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I have never felt so despondent with British Gas as I do today. Usually I have been only too pleased with the work carried out. I have put up with a lot over the past three years, but things have finally come to a head. I will start with a log from today going back. No hot water or heating for 4days! Click here to read details.. P Swift.. 2 September 2003

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Jack Kybird.... 28 June 2002
We also are very miffed with British Gas; we had a service agreement, which we assumed was buying us expertise. We also had to fork out over £500 for a powerflush and a system modification, 5 years after it was first supposedly inspected by a supposed expert.

I suspect that the "service agreement" is just insurance - you aren't necessarily getting expertise for your money. The best thing to do is let BG know that you are terminating your contract and that you are telling all your friends how useless BG are; that's what you would do if you got grief from your car insurance company.
Handy Andy... 4 July 2002
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What can I say? I called out British Gas after seeing a ad in the thomson directory. My washing machine had gone wrong and I foolishly thought it would make sense to get them out to have a look at it, rather than get ripped off by a local cowboy. The engineer turned up, took a look at it for 10 minutes and said it's not worth fixing and you'd be better off buying a new one. I then get a bill for £80.00.

This implies a hourly rate of £480.00. I phoned them up several times to question this, each time I was told someone would call me back. Did they hell! I paid them rather than get a bad credit rating BUT it has taught me to have nothing to do with this shower in the future. If I conducted my business like they do theirs I'd never work again. I think that I got off lightly compared to the people on this site, and count myself lucky to have an all electric home. Their kitchen appliance cover scheme looks overpriced too!
Impressed, London...19 August 2002
Touche!! .. and I thought I had a bad time! I also ordered an expensive boiler - including fitting - through British Gas (relying on the 'superior' service :-((. The boiler didn't work right from the start. I thought a simple phone call would do the trick - small chance! It took two days, and innumerous phone calls, via officious, and rather sanctimonious staff to finally receive an acknowledgment that I had the right to a replacement - rather than a repair (not Brish Gas policy I was told!!). Now begins the problem of fitting.

I have received a short note in my post box to say that someone has been around. I have made it clear from the start that I am availabe after 4.00pm and at weekends. (I work - that is why I could afford the system in the first place) - But this note (predictably) is now quoted as evidence that they have tried and so the fault is mine. After reading these complaints, I see that the adventure is about to begin .... wish me luck - Winter is beginning and I have just had British Gas rip out my old electrical water heating to replace it with an expensive non-functioning alternative. Sharon...4 October 2002
I thought it was just me who got stuffed (well nearly). I called in British Gas about 6 months ago as my boiler had broken down.It is a combination Halstead boiler.They where going to charge approx £125 for 45mins, but I had the piece of mind of a big quality outfit.I had alredy called Halsted for advice and they said it was more than likely the fan veture needed cleaning out. When the engineer came I advised him of my conversation with Halsted he concluded that infact the presure switch had gone and that the fan needed replaceing, although he would have to drill the cover screws out as his screw driver would not get them out.

Being a carpenter I could see why he was using an old philips screw driver and the screws where pozy type screws. He quoted me approx £600 to do the work. I contacted Halsted and they where shocked, they faxed me details of how to strip down the boiler to clean the fan veture. Armed with the correct screw driver (£5.99 he said it would cost £90 to drill the screws out) I carefully stripped the boiler down and cleaned out the fan venture, reassembled and fired the boiler up. It now works perfectly and no parts needed replacing. Thanks British Gas for nothing. Melvyn Gray...5 November 2002