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I recently purchased a fridge freezer which was £50 dearer in comet than currys (2 doors away). On enquiring, Currys did not have the item in stock on that day, HOWEVER, on the following day - the day I purhcased - they had 4 in stock. Comet have refused to meet the price promise as they said that at the time I enquired, Currys had nil stock! Despite several e-mails, they keep referring to my initial request prior to purchase, and are adamant that they will not meet their price promise! Kath McCallum ... 11 September 2003
Bought a Kitchen from Curry's in Crawley and 5 appliances which consisited of Dishwasher, Washmachine, Oven, hob and extractor.
This has been a nightmare from the start: The kitchen turned up but we had no sink, the wrong lights, wrong handles, no hob , wrong kickboards and no glass for inside the cupboard. My husband had to purchase the majority of these through another company and claim the money back. The washmachine from the start was playing up and we had Indesit come out four times to make an assement, each time getting fixed. we then laid the floor only for the washmachine to pack up for the fifth time, we now have to take the flooring up to get the washmachine out, Ihave not had a washmachine since last week and not likely to get a new one until next week and have the inconvenince of having to take the floor up and get it re layed. The maount of times we have had to go into the store, phone up and travel around to purchase parts is ridiculous. I am now looking for some kind of compensation.
Clare Burton ... 5 November 2003
Mr Kitchen, were you aware that it is actually an offence
to benefit financially from an insurance claim? Are you attempting to defraud Royal and Sun Alliance (Underwriters of More Than) 'The Law' .... 11 November 2003
Regarding dixons. Would i buy or my family and friends? , no chance.
I bought a camcorder from dixons in plymouth,in 1998 it worked for a week. i was out of the country came back 11months later took the camcorder into dixons in plymouth. The manager said it would have to be sent away to repaired. A week later i got a quote of 90.00 to repair. i said ok. About a week later i was called overseas again, i called dixons in plymouth that i would be back in 7 months and would come in to collect the the camcorder when i got back. Went in to dixons they had sold my camcorder and the manager was rude and would not repay the price of the camcorder. Also phoned their head office, waste of time. So i will never shop at dixons again or thier other companies again
Kerm V. Lewis ... 10 December 2003


Of course Curry's will not match a price in Totenham Ct road...ever heard of grey imports??? JL..31 July 2002
Get yourself to House of Fraser, not only will they do a great price, they also offer a full 5yr warranty with 28"+ TV's!!!!! Price wise, they may be dearer, but service wise, untouchable.
Rick Baker 26, Grimsby ...5 August 2002

I have spent £10000s with curry but no more as they do not have any care for aftersales. Donelly ... 6 August 2002
I agree with you 100%. The "price promise" they offer is just an advertising scam. I have had a similiar experience in the past, but with Dixons. There was a time when the majority of their stock was commisioned to be made by say Sony, Hitachi, JVC etc. but a pre-requisite of the build and supply was that the model numbers would be unique to Dixons, so you couldn't "price promise" the product!

As for the comment made about grey imports on Tottenham Ct Road, this is not always the case, if you know what to look for, did you not read this guys complaint properly; they are authorised dealers, who by default would not be allowed to sell grey imports for this manufacturer. Indeed, compared to the Dixons Grp, who aftersales service leaves a lot to be desired, you would be better off buying the same product from Arfur Daley.
...18 August 2002
You are obviously missing the point , currys offered to upgrade your vouchers and then you decide to try and scam them and get it cheaper , so fair play , they should send you out new vouchers for the intended price you expect to get it for in your price match , then everyone would be happy ! , but probably not you because you expect to get something youre not entitled too. lol.
Andy Davies...25 September 2002
Your tv had become damaged and your insurance will allow you a replacement of equivilent spec. So the value of the vouchers should be for whatever the price is of the tv to replace yours like for like....Were you gonna send back the balance to the insurance company..umm i think not only looking to try a scam..YOUR TV WAS REPLACED that's what you were entitled to...
Tony..21 oct 2002
Interesting slant on replacing a product, most insurers deal direct & dont go for vouchers, so they would just have delivered you an equivalent spec TV, I dont see how you can feel you lost out. Any way you did not do your homework there is no price fixing between Comet & Currys they are the two biggest rivals, they were £100 cheaper & have an independant pricing team that would have homoured the price!!!!!!!!! Dave... 6 November 2002
Yes he is trying to scam them re the diff in price but that does not negate that they are failing to meet their price promise.
deep red...8 November 2002
It should also be pointed out that the offer is supposed to be available to purchase immideately in another store , and since you had vouchers for dixons and could only spend them with dixons your claim was completely false, don't you agree Mr Hat , yes i do ....Andy D ....5 January 2003
I fully agree with the inability of Currys to meet their price promise, I recently found a digital camera cheaper in Dixons, £249 as opposed to £299 (plus Dixons were offerning an extra %10 off ) and the Deputy Manager at Farnborough Currys informed me that they have a policy of NOT price matching against Dixons even though he checked the cheaper price at the Bracknell Dixons. The price promise is an absolute farce. I'll publish the response from Currys if they ever get back to me or hopefully you may see it on Watchdog first. By the way I know Dixons and Currys are the same group !
Mike , Berkshire....13 January 2003
I think Currys should employ a reverse price promise too
.. ie if you buy goods and they can be found dearer somewhere else the customer should pay currys the difference , its only fair dont you think ?
Andy D....20 January 2003
Why were you even trying to get a price promise!!!
Your insurance company are paying for it so even if Currys were to Price Match, they would have to contact your insurance company to issue you the right monetary vouchers, £1299 minus your £100 excess YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY £100.
Don...26 February 2003


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