. Even then I wouldn't spend more than I'd be willing to lose!

One last point for Mr. Cowell: If you don't like the way your customers treat you then I suggest you get a job at another retail outlet. For instance John Lewis have an after sales service that is second to none (again I'm talking from experience) and I have never seen anyone getting angry at their Customer Service desk. Alan Quin...20 March 2003
I dealt with the Hounslow branch of Currys. I own several flats which I let out. One of these flats had a new tenant and I bought a new cooker for her. I was advised that the TEBA was the cheapest. Considering the hammering some tenants give the goods I opted for it but I asked if it the cooker was serviceable and was told it was. After a matter of a few months it packed up. The oven wouldn't come on. Getting through to the TEBA service line was a nightmare. Endless "menus" and eternal waiting. When I eventually did get through the repair was booked but the people never turned up. I telephoned and booked several times, was always let down and was eventually told that their "engineer" had suffered a bereavement and it might be a couple of weeks before he could get out. After two weeks I tried again - more endless menus, another repair booked and the bloke didn't turn up.

When I realised I was getting towards the end of my year's guarantee I tried to ring Curry's. It's impossible. There is no number available for the store. I got in my car, and, by this time very angry, demanded to see the manager (and I do have his name). He told me that it was entirely my own fault. If you buy cheap goods you get cheap service. I told him I might tell TEBA that and see what they thought. He contacted TEBA. The repair was completed within a week and within a month the cooker had broken down again. I went to see the Currys manager (another one this time) again. He told me there was nothing I could do and it was my own fault for letting the cooker run over guarantee before it was repaired.

On both occasions the floor staff were very polite and arranged to introduce me to the manager. On both these occasions the managers themselves were offhand to the point of rudeness. I was made to feel grossly inferior and left the shop with a flea in my ear.

I did mention that if Currys really thought the goods they sold were inferior or that good service could not be guaranteed they should put a notice on those particular goods to that effect or, perhaps, not stock them at all. On both occasions the fellow sneered at me and said "we didn't say that". I have no leg to stand on. Nina Keay... 27 May 2003
I purchased a small AIWA cd player from Dixons in Gloucester on 14 June. It was the last one and they packed it back in the box for me while I paid. I specifically asked to ensure it was all there as it was a present and had checked it before he packed it. 2 days later following a trip of 100 miles I opened the box to find the remote,instruction book and arial missing. I contacted the store only to be told they had noticed the spare bits left over and had put them aside waiting for me to contact them! I have now got the remaining bits but have a round trip of 100 miles to deliver them and a packet of 4AA batteries for my trouble! The Manager failed to even make a direct apology when we went in to get the items. They knew about the missing items for over 2 days and failed to contact me - are they incapable of making a phone call? Why gather all that added information if they don't use it to aid the customer? Peter Sargent ... 18 June 2003
Given that Dixon's has featured heavily in the press concerning the value for money aspects of extended warranties
I would have expected the service to be offered in response to these to be of impeccable quality. Unfortunately in my case that appears not to be so. I now feel compelled to take my complaint to consumer groups who may have an interest. ..
click here to read details
.. John McDonald ... 25 June 2003
Reply to Alan Quin :
I do not think it is asking too much for customers to have manners and a common respect for human beings, after all people who work in shops are human beings. I fail to see what standing in a shop and shouting very loudly would achieve, except you being made to look a fool and probably ejected from the premises. Do you think that other customers listening think "o look that poor man is having to shout at the nasty employee" no they are probably thinking that you are a fool with no manners.
Shaun Scott ... 12 August 2003
Reply to Alan Quin:
I am afraid you are wrong about John Lewis, they debited too much from my card and still refuse to give me a refund. Although like you have do, I can give you examples of stores which have given perfect after sales, but then find someone else has had bad service off them. I would never stand in a shop and shout so others could hear, that would make me a fool Elaine Innes ... 12 August 2003
I brought a Pc from DIXONS in october last year (2002) and since then I have had 3 computers because they have all gone wrong in their own way, but 4 weeks ago, my third computer went wrong, all the data had been deleted and it kept over heating. I told the shop in BOGNOR REGIS and they have given me the run around for the last 4 weeks until I threatened the manager with a solicator and he amazingly found my store reciept that he said did not exist, i.e. the manager tried to tell me that I never brought the pc off him! He eventually agreed with me that the computer was faulty but still refused me a refund of £1255.99 and I even said that I would settle for vouchers. Nothing has happened since! Mr. Ryan Holcombe .. 5 September 2003
On 28 may 2000 I visited the great west road branch of currys and bought a matsui 32 inch wide screen Tv for £499.00
,It was on a special offer due to Ex display model and no remote But I was promised that in 3 working day i will have the remote .there was only one channel tuned in bbc1 at the time and iwas told I need remote to tune in other channel.

