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I have been left with a gas fire which does not function properly for three and a half years. It is again winter and at 70 years of age being cold bad.I have no other form of heating and am in dispair there is a constant flow of engineer with the same result "I must talk to my manager", where are these managers I have been refused access to them by the iniquitus call centre, I cannot aford to run the electric fires they offer me, I have had letters sent to them by Citizens advice and wept on the phone to age concern but the result to date is still the same no fire. ncidently the fire cost me 750 and was never fit for purpose. Can you help PLEASE. Mrs Ann Turnbull...29 October 2003
Reading all the stuff about the other poor people who have been driven to despair by British Gas comes as no surprise at all.
For the last few years B.G have been harrassing me for a fictious bill ranging from sums like 135-154-165 and so on. I have had a prepaid gas card where you have to pay before you use the gas so should never have been sent a bill! but that was too complicated for BG to understand, they continued to send bills, i continued to ring them and say i didt owe them anything. I asked them to point out where and when this bill was incured, they ad to admit they couldnt!.

They didnt even realise i had a prepaid meter! Once they eventually grasped this concept they then said Im must have been made to have the prepaid meter as i had run up a debt. NO, i had infact begged them to put one in so i could keep track of my gas consumption.

In the early days BG didnt like to let people have these meters as it did mean you could keep the cost down as you kept track of it. This of course was untill they clocked on to the idea that they could charge meter customers more for gas! Well done BG. Anyway after one particular phone call i said i was worried that my meter might get wrongly debited, (this is where they can swallow up credit from the card you insert in the meter, in a second . I was assured this wouldnt happen, but the very next day it did. They had adjusted my meter to take 5 from my gas card the moment it was put in to the meter. This went on for 8 weeks and they took 54 from me in this way. Every day for those 8 wks, i was told by the southampton office that the duraham office would be changing my meter back to its correct reading. (They do this remotely) every morning and every afternoon id ring and was assured it had been corrected. But it took 8 wks.

Then i was told because i had been treated so badly they would credit my meter with 154. Which seeing as 54 was mine they d nicked anyway that made it 100. a small price to pay as they made my life bloody hell.not to mention the cost of all the phone calls. Then some time later a bright spark at BG decideds i owe them money again! Why i ask,- because youve had 154 of gas with out putting any credit on the meter card! So i explain why and they dispute this and say it never happened. I tell them then as i have a meter you must think i mucked a bout with it and as thats a criminal offence you should take me to court and we can get this all out in the open. Strange they didnt want to do that! Energy watch got in involved and said BG said they were sorry and i was free to change surpplier, that took 4 attempts as BG kept blocking it after promising they wouldnt.

Luckily i have changed now but lo! The bills from BG have started coming again, i have resisited the temptation to wipe my backside on them and send them back, but only just. I apparently have 7, sorry 6 days to pay them 168 or i will go to court. I am looking forward to going to court to publically ridicule them. I am also going to go for a big chunk of compensation as they have caused me untold distress. Rosanna Webb ... 19 January 2004
On 13.01.04 my i woke up and i had no electricity.
I went to my metre and it was sparking and there was a strong smell of burning.I called british gas at 8.10 am and was told i would be a priority and someone would be out to sort the meter out asap.By 2.30 i was still waiting and without power, i called b gas again and was told to stay in my prperty and someone would be out.I continued to wait, by 5.20pm still no visit and it was dark by this point.

I spoke to yet another advisor who said i needed to call another number, i had been holding for 20 mins.I called this alternative number only to be told they couldn't help and i would have to call british gas back.I did this, now desperate for some assistance and they were no help at all. Eventually i got the emergency number for leeds meter department.

They advised me that no call had been logged and they had no details to call out to me.The man i spoke to was very helpful and sent an engineer to me within 1 hour.He said by law i should have had a call out within 1 hour maximum because the meter was a danger.I had to take a full day off work and my supply was not reconnected till the engineer arrived at 6.45 pm.I think this is absolutely disgusting, almost 12 hours wait when the metre was in such bad condition.The engineer has already put in a complaint his side, but i want futher action taken.I am seeking legal representation as i feel i was very badly treated by yourselves and your unhelpful staff.Electricity ref 8803xxxxxx.
Donna Radley ... 22 January 2004

Moved to current address 19-08-02.
I still have no gas, - (Full post code given, London)
Mr. C Turner (previous occupier) died months before current tenancy holder no relation at all.

I- Mr C Smyth have two daughters aged 11 and 13,and no heat supply card. Was assured that engineer would call 07-12-02 no one came to our aid is there a reason for this treatment? Mr C Smyth…7 December 2002

(details emailed to British Gas)
Update on 11 December 2002- response from British Gas
Dear Mr Smyth, Please accept my apologies for the problems you have been experiencing regarding your prepayment meter.

Unfortunately, our Prepayment department does not currently have the
facility to reply to your enquiry via email. []

If you would like to contact them by telephone, the number is 0845 600 0055,
and is available on a weekday between 8am - 8pm and between 8am - 6pm on a Saturday.

Alternatively, you can reply to this email with your telephone number and a
suitable contact time and I will pass this to my colleagues in the
Prepayment department who will call you back.

If you require a written reply, you will need to send your enquiry in
writing to the following address.

British Gas
4 Marine Drive

Once again please accept my apologies for the difficulties you have been
encountering. Thank you for contacting, the online home of British Gas.

Kind regards
Dion Gordon Customer services
Today i have for the last 3 hours tried to contact british gas to give them my electricity meter reading, only to be told that they are all busy, told to contact them again between there usual hours. I am angry that the cost of telephone calls are at my expense and that they cannot be bothered to ask me for my contact number. They will soon send me a reminder of which i do not want to pay...I am that pissed off with them that i am now looking elsewhere for a supplier. Dorothy Allen...12 May 2003
I have today been a subject to humilation,distress anxiety and it's lucky that i do not suffer from a heart disease.
I was issued with a warrant from the electricity board to check my elctricity meter "all because" they were informed from the british gas board that their collegue saw something suspicious.It was checked and was found to be 100%OK.

My phone calls to british gas has been unforthcoming....Have not given up yet as tomorrow will be WAR as i intend to find out who is THE VINDICTIVE BXXXXXXDorothy Allen... 28 May 2003