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I had similar complaint as Mark Perry when engineer was called to sort out the fault February last year ,which he refused to attend instead he turned down the boiler certifying dangrerous and contacted the authority concerned to turn the gas off, leaving two pensioner in the freezing cold.

Though I had 3* contract since 1987 and they were obliged to replace any
parts under the Terms and Conditions. When I asked for quotaion I found out it was over 100% over and above I had been quoted by third party. I did not know of any independent body with whom I could have lodged the complain. I complained to Energy (Newcastle Office) as I was advised by the Standard Trading who prusumbably have no authority.I was shocked to hear this morning on BBC 5 Live that there are many more who suffered the same fate.
Piara Singh Panesar ...23 January 2003
November 2002 I asked British Gas to Supply and fit a gas prepayment meter. I recevied a letter back with My new gas card and the date was set for Tuesday the 10/12/2002 AM , this has never happened . I phoned up some 14 days ago to complain I was toild thhat I had given the wrong post code whitch all the correspondence show the correct post code. I was asked to hang on for so this chap could organise a new date6 minutes later I get cut off I no phone back no letter no nothing and I am still waiting for my meter. The very same thing has happened to the the electric Quantum meter that should have been fitted on the 12/12/2002, Do iI have those metters fitted very soon or have I to wait another few months. regards
Mr G Innes...1 February 2003

I used to work for british gas in Uddingston, Nr. Glasgow in their Service centre for 2* and 3* contracts. Do not believe a thing they tell you it is a complete rip off and the service they offer you is abysmal. I left on the grounds it was utter shi*e and I am now experiencing problems with them in my first home.
I cant say | email:| Glasgow... 14 February 2003
I had a new boiler installed by you last week, over the course of 2 days.
I wish to complain about the way my house was left, and the blase manner in which your quality inspector handled our concerns, as he did not seem to care.I had a vase broken by one of your engineers and chippings of paint made to the woodwork around my home.

The electrician took up our newly laid hall carpet to install a cable, after assuring me that he was able to put it back as he found it. This is my main complaint. He was unable to relay our carpet. Nor was a further electrician sent to try. I am also unhappy that I was left without any heating overnight, during the coldest spell of weather this year. I was not told that I would be left without any heating/hot water & gas overnight when I booked the installation.

I telephoned your Stockport office on 21 Feb requesting arrangements to be made for our carpet. To date I have not had the courtesy of a response.If this is the service I can expect after spending £4,500 then your written promises are not worth the paper they are written on, and I would be unwilling to recommend British Gas to anyone after the customer service I have experienced.

I am now suffering a heavy cold, a result of being left with no heating. I am satisfied with the quality of the installation of the boiler and I appreciate the hard work of the two fitters. However, I found the electrician very rude (this has been addressed by your quality controller).I should be grateful for a response to my concerns as soon as possible, and confirmation of when you intend to provide a carpet fitter at my convenience. I still have not had a response.
Tammy Holland...25 February 2003.
We were left without heating for one month during the coldest part of January
after British Gas failed to rectify a recurring fault on a boiler just over three and a half years old. They contacted the manufacturer, who became intransigent and BG, after handing their problem to this manufacturer made no effort to ascertain whether the problem had been resolved.

Despite having a service contract we were left without heating for one month and had to purchase and then run electric heaters. Despite repeated letters and emails we have had no response from British Gas. Who, ironically, also supply our electricity. John Alan Meeks...11 March 2003
We have 3 star contract with BG for last 5 years.
Boiler stopped 2 weeks ago. So far they have come 6 times but not managed to fix our boiler (which means no hot water or central heating). Can only talk to call centre staff as that is 'the process'. No one in BG seems interested - in fact they all make us feel that we are causing THEM a problem. No end in sight and just don't know what to do..... M Boda ... 4 July 2003
I work for British Gas in Stockport and I answer the phones to customers just like yourselves.

I dont appreciate how I am treated over the phone and the verbal abuse and emotional blackmail I have to endure just because you cant get what you want. If every customer read the terms and conditions of there contract then you would find that 95% of the complaints are not valid. Within the call centre the quality of customer service is exceptional.

I just cant understand how people can get so upset over not having hot water or central heating over night!! I myself would be extremely pleased if I could get an engineer out the very next day for any sort od fault on my central heating. Another thing that also annoys me is the way that people seem to think that we should work around their lives.

For instance we get customers on the phone saying ive got no central heating or hot water but I work from 8 til 6pm so I need an engineer out afetr 6pm or at 12.30 exactly when Im on my lunch. After explaining time and time again that it is a morning or afternoon time slot they still persist on arguing with you. This is the policy of British Gas to offer these time slots and it WILL NOT change.

The things myself and my colleagues say over the phone are what we are trained to say. No matter how much you ask to be put through to a manager you will always be told that you can have a callback within 90 mins but the manager will indefintely tell you absolutely nothing different than the person you spoke to before. The simple reason for this is that what we tell you and offer you is the absolute best possible. If we say the soonest we can get out is tomorrow then that is the soonest, there is no need to argue, the simple fact is that the engineers are booked up until that time.

Whereas I appreciate that some people do have a valid complaint the rest of you merely complain just because you cant get what you want. If you all wanted a service that gave you gauranteed time of arrivals for engineers and immediate call out then you would be paying a LOT more than £13 a month.

