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When I purchased my freezer and insurance I was assured by Currys store that I would be covered for the loss of power due to any reason. I have claimed on the insurance and they refuse to pay up and state that the freezer was not insured for loss of power. In all good faith I purchased the insurance and feel that I have been naive and mislead by my local Currys. At the same timeI purchased a dishwasher, tumble dryer, washing machine as well as the freezer. I feel very disappointed that the insurance company will not pay up on my claim. The area where I live is very remote and I pointed this out to Currys and they assured me that I was covered for all eventualities.
Mrs D M Annable...2 November 2002

My sister & my self bought a dvd/video combind we had it for 1 month then it started going wrong when we recorded a program from the tv or sky the sound was to low and the picture had wavy lineon it.I took it back to currys at thurrock lakeside and the assistant told me that an engineer to look at it when he was in the store that week.

My sister phoned currys after a week to ask if the dvd was ready they told her that they sent of to chelmsford. I will not get another thing from currys
dpayne...8 November 2002
Well Mrs Annable your agreement does state that Coverplan does not cover for power failure and you have 14 days to read the documentation and obtain a full refund but as per usual customers aren't as switched on to reading documentation. Unlucky. Coverplan Staff Member... 11 Jan 2003
I bought a laptop from currys it crashed the first day
i had it and it took them over two weeks to replace. Combine that with the fact that they dont answer their new phone number 08706097472 (automated) and it took seven trips to the store as each visit was greeted with a new collection date. Now the replacement laptop has been giving me problems and has to go back! Currys no worrys eh? May i also mention that the first laptop arrived with no software disc yet the software (microsoft works suite) was pre installed thus had no certificate to my knowledge this is illegal punishable with a £20,000 fine. Does anyone know Bill gates Email? Lee Atkinson... 12 February 2003
Had a similar issue with a notebook purchase from PC World. The DSG support service were no help at any time, after 2 years of constant returns and badgering Sony, however, I got a replacement notebook from them. Persistence paid off eventually! Loyalty is a big word in retail industry, but means nothing to salesmen on the shop floor, nor to helpdesk ops who are only interested in leaving early on a friday night. The moral is, buy brands who have their own internal support teams & direct customer services. Despite the problems, I'd still buy Sony again. Edi Murphy..24 April 2003
My brother-in law took his dvd back to currys in october 2003 for repair, he took out 5 year extra cover when he bought his dvd. He was told in october that it, would take 7/14 days he went back when the 14 days were up and was told it would take 26/30 days,and so he went back after the 30 days and was told by a sales assistant that it is not ready yet ,the man was very rude and unhelpful it is now the end of December and he still has no dvd he said he will never shop at currys again,his cover number is 2285xxxxx would be very grateful if you could get his dvd back to him or a new one if the old one can not be repaired. as it 2months older than when he put it in for repair and he does not want to wait any longer.
Mr Chris Farmiloe ... 27 December 2003

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