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On the 11th January I ordered a condenser dryer and a Dyson vacuum cleaner off Curry's website. In addition to the charges for the appliances I paid a 19.99 delivery charge and a 10 charge to connect the dryer and remove the old one. The delivery date was set for the 17th of january. Indeed, a delivery man showed up on the 17th January, but claimed he could not get the van down the lane to deliver the dryer.

Now Curry's had no problem delivering a freezer before Xmas, so I can only assume that the driver didn't try too hard. He took the dryer back tot he depot (no sign of the Dyson). We received a call from the depot saying that the only way to get our dryer was to drive to the depot some miles distant and collect it ourselves. Now, I have a slip disc and a small car. In order to fetch the dryer i would have to rent a lorry, hire someone to connect the dryer and dispose of the old dryer myself - all things I had paid for. And, after all the whole point of buying on the web is for the convenience, and all of this was just highly inconvenient.

I said, therefore, that I would like a refund and I'd buy my goods from John Lewis, which has never failed to get a lorry down the lane. Well, needless to say, the depot doesn't do credits to credit cards; at curry's you have to phone the customer service (now thre's an oxymoron for you !!!) line no 0870 333 1222.

I spent and hour and a half on Saturday, an hour on sunday and a further fifty minutes at various times this week trying to get through to anyone - to no avail. I have sent five emails and written to the CEO of Dixons and the Financial Director of Dixons, which owns Curry's. All I want is a refund of my money - I have no goods. I have spoken to Barclaycard and disputed the charge, but no credit has been made.

I would discourage anyone from buying goods on the web from Curry's or any other member of the Dixon's group. Their attitude to customers is derisory, and their reluctance to refund money is bordering on the criminal. I have taken this up with the Trading Standards authority and will sue in small calims court unless I receive some action. Dr Margaret Theodora Zemek .. 22 January 2004

I am a manager for currys and would like to apologize on the companies behalf to the customers who have had a bad experience , we do try our best at store level but it is difficult dealing with the manafacturers and rules we have to abide by, a lot of the time it is sorted straight away but sometimes things do go wrong , when they do all i can ask is that customers dont get annoyed with us just be patient and help us to do our jobs , we are on the same side and do want resolutions , as they say an unhappy customer will tell many more people than a happy one. Andy D.....20 January 2003
In response to Andy D, I would like to say that, sometimes the Customer Service Advisor is not always on the "same side".

I understand Consumer Law, and the Adsvisor can sometimes state catagorically "consumer rights" which are totally wrong.

I suggest Currys seek to provide a simple policy for frontline staff, and as such the reputation of Currys will, in general, continue with pride.
Lyndy ... 2 February 2003
I worked for DSG Customer Services and they treat staff just as bad as they do customers. If anyone needs a complaint resolving i can supply you with names and address's that you can contact in order to get matters resolved. Thanks Ryan G... 17 February 2003
I purchased a Sony Television from Currys, Enfield Retail Park in Mid-Decemeber 2002. After 3 months the TV ceased to work.
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Lee Michaels.. 19 February 2003
I was in your so called super store on Thursday 17th of july
with the intention of bying a dvd with suround sound, after askig several of you employs and being there for nearly an hour, I had no responce id ask for a demonstration but still no one was intrested in helping or taking my money, a security guard came and told me that the toshiba unit i was looking at was U,S do you want my money or shall i go somewhere else??? I found your stalf completly rude and very unhelpful J.Jones ... 18 July 2003

Working for currys what most customers fail to understand is that in most cases the failure of delivery is down to a separate branch of the same company, which generally are difficult for us to contact as it is for the customer and the "help" they give us as well is just as inept as the person who eventually answers the phone.
Anon... 18 July 2002
I agree with anon - Dixons Stores Group has several departments that operate totally independently of each other - the repair/delivery/call-centres tend to hide behind their desks - leaving the store staff getting just as frustrated as the customer is and looking like idiots because the "systems" don't allow them to take any direct action. Bear with the store staff - most of them want the problem resolved as quickly as you do.
DJS... 5 August 2002

Today we went into Curry's Kidderminster to purchase a dishwasher, skydish and television. After half an hour of staff chatting toeach other and ignoring us we left and went to Comet who of course got the business.