If you want that type of service you should be paying about £35 a month at least. At the end of the day you know that £156 a year for complete labour and parts cover is an exceptional service baring inmind that if British Gas need to replace a part in your boiler it more than likely costs us more than £156 for that part alone. Annon ... 17 August 2003
I pay for my mother's British (Scottish) Gas service contract,
which was to cover her heating system. For over a year the price went from £12 to £17 a month.This was taken from my bank account by direct debit. When I telephoned British (Scottish) Gas to ask why I was told that the contract had been increased to cover the Gas Cooker and hob. I never authorised this. One reason being my mother who is 93 years old doesnt have a cooker and doesnt cook.

I have phoned time and time again to ask for a refund of the over payment. The most I got was a an amended contract for the original agreed amount now being £11 a month, due to a low call out discount. Other than that I have had nothing.I really do not know what to do next, please advise.Regards
Marilyn Mair...9 September 2003
I have received a bill from british gas for 59.29.
I have not been with b.gas.
I am with London Electricity For over a year.the no on it is 5602563392
Can you please rectify your mistake as I do not owe anything.
M. Obrien, London... 21 October 2003
Three weeks ago ... I put my central heating on for the first time.
After a few days I realised that there was a problem as the heating remained on 24 hours a day even though I had the timer set to come on at 0700 and go off at 0900 and, on again at 1200 and off at 2100. The only way I could stop the heating from working was to switch the thermostat to zero. Read more
Bernard Hope .. 31 October 2003
I have moved into a new property last weekend.
Still got no gas or gas card. Trying to call british gas is no joke. My 3 kids are now sitting in cold and i again cant speak to any one from british gas. They wont even respond to my emails what do i have to do???? Darren Carton ... 2 November 2003

All too familiar - I have received consistently bad service from British Gas in every way. When you phone their staff are trained not to put you through to anyone senior making it impossible to get anywhere. Any advice on how to persuade them to put you throught to a supervisor straight away would be welcome. Rachel Brazil...19 November 2001
I totally agree and sympathise with this poor individual. British Gas is totally and utterly useless. Clara... 21November 2001
When british gas took over national homecare I was 4 months without a washing machine
I only got new machine thanks to insurance company not the srevice people
I am still out of pocket, I had to transport washing five miles every day during this time 2 daughters got married despite 4 letters to john booker, customer care manager I have not even had an acknowledgement. I'm disgusted with their don't care attitude. If ignored complainant may disappear not likely
Mrs E Hodick .. 20 November 2001
British Gas has let me down badly. Their dont care attitude and cant be bother to do anything about it, has left me in no doubt that the organisation is run by fat cats, on a 'rip off as much as we can' philosophy

After 4 month requesting change of consumer and many legal threats they have just acknowlege their mistake and changing their records. In the mean time the customer was left in the cold with not even a single offer of compensation. George Gatt... 26 January 2002
I have been trying to change my gas supply away from British Gas for 4 months now, with them stopping the transfer 3 times by objecting, initially no-one could explain why, then some story about Transco not updating their records, then it was supposedly sorted ( still isnt ) always promising to ring back and never doing so, they really do seem to have an army of " pass the buck " advisors. An ordinary company operating this way would have gone bust years ago. Robert Stokes.. 18 February 2002
I can get no response from the national central heating centre. Having had a new boiler installed I should have been given a certificate of assurance, I should have had the boiler explained by a quality inspector and I should not have had a gas leak immediately the installer left. Because of other workmen's dustsheets & toolkits in the room, it took a week for me to realise that the smell was a gas leak. I do not want compensation, I just want the national support manager of the national central heating centre to say sorry and to let me have my inspection & certificate. They have taken £4,000 and abandoned me. Can you help? Paul Botterill...22 March 2002

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This sounds very similiar to my complaint re Brit Gas. I have been unable, despite four phone calls in the last month, to log my name as the consumer. So far I have received letters informing me to contact them and to pay upfront for the gas supply. When I call them they claim not to supply the gas at the property!

I am now on my 5th call to try and get my direct debit details accepted and my name on the bill. When I ask to be put through to someone senior I am fobbed off, cut off or the best one yet "my manager is in but doesn't start work until 11.30am" Michelle Champion ...7 June 2002
Hey, I am currently on work experience at The call centre in Stockport, next time your being kicked around like this
A) ask to talk to there Team Leader,
B) ask them if they can have AST contact you, I am guessing you where on 3 star cover? Remember I don't work there just on Experience, and your complaint took a bit to reply to for reason I guess to be is, A The Huge Back Log they have of work, but when I went on the call centre for a day to listen in you would not belove the abuse the poor Call Centre Staff Have to put up with, if you want I can get one of the team leaders, or someone higher to read this page and reply to you if you want me to do that contact me by email on xxxx (email editor for details) as long as its be4 the 27th of September I can pass it on :-) Nicolas Raimo....18 September 2002
I have had the same problem with British Gas 3 star cover - Broken boiler - no hot water or central heating - the soonest they can visit is in four days time. Completley unacceptable and it is one of the coldest days of the year. Im typing this in bed with a scarf and coat on!
D Jones...10 December 2002