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You the customer must understand that us poor souls on customer services in various stores do all we can in our power to help people! i agree some things on this website are disturbing but do not tar everyone with the same brush! i know personally i (as an employee) do everything in my power to resolve problems in a quick and appropriate manner(although sometimes not good enough) we can only do what people above us allow us 2! and it is us who get the abuse i know iv been on the end of it! Helen Sanderson ... 3 January 2004

I purchased a DVD recorder on the internet from Currys (Special Price of 244), on 18th December 2003.
Money went out of bank on 19th December. Told that it would be 5 to 7 days for delivery (may be before XMAS). After repeated EMAILS and attempting to call (unable to get thru) still awaiting. On 8th Jan, EMAIL sent to me saying item not in stock ! Still trying to get thru. Will never use them ever again. Steve Hardcastle ... 8 January 2004

My opinion is that the reported 0.1 in 1000 complaint rating reported by Oftel
in relation to orange is only possible because Orange refuse to recognize that people are complaining,that orange refuse to deal with complaint/s prefering to take the money instead and that Orange force their employees into a position where they have to lie to the customer because there is no appropriate or transparent customer complaints procedure. Isabelle Taylor ... 8 January 2004

My partner and I purchased a washing machine and fridge freezer from currys
and on delivery day it took two people four hours of continuous ringing on both customer and ex directory phone numbers to correct a delivery address that was incorect and the items were wrong due to incompetent staff giving up on the phone went to the store when returned home the delivery was already made to the wrong address and when got through to delivery company was told delivery would not be until after christmas. How on earth is a young couple who had just moved into their first home meant to cope over christmas without a fridge freezer. The management and staff are so lazy and unhelpful i will never shop in any of their stores or partner companies again. Miss Halls ... 11 January 2004
I ordered an Ariston washing machine from Currys online 30/11/03 and it was delivered 7/12/03. It didn't work at all. I 9/12/03 I phoned Currys, waited nearly 2 hours for them to answer, explained the problem and was assured my money would be refunded. 6 days later, Currys phoned and said I would have to get an uplift number from Ariston or I couldn't get a refund. I eventually managed to speak to someone at Ariston, who told me they don't give uplift numbers to customers and to phone Currys again.

Over the next 10 days I spoke to Ariston and Currys several times, both blaming the other and with Currys refusing to refund my money without the uplift number. An engineer arrived on 24/12/03 and pronounced the machine useless. More phone calls followed, each wasting an average of an hour and achieving nothing. We have now threatened them with the Small Claims Court but have had no response. By the way, the day after we originally complained about the machine I ordered a new machine from a small local firm who delivered it the next day- it works perfectly. Keith O'Donnell ... 14 January 2004
I recently bought a washing machine from Currys. It arrived with the top totally smashed in. I spent 2 hours on the phone and was promised that it would be collected and replace. When the delivery people arived they were ready to take the broken machine but had no replacment. I did not let them take the machine, I then went into the store where they made some calls and said that there was not even a replecment in their delivery centre and I would have to wait quite some time for a replacment, at this point I asked for a refund, and was told this could not be authorised by the store.

I have sent them 7 email with no reply, I have tried to call but have given up after waiting for them to awnser after 45 minutes. I have had no reply or even a conformation of when the machine will be collected. When Currys advertise they do it as a company and not as individual stores so I think it is aceptable to 'tar' them with the same brush. E Ettienne ...22 January 2004

I think Curry's attitude and behaviour is disgusting, and having read how they treat their customers I will not be buying anything from them.
Stephen... 25 April 2003
Response to Stephen.
Have you been into evey Currys store in the country, i doubt it. So why do you make a rash statement, which slanders every other Currys store. If you had a pint of lager and it was flat, would you not drink any lager again ever. A silly analogy i know, but it makes the point. Please dont judge the WHOLE company, from this bad experience.
Steve Jackson ... 30 June 2003
I bought a sony mini disk a mzm1 even got the extra warranty
and when it broke down it had to be sent away to get repaired when it returned there was no headphones. I am not satisfied. When i told the shop they weren't interested and told me there was nothing they could do as it was my fault they never got returned. Even when i spoke to the manager she said there was nothing she could do. Well i wont be buying anything else from dixons. I will be taking it further as a minidisk without headphones is useless not even a 'sorry we will look into it'. Malcolm Mitchell... 28 July 2003
I bought a Phillips wide screen (24inch) TV from Currys in Swansea
, S.Wales and I only had it for 3year and 7 months and the Tube had gone already. I puchased it on 28/11/99. Please e-mail the address of Phillip.
B J Coates ... 17 July 2003
Get your own back.
Wait until a busy period in a Currys store, wait for a queue at the counter, walk up and make a loud, outrageous statement about their goods or service. This embarasses the staff and the store, and loses them custom. Tony Miller... 19 July 2003
Currys store in Romford have refused to exchange my faulty camcorder
that I purchsed in Febuary to use on my holiday this august.I have only used it twice and cant wait two weeks for a repair .Im on holiday in two days .The manager could not care less. It seems Currys Managers cant make any decision on their customers behalf, so why bother to call them managers.
LAURA BISHOP ... 11 August 2003
Reply to tony miller:
Is this really the behaviour of a sane person, I would like you to do this and watch yourself on Video, what would you look like?
S Davis ... 12 August 2003