We have purchased from Curry's before, a cooker in fact, and had the wrong cooker delivered twice. My daughter had an even worse experience with the incorrect deliveries.

When we wanted to purchase a refrigerator, washing machine and tumble drier Curry's were so rude that we went to Comet. You would think we would have learnt our lesson.

Dixons are no better and left us standing for 25 minutes when we wanted a Camcorder. Needless to say, we will not go to Curry,s again, too many worries and Comet a few doors down will get our business over and over again.
Mrs C. Jones ...24 August 2002

I wish to write directly to your MD please can you send me the address if you have time?? Mike Messila...30 August 2002
I have worked for curry's for just over a year. I work in a fairly successfull branch in yorkshire on the customer services desk. I would like to say that working in customer services is the hardest job i have ever done!

It just seems that nothing is ever simple! our policy is that if a product is damaged or faulty on delivery we shall either get an engineer out or exchange the product within 48 hours. As a customer you would expect this to be a simple task, BUT NO! in order for us to exchange a product we a have to contact to manufacturer for them to authorise the exchange, the manufactureres are rarely helpfull and are down right impolite, they demand a wide range of information, they take the details from us (if they answer the phone) then pass us on to another department then they send us back to the department we came from and so on!

Once this proccess has been completed they then ask us to get the!
customer to contact them ( ha a nervous grin appears on my face) "the customer has already tried to contact you on several occasions with no response" i explain to the not so helpfull person on the other end of the phone, their reply is "oh well i could contact the customer and ask if he/she would like a discount." my reply is as follows "the customer has had enough of this situation and just wants a perfect item!" (3 hours later and rather exhausted)"oh well the authority number is ......" "THANK YOU WAS THAT SO HARD!" ha ha now the next problem is proccessing the exchange .... but thats a different story ......

If the product had been delivered to satisfactory standards in the first place none of this would have to happen! RS...2 October 2002
I bought a Sony 29inch TV in April this year.
When viewing it for the time I noticed the screen wasn't straight. Also, every time I put in my Personal-Settings the memory would reset after a few hours. A couple of days later I decided to report the fault. The following week an engineer came and took a look. He said the memory problem was down to a Backup-Battery may be low and over a period the battery would recharge. Well things did get better but never stopped and I still had the problem with the offset screen. SO I decided to report the fault again.

An engineer came out and took a look at the TV, And that is exactly what he did, just watched it for 10 minute’s doing absolutely NOTHING. The funny thing is that it was CBEEBIES he was watching. Anyway, he said that he couldn't do anything and I had to have the TV repaired. I told him that I had the top CoverPlan and I could have a Loan TV. He said 'that was no problem I'll sort it out for you'. A week went past; eventually 2 men came to my house to collect the TV, but no loan TV. I asked where the loan TV was; they said they had no note about bringing a loan TV. I asked if it would take long to repair the TV, and they said 'you'll be lucky mate if you get it back in two weeks, they have a back-log of repairs to do'. I was not happy and told them that I could not go more than two days without a TV as it was the only one I have and I have 3 children to entertain. The men left without the TV.

I have since then phoned many many times to get my TV repaired and a loan-set delivered and have had no success. I have recorded all the conversations, even with the manager and played them to family and friends. They said they would never deal with a Currys/Dixons group again because of what they heard from the conversation with Mastercare and Currys (Heely Sheffield) Manager. I have asked for my money back and they say it cannot be done as I have had the TV too long. But I know under the Sales of Goods act that I am entitled to a refund it the TV is faulty. I now have to waste time going to get Legal help in taking Currys to court. I know I have learnt a good lesson and my experience will be passed onto friends, family and my children….
Mr W Metcalfe...28 Sep 2002

I was in your so called super store on Thursday 17th of july with the intention of bying a dvd with suround sound, after askig several of you employs and being there for nearly an hour, I had no responce id ask for a demonstration but still no one was intrested in helping or taking my money, a security gaurd came and told me that the toshiba unint i was looking at was U,S do you want my money or shall i go somewhere else??? I found your stalf completly rude and very unhelpful. The store in question was at Brooklands Weybridge.
John Jones... 18 July 2003

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