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Please note that cut cost bill for paying within 10 days of date of bill - personal reading giving late p.m. 31.12.03, following day Bank Holiday. There was no way that the payment could have been made within 10 days of the date of bill (31st December)as it was many days later that the bill was received. I am not at all impressed! Hilary Wood .... 13 January 2004

I am on prepayment meter with british gas
and have received no statements since i joined them in 1999. Like you they never replied to my letters . kybird.. 27 June 2002
British Gas fitted an Energy Efficient new heating system in my new home in March.

Since then we have had continual problems from hot water running cold, to damage done in the property, to cheques failing to turn up, to the boiler not running energy efficiently as they have laid the pipes the easiest route making the boiler work overtime therefore not energy efficiently.

Needless to say - 10 complaint letters and hundreds of calls later the problems are still not resolved and a manager Chris White claims "it's got nothing to do with me"

We are still waiting for a reply and our cheque and yet they seem to think that we will pay the full amount of £4k to them for the lovely new "useless" boiler they fitted. Nadine Readie... 16 October 2002
BG fined for obstructing account-shifters

Mary O'Hara
Thursday April 17, 2003
The Guardian

The energy regulator, Ofgem, yesterday fined British Gas £200,000 for flouting regulations that allow customers to switch suppliers. Ofgem warned


other gas and electricity companies to expect a "clamp down" if they were found using similar practices.
The fine follows a six-month investigation which revealed that 5,000 British Gas customers had been wrongly refused permission to move to another company. Under the energy companies' licences they can refuse a switch when the customer is in arrears, but Ofgem ruled against British Gas because the individuals affected had no outstanding debts.

It is the second such penalty issued by Ofgem under new powers acquired in April, last year. The first fine was for £2m imposed on London Electricity and its affiliate, Virgin HomeEnergy, in October last year, after an investigation exposed doorstep salesmen fraudulently signing up customers.

Callum McCarthy, Ofgem's chief executive, said: "This was a clear abuse of the special rules surrounding the position of customers in debt. These customers were unfairly stopped from switching to a new supplier.

"This is unacceptable behaviour which is why we have proposed this penalty," he said. "Energy suppliers must make sure that their houses are in order or face similar consequences."

Almost 160,000 people switch their gas or electricity to another supplier each week, according to industry consumer watchdog, Energywatch. About 50,000 complaints received by the watchdog last year concerned problems with switching suppliers.

Ann Robinson, chair of Energywatch, said: "The more signals which can be sent to power companies that they cannot ignore their obligations and play fast and loose with customers the better."

A spokesman for British Gas said the company accepted responsibility and put the problems down to human error. "We totally accept the decision."

"These were a very small proportion of the number of people who switched. We have since clarified the procedures for the staff who made the error and they have been retrained."

British Gas said that all 5,000 cases had been resolved but could not confirm whether any customer had received compensation.

It will not appeal against the fine. Andy Steele... 20 April 2003
Hope you can help us? My wife and i are at our wits end.been trying to sort out a long and ongoing problem.this was all to do with a final bill reading which was under read by themselves.It has now come to the stage where we are receiving threating letters from a debt collecting company.What started off as a bill for £130.00 has now risen to £283.00 through no fault of our own! Please can you help? Cheers Mr A J Cole. .. 26 September 2003
In response to Mr A Coles submission dated 26 September I too had problems with a final bill from British Gas. It is now almost 3 years since this trouble first started, BG put a default on my credit file without telling me and I was subsequently refused a mortgage earlier this year! I am now in the process of trying to reclaim costs of 1k from BG but they seem to think of this as compensation a refund of the money I have had to spend due to their mistakes. They have acknowledged it was their error but aren't prepared to pay up. I faxed the chairman yesterday because every member of staff I have dealt with so far is either unwilling or unable to help. Mrs Kenyon...29 October 2003

I have been fighting with b.g now for 4yrs over a bill that does not belong to me and that i have given them proof of this i,m not at all strong enough to keep fighting them over this i still have the proof please help me as they are making my health bad over this stupid bill. Lisa Cooper ... 18 December 2003