Response to Steve Jackson. The way that stores treat their customers reflects on them considerably. They are part of the SERVICE industry - clue is in the name. What happens in one store and is relayed by word of mouth reflects upon the whole Company. It is the responsibility of these Stores/the Company to ensure that all customers are treated fairly and in the same way. It is my opinion that Mr & Mrs Buckley were treated very badly - the only people responsible for that are Currys (they cannot relinquish that responsibility) - if this earns them a bad name for all their stores they only have themselves to blame. A Johnson ... 14 August 2003
Again I ask you the question "have you been into every Currys store in the country"
until, as a customer, you have, you cannot tar everyone or every store with the same bad brush. I had a botched operation once in hospital, that has not stopped me visiting any more hospitals ever again. no body is trying to relinquish problems. Unfortunately with every major company come major instances of poor service. Look at your own company, have all your customers been 100% happy all the time? In the RETAIL industry the problem with word of mouth is that with each repetition of the tale, it grows arms and legs. Steve Jackson ... 16 August 2003
Do what I did. I had a problem with a newly fitted kitchen and waited until the sales guy had some customers then made a scene.
I now use the Internet and get a better cheaper service from Empire with no hassles and no stress so far. Why people bother with rip off merchants like Currys I have no idea. I don't blame the sales staff just management.
Ian M Kirkman ... 19 August 2003
Reply to Tony Miller.
Are your suggestions those of an adult. You would not embarass anybody except yourself as most customers would be looking at you and laughing. The few minutes worth of lost business it would take to have you ejected would be money well spent. Steve Jackson .. 26 August 2003
Wouldnt it be nice to actually get through to someone in the store using the state of the art technology called a phone, i have tried for three days to get through to my local store in milton keynes after placing an order to the value of £700+ and being advised someone would call me back to confirm delivery. Guess what no phone call!!!

Probably doesnt surprise many people but surely if phones are in the stores and are ringing they should be answered and if there is not enough staff to answer the phones well then they should be diverted to a dedicated team to deal with such situations, as we all know nothing more frustrating than being on the phone and no one to answer it. I have had a few experiences now with currys, im sure there company statement is ''pre sale's care yes, post sales care NO'' S Wilson ... 29 August 2003
In response to the arrogant and out of touch comments of Mr Steve Jackson
(sounds like a Currys customer service manager), can I say that, no I haven't been to every Currys store in the country (heaven forbid), but I have recently had a very bad experience with purchasing a washing machine using the online Currys service, and have now sworn never to have anything to do with this awful company again. Management need to wake up and teach staff that being nice and helpful to distressed customers generally helps the company to do well! Professor Neil Brockdorff ...11 September 2003
Reply to the Professor - Thanks for assuming what my job is and categorising me as arrogant.
I am actually a college lecturer of history. I am not a Currys Manager and as I professor I thought you would exhibit more intelligence than that. I am the first to point out that not every retailer offers good service all the time and not every purchasing experience is a bad one. But whay would one bad experience put you off for life. Read the consumer watchdog reports online and you will find that the online shopping service provided by the Dixons Stores Group, in general, rates amoungst one of the best in the country. Also until you have actually researched how the management of a company train its staff, please dont make assumptions. Come on PROFESSOR... Steve Jackson .. 23 September 2003

The whole point of having the same company name is so that the customer can recognise it and judge all the shops the same way.
If you go to McDonalds, you expect to order your food in the same way, have the same food, and have the same decoration albeit with minor differences. No, you don't have to go to every single McDonald's in the country to expect that.

And yes, if you ever feel unhappy with your Big Mac, it is perfectly understandable for you to be unhappy with every single McDonald's in the world, and you will then forever go to Burger King instead.

That's the whole point of a brand name. So, steve jackson analogy is simply awfully wrong. Yes, one Curry's deed is expected to reflect on every other Currys. That's the whole point of calling yourself Currys. If a customer is satisfied with one Currys shop, he is expected to be happy to go to every other currys shop. If a customer is not expected to do that, and he has to visit every single currys in the land before he decides, then all the shops might as well have different names.

