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DFS what a nightmare. I'm amazed at the amount of distressed and disatisfied customers are around. i thought my case with DFS was isolated reading your page it isnt. I purchased a leather 3 piece suite with matching footstool in March 2002 costing £2,400 ... click here to read more
Gaynor Chisnall......13 February 2003
Alas I am another victim of DFS. after waiting 14 weeks my 3 piece arrived. unfortunatley the leather chair had a fault around the lower arm area, exposing chip board and sharp staples. after lots of apologies a person turned up to rip my brand new chair apart adjust some bolt on arms and all will be fine!. hold on this is a brand new piece of funiture made to the highest standards , this should have been inspected before hand! and before del! they think I am being totaly unreasonable. AM I ? A TROWER.. 10 June 2003
I have just purchased a 2 and 3 seater cotton suite for one thousand pounds cash. I have only had it 3 days and there is a very notice-able fault in the material and the front of the 3 seater. The manager is coming round in aweek to inspect the suite. If the suite needs repairing I will get refunded as you don't repair a 3 day old suite it is classed as faulty and by LAW I am within my rights to get my money back. Ms Rachel Boyd ... 1 September 2003
We went to a DFS store at the weekend and the first thing I did was to TAKE MY SHOES OFF!!! We then went round the store and tried the suites we liked. I put my feet up on all of them and laid down in the sofas to try them out. The salesman was quite happy with this and told us that this is what the displays were there for, He was very patient and told us to try the suites out at our leisure. Of course no one would put dirty feet on a new footstool but why did you not just take of your shoes?? This simple solution would have saved you a lot of hassle. When going to look at furniture it is ESSENTIAL to thouroughly try out anything you are interested in (I lay down on the sofa a lot so thats what i did in the store) it's no good to just assume that somethings ok when you have to shell out all that money and then live with it for years.
Cameron Robbins .. 3 September 2003
Can any one give me the address and telephone number of the complaints department head office for DFS sofas. No-one seems to know it in the stores!!!!!
Thank you. Carina Jones ... 25 November 2003

As a manager of DFS I find most of the comments on your pages very supprising and indeed inaccurate. How can you hope to publish an effective and informative website withou seeing the whole picture. I believe that if people started to act a bit more rationally and realised that it is after all a piece of furniture then we would be able to resolve the majortity of all issues. It is sources of info like this and Watchdog that create upset and wrongly create problems when non occur. anonymous on 24 February 2002
My question is, why would a store manager want to remain anonymous?
You would think that,if the Manager were comfortable with the DFS product and the after sales service given by DFS should that product prove to be faulty, he would be happy to be named.
I think his statement said it all, and I quote "AFTER ALL IT'S ONLY A PIECE OF FURNITURE".
I think this particular manager has a one sided view of things and is out of touch with reality. S.Withers...26 February 2002
could someone please tell me how to contact DFS head office and/or Qualitas
cannden80@hotmail.com... 11 February 2002
Why don't you just buy elsewhere? You know they advertise nationwide and the cost of those adverts is added to every item they sell, so why buy there?
Go to the back of the Sunday Times Magazine et al and look at the classifieds. I got a sofa, properly made and better than DFS, for £377 delivered. At Days gone by I bought storage capacity par excellence at a very low price, cheaper than Ikea and ready assembled, delivered.
These self assembly places and discount stores cost you more than the real thing, you are being hyped and hoodwinked.
Sue Doughty... 20 March 2002
Similiar problem with a new suite from DFS - footstool height a good three inches higher than the suite. After stonewalling from local DFS store went to a local upholsterer who replaced the base with flat castors thus resolving the problem. Cost ten quid. Continuing problem with the comfort of the suite which is far harder and firmer than the one in the showroom. replacement of fillings has not alleviated the problem and we are now contemplating selling it and starting over again.
David Hems..10 April 2002
I had a 3 seater and a 2 seater sofa from d.f.s about 8 months ago.
about 3 weeks later two of the zips that hold the arm cushions on broke so they came about 4 weeks later and repaired them. When they repaired them one was the wrong colour and one was stitched on in the wrong direction. The stitching was totally rubbish and it was the wrong coloured thread. We complained again. They came out to repair it again.

Shortly after we found that the springs in the base of the sofa had started to peirce the material so D.F.S collected our sofas to recover them. On the way out the delivery driver damaged our door frame and our suite. When the suite came back it was in worse condition than when it went, in fact it had two scratches over 12" long on it and the front of the arm fell off when the driver placed it in our living room. We spoke to D.F.S who offered us a replacement suite but no compensation for the inconvenience or the damage done to our door frame.

Eventually we had the replacement suite which immediatley had a fault on it. One of the cushions off the back of the suite was not stitched so it gave it a different appearance to the rest. after 6 weeks more faults developed . Two zips have broke and the caster block under the sofa has sunk inside. When we confronted D.F.S we asked for our money back but the manager said we could not have it. He asked us to pick another suite but a different model. The suite we have picked is £350.00 dearer than our old one but it is the only one we like. Iasked the manager if D.F.S could pay half of the price difference as a gesture due to all the problems weve had, so he said he would try and do us a good deal. The best deal he could do us was that he offered us a half price care kit for the leather suite we had chosen which came to around £40.00 i think. I found this a terrific insult after all weve been through and i am still asking for D.F.S TO MEET US HALF WAY on the price difference or i want my money back.
Shaun...8 May 2002
Sorry, but if you can't notice in the shop that a footstool is higher than a chair then what are you doing wasting £200 on it. All in all, I would say DFS did you a favour as there is no manufacturing fault. David...7 July 2002
This complaint highlights the fact that consumers "assume" a lot when buying.
They should check everything & not be afraid to put feet on footstools! The sale of goods act says you can't complain about things you should have noticed so they might well have lost had they sued, for example.
John...10 November 2002
I have read with great interest the complaints posted about DFS,
and would comment as follows: Clik here to read about this consumers experience and litigation with DFS. He also gives for useful "Insider" tips for dealing with DFS M Pugh.. 31 October 2001
I purchased a linda barker suite from your London Rd branch in Glasgow (Sept 03)We requested a delivery date of no earlier than 30/11/03 however explained that as we were getting 4 weeks notice from Wimpey Homes on our entry date We would may require an earlier delivery date of the suite from yourselves. My wife called yesterday and was told that there was a 14 week delivery, both myself are very angry that you have renaiged on the verbal agreement that we made with your sales assistant, in addition I am not satified with the response given by the Stores General Manager in his response in attempting to resolve the problem.

Finally I would insist that if D.F.S cannot deliver our suite by 21/11/03 or not after 30/11/03 we want to cancel the purchase (Please note that that this is the 2nd suite that we have purchased from D.F.S in a year and would feel really badly let down if you cannot resolve this issue. Regards
Archibald Fleming Tait, Kirkintilloch...17 October 2003
After reading the terrible stories about DFS my husband & I will cancel our trip to the Hedge End branch tomorrow (8/11/03) as we do not wish to buy from such a cowboy company.M&S here we come!!
Zoe Rideout...8 November 2003

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