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Avis south africa is probably the worst company in the world to deal with. Their car smashed into mine and up to this day i am still awaiting payment. The whole incident was blamed on me. While we struggle to make ends meet the directors carry on with a cushy life. They have done nothing to help. My comment is please do not support these arrogant people. They have no sympathy for other people. Trust me they do not try harder.
Sunil…20 march 2003
Having read this letter, this appears to be a mirror image
of what happened to me in Cyprus in February 03. I hired a car through Avis, as this was the company recommended by JMC.

We asked for a car, one from the cheapest range being £14:00 a day, I hired it for 3 days. The gentleman said that we had to do accident waiver damage, and when I said that I had my own cover in England he told me that this was not adequate. So eventually I agreed, this I was told was at a cost of £2:00 per day. In addition extra money for breakages and punctures which was to be an extra £3:00 a day, this should have equated to £19:00 a day to my calculations, however, the gentleman took my card number but did not complete the full total for the bill. I have had £109:90 deducted from my account. Following which I recieved an invoice from Avis which shows a grand total of £90:59. How did Avis reach this sum? Cost of £17:00 per day for the car, plus £9:00 per day collision waiver and £2:00 per day for ER, plus £24:77 for refuelling. The car was dirty and the seat belts faulty and when we tried to contact the Avis office, there was no reply.

Was I satisfied, I have had many trips abroad and usually rent a car, this is the worst car I have rented and the first time I have been ripped off. I had always thought that Avis was a trusted company, this does not seem to be the case. I believe that Avis owes me money. No one mentioned fuelling costs, the gentleman who brought the car said that it was included in the price.
Christine Bearne...26 March 2003
I booked a holiday to benidorm last week i went throughth the internet to get a report about it . To be quite honest i dont think it is realy your fault i blame the travel agent it was travel planet in paisley rd west glasgow they phoned me about a holiday to benidorm but they couldnt give me any information on my holiday because they didnt have a brochure. They also told me that i had to pay for the holiday that day other wise the aparment will be gone so i did because they said they wouldnt give me a holiday that wasnt suited to me and my daughter who is 8 years old. The place they gave me isnt suitable for me and my daughter. The aparment is dirty, the pool is miles away also the pools are dirty. It also is in a reditentle place there is no way i am going to that place i still would like to go to benidorm a place that it is clean and centre for me and my daughter also everything is handy and plenty of entertament
bridget mc bride ... 25 June 2003
I bought a Peugeot 306 3yrs ago and it is now years old. My car has full service history and has only done 30,000 miles. Recently there was a fault and it kept cutting out, I took it to a Peugeot garage and they charged me £850 to get if fixed. This is 1/10 of the cost of the car. The fault was in the engine, and the cost was mainly the parts. I am disgusted that they would not offer me any financial help because the warranty had run out. This is not due to general wear and tear, it is a malfunction in the engine. I can not understand how parts that cost so much could go wrong in the first place. I suggest that any one thinks twice before buying this style of car !!
Penny Simpson .... 25 June 2003
Where can one find an address for Avis? I, too, have written a letter to a place back East, but have received no reply.
Sandra Hermreck ... 4 September 2003


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David Macdonald ..22 August 2002
I sympathise with Ms Chester
as I have also been subjected to the AVIS cold shoulder. My problem was that the car I hired suffered a crack in the winscreen for which the perpetrator admitted full responsibility. AVIS deducted 100 pounds with a promise to refund once the insurance claim had been settled. Needless to say I've had no contact from AVIS despite a letter and several emails. So much for the "we try harder" slogan.
Alan Lintott...8 February 2002
I also have a major problem with Avis and their lack of customer service in dealing with my problem. I recently hired a car from Wrexham for two days with return to Manchester Airport.
Wrexham presented my contract sleeve with hand written details of my name, dates of rental, and return to Manchester Airport. Unfortunately the contract only recorded one day hire and no mention of Manchester return. This was not spotted when being asked to sign in six places for various conditions.
This was presumably a simple operator error when completing his computer entry data.

The real problem however was after the car return to Manchester at 7-30am on March 01 and no staff available to check out the car, the keys and pink contract copy were returned to the Avis desk manned by a single employee. Several days later it was found that Avis had charged my account with an extra days rental because the car was not taken off hire until 10-30am and they had debited my account 600 Pounds for damage.
I am 100% certain there was not any damage to the car of any form when left in the return car bay.
My e-mails to the Avis web site on March 10 and two subsequent ones over the next four days were not acknowledged. I had to telephone from my location in Southern France to Wrexham who were very understanding and passed on my complaint immediately.

On the 18 March I e-mailed again asking for action to be taken otherwise I would be forced to take legal action but again no response as of today March 21. I have proof of refuelling time, flight bookings and boarding pass stubs to confirm my return timing but Avis do not appear interested in this evidence!
How does one get any help on such matters and compensation that causes a customer's account to go into overdraft for several days before one finds out?Geoff Beeston... 21 March 2002
Re: my 21 March 2002 complaint.
Thanks to the actions by the Avis Station Manager at Manchester Airport my problem was dealt with to my satisfaction. I was also advised that personnel would be introduced to ensure that returning cars would be checked out as they were returned. This will hopefully prevent any future events of a similar nature to other unfortunate customers. Geoff Beeston....11 October 2002
I too am a victim of Avis, we booked a car through Thomas Cook and had a similar experiance, collected car in Tenerife returned home and recieved invoice without authorisation credit card debited with 32+ euro's at an exchange rate that would make the chancelor of the exchequer blush! so my answer is to avoid Avis at all costs and to convince my family and freinds to do the same and anyone else that will listen. robinsonr...23 October 2002

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