If I don't like lager in one pub, say Yates, of course it doesn't mean I won't drink lager again, but yes, it does mean I'll never drink lager in Yates again.
(Fortunately for pubs, most are still individually owned and very few are big brands) but no, lager is a poor analogy for Currys. If one don't like buying a washing machine in Currys, it is perfectly reasonable for one to never ever shop in any currys every again, and buy in comet instead, for eg.
Geoffrey Swain ... 2 October 2003
Mr Swain. The point is that If you work in a Currys store at one end of the country and you have given bad service, it is unfair to say this is how it is in all Currys stores. I have had terrible customer service in Comet in Basildon. But I have had excellent service in Comets store in Croydon. I would not be so small minded as to say, "i'll never shop at another one of their stores again"
Steve Jacksons comments are justified. Your comments of if you ate a Macdonalds and it was awful, you would justifiably be angered at every Macdonalds in the world - beggars belief and proves the point The customer is not always right. Sean Scott ... 3 October 2003
i work for such a company and pride myself on my high level of customer service.
i think that the last comment is tarring every single member of staff and large retail chain with the same brush. i dont think that the everyday consumer realises the complex workings of such a large company. it's only a dishwasher anyway. there are people in the 3rd world who cant even eat or clothe themselves for goodness sake. Kim S ... 18 October 2003
I 'bought' a laptop computer from the Currys store at Walton-Le-Dale Preston on Saturday 25th October 2003.
After paying a deposit I was assured that the laptop would be available on Tuesday 28th October as I explained to the salesman that it was for my daughter at university in the midlands and I would be travelling to that area on Wednesday 29th October specifically to deliver the laptop for her studies. Delivery was guranteed!

At 7.32pm on Monday 27th October I received a phone call from the salesman saying that deluvery was not possible but I could have a more expensive laptop (100 pounds more) at a discount of 35 pounds. This was not acceptable and I asked to speak to the manager. I was told that he was not available and the Deputy Manager was 'too busy.'

I subsequently enquired of his name whern he suddenly became available and he assured me that the fact that I would go elsewhere for my computer did not worry him or Currys as they were too big to be worried about someone like me! Despite my protestations re. a 'contract' as I had paid a deposit he put the phone down on me and it was a 'witheld number.'

I will, by more traditional means, contact the head office of Currys but despite the fact that I am 'only a small customer' never use their services I am sure will my many friends and associates.
Dr Steve Merrill ... 27 October 2003
I live in Southampton and will no longer use PC World or currys
as I have had some very bad experiances with them. In PC World I was left waiting at the till while a so call "trained" member of staff had to leave his desk to ask the manager what was 50% off of 10.00, he didn't know how to use the calculator or his brain. Unless you want to purchase a large or expensive item none of the staff our interested in helping out. Yet if I travel 20 miles down the road to Portsmouth it is quite a bit better, people will help out and tend to have some know how, but still it is the worst group for customer service I have known. Matt Knight .. 25 November 2003
Whilst I have every sympathy, it is good to know I am not alone!
I have had a very frustrating time with with Currys at Avon Meads, Bristol, and their agents, Merloni, regarding our new oven. Neither Merloni nor Currys like to answer their telephones and think nothing of keeping you waiting for 15 minutes before disconnecting you. This is before you can begin to discuss their faulty appliances.

A letter to the MD of Dixons and Customer Service Manager at Avon Meads will be sent tomorrow. Only hope we have an oven for Christmas but this is looking very doubtful as they took THREE WEEKS to call last month and now oven is out of action again. Seriously, we are at our wits end with these dreadful people.
Anne Gunter ... 1 December 2003
I purchased a ariston as100 for 260,00
and the machine is so bad i can't describe it. it has broken down 9 times so far inc the pump please advise asap
Sallyanne Renshaw ... 2 December 2003


We purchased a dishwasher from Currys in Kilmarnock
a few months ago. When we got it home the connections were also missing. A new set were supplied to us a week later with no problems at all. Its just one of these things. We had taps and a sink to fall back on! Done without a dishwasher for years, a few days with the sink did not bother us. James Dillon...27 October 2002
I cannot believe the store manager's attitude. Its absolutely appaling, the Head Office always take priority over any store manager, in any company there is a structure depending on what kind it is. The head office is always fairly close to the top (due to the fact the directors and MD are generally located here) I would strongly advise this "store manager" to remember who pays his wages and become a little less power orientated..
Johnnie McDougall...7 November 2002
never never never, buy anything from Currys/Dixons/PCworld
they are strains of the same virus. Pay 10-20 pounds more at your local white goods store and be rest assured of spotless customer service.

I have done this for years and still hear moans from friends about these so called super stores.. Remember they are a virus putting real stores and real customers focus out of business... Remember !!!!
Colin Constable...25 December 2002
I have had dealings with "Sean"
and I have found him to be thoroughly helpful and polite during. Not all Curry's members of staff should be tarred with the same brush. As with anywhere you go there are going to be helpful and sometimes unhelpful people. Miss Simmons..29 January 2003
I brought a washing machine from currys, on Boxing day and a few days later i discover a simular machine of better spec at a cheaper price.
I went to the manager Of Solihull Currys Branch Birmingham, he told us the machine would arrive soon and you would be able to swap it around. After a week we returned too the store , the Manager, said the machine counld not be exchanged or refunded. He began to argue and claimed we were lying which wasn't true.

I will be taking further action in this matter. After this occasion i will have to reconsider buying products from Currys store. I was extremely disapointed in the way i was treated throughout this problem which could have easily been solved by someone with half a brain. Iqbal ...20 February 2003

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