After 3 days I went back to currys to pick up the remote but was told that they have ordered it and will take 2,waited two wekk went back but still no joy, I was told they are out of stock so they had to order it from the manufacture and it will take 2 to 4 weeks, I waited then received a remote in the post which was the wrong model didn't work.In the mean time a bought a universal remote but didn't work. At this stage i was really angry i went back to store to complain and ask the salesman if I can return the tele and get another one. in reply he said I am stuck with the tv because it's over 28 day by contract I cannot return it
but he promised that he will sort out my problem by getting me the right remote for my Tv.

After waiting 2 more week I went back and the had the rght remote for me . brought it home tryed to use it but no joy it didn't work so i took the tele and remote to the currys to the repair section person there tested it and told me that that Tv is faulty they have to fix it at this point I was too angry after all that wait and suffering the was dodgy anyway the manager took the TV back .

But on my credit history it still shows that I owe curry for the TV. I have spoken to the manager several time and he said He will sort it out but nothing has been till today. Imran Durrani ... 28 September 2003
A few months ago during 2003 I puchased from your Worthing Branch Dixon's
a Grundig gdty2000 free-digit box. Since attempting to install and re-install many times have very little suucess with this system. Today I went into the branch to ask for some advice. A young man served me though he was very offish and rude as if he could not care less. Then I spoke to the man who sold this to me,he was totally dis-interested with my question. Now I have spent a great deaL OF MONIES WITH YOUR COMPNAY ALSO CURRY'S HAVE RECCOMMENDED SO MANY PEOPLE. Well so far as I am npw satisfied that I will not shop nor recommend any one to buy from your company again in the future. Thank you,
Peter Benton... 6 November 2003

Unfortunately I do not find this surprising. Staff are frequently untrained and will readily provide an answer with no actual knowledge and even less will to discover the truth. The mere fact they have not dealt with you complaint in any way is just more evidence of the contempt with which they deal with customers. I will never buy from this company again. Everything they sell can be found cheaper elsewhere and other companies, that value their customers, will deal with complaints a great deal more effectively, especially when there own staff are clearly at fault. Stuart Pike..19 April 2002

I had a very similar experience with Currys at Lakeside Retail Park
when buying a Sony DVD player for my parents last January.Fortunatly, I enquired with a sales assistant before parting with my parents money as to how I went about claiming the free DVDs, only to be told the offer had ended.

When I suggested to the sales assistant that they were acting dishonestly by still advertising the offer, he shrugged his sholders and walked off.So I also walked off and made my purchase (Sony Widescreen TV, VCR and DVD) at Comet. Steve Hall.. 22 April 2002
I'm afraid that I can't believe that Dixons response is even in relation to my complaint
as it makes no sense what so ever. Their letter dated 18th March simply reiterated their unwillingness to assist me and an offer now to 'assist me further' is just insulting. I will write them another letter but I don't think that they have any intention of offering any further assistance.

I am however grateful that the London Borough of Hounslow trading standards dept. are now involved. They have indicated a willingness to prosecute as Dixons have clearly breached the law. Mr Fahey...24 April 2002
Dear click2complaints team, Eventually I received a letter from Dixons concerning the appearance of this complaint on your website. Apparently they were surprised that I wasn't satisfied! They have sent me a cheque for £54 and gift vouchers amounting to £30 which I have accepted. I have no doubt, however, that this would not have been the end result if this information hadn't been put on public disply. Many thanks for your efforts.
Mr T Fahey...21 May 2002
I purchased a freezer from Currry's, Londonderry on 27th August. It wasn't in stock and had to be ordered from England. I waited approximately 2 weeks for delivery for which I had to pay. Last Thursday the freezer developed a fault.

The engineer came on Friday and told me that he hoped what he had done would sort the problem out. On Saturday, the freezer had stopped and all the food in it was destroyed. I phoned Curry's and was told that the manager would ring me back regarding the problem. Had I not phoned him today, I would be still waiting. I said that I was unhappy with the service the engineer had given and the fact that he had stated that the contents of the freezer would be OK. I feel that under the circumstances, Curry's should renew my freezer which clearly has not been fit for it's job. The manager was totally obstructive and gave me several pieces of wrong information including the number to ring the engineer (he said that I had to organise this myself}.

When i asked him where I should direct my complaint to, he said it was on my guarantee and accused me of being rude! I totally agree with everything this man has said. Currys/Dixons obviously have some way to go to improve aftercare services and also need to send their staff to charm school.

From now on, i will buy online or from small local dealers. I am currently without a freezer - again and have been informed that it will take several days to access the part needed with no guarantee that this will solve the problem.
Sonia Montgomery... 4 November 2002
I have had just the same happen
rang head office they just ignored me l have just wrote a letter but l know it will be a waste of time.
I bull...11 November 2002
I have just brought a fridge/freezer for £649.95
& have no operating instructions in english. When i phone currys at wyvern retail park derby, to ask for assistence in providing operating instructions, they simply let the phone ring for 5 mins then cut you off. not a word spoken E Tolley...24 November 2002
I have tried to get thru to currys in romford for 2 hrs,
on and off, but no answer. I then tried their main consumer advice line,I got thru after 20 minutes.The person said I should try them again in Romford and put the phone down.All I wanted was a stock check on a hi-fi.They obviously don't want my business ! Adrian Lewis...13 December 2002

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