22 November 2003
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13 November 2003



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Kitchens Direct (Moben kitchens) Manchester
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Caroline Coard
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Paula Ley
Regional Customer Services Manager
Kitchens Direct
2 Brindley Rd
Old Trafford
Manchester M16 9HQ

21 October 2003

Dear Ms Ley

Order Ref: 66xxxx

At this point in time I feel the need to formally complain about the appalling and farcical way my order has been handled by your company and also to inform you that I have instructed Barclaycard to enter into payment dispute with yourselves regarding this order. I have a kitchen which after 3 weeks of constant phone calls, 4 separate deliveries and 2 aborted fits is not fit for purpose and as I have not as yet been informed of any firm plans to sort things out I have no confidence that they ever will be.

To detail the current faults with my kitchen:

1) 4 out of 7 cupboard doors are not fitted and one ifs faulty.
2) The wall mounted corner unit is not fitted correctly (as per field installations report)
3) The dishwasher door will not open ( as per field installation report)
4) There is no shelf in the under sink cupboard
5) there are no handles on any cupboard
6) The gas hob was disconnected yesterday and has not yet been re-connected.

I believe the 4th delivery of worktop should be with me on Wednesday ( it should have been here today but the factory forgot to send it!) -but have no idea of a fit date.
* Delivery 1 was fine - but rework is required and some parts were missing,
* Delivery 2 (some of the replacement parts was fine)
* Delivery 3 was the wrong worktop and not all of the replaced faulty doors
* Delivery 34 has a gouge out of the edge - this had to have been like this from the factory as the packaging was not damaged,
* Delivery 5 was due today but did not arrive and is rescheduled for tomorrow

Now for the detail of events....

Firstly I was rushed into placing an order due to special offers running out - the basis of this was that if I placed an order and had the survey done by the end of September. I duly arranged for this.

I was happy with the kitchen design done by the sales man. The surveyor highlighted that the sink /dishwasher configuration in the original plan would not work and switched the sink configuration over . I agreed to this on the condition that the sink was still under the window - this has not proved to be the case.

In the letter confirming my order I was given a fit date of 2nd October - I should also point out that on this letter I was given a contact number for customer services which turned out to be discontinued.

When no one turned up on Oct 2nd and I tracked down customer services ( after being cut off more than once along the way). I was put on hold whilst they rang the fitters and was told that they were held up in traffic and would be with me in an hour. 10 minutes later I had a ring from the fitters customer service line to say that they had received the order late and had me booked in for the 3rd October pm start ( A Friday afternoon?) - so I can only conclude that someone lied to me about the fitters. After another 5 calls from myself ( 2 being cut off) and no one ringing me back as promised I determined from the programming team that someone was then coming in on Friday. This was confirmed with a message on my home phone from the fitters to expect someone first thing on Friday. First thing turned out to be nearly 10 am start and a 4pm finish - and I was left with a bare kitchen only sink unit and kitchen connected with no work surface over the weekend.

On Tuesday when they were due to finish I had a call from the fitters highlighting a problem that the dishwasher wouldn’t open cleanly and stating that the survey was wrong. Also 4 of the cupboard doors had no hinge holes in them so hadn’t been fitted. They left at 2pm before the gas man had been to connect the hob - so I had to take the afternoon off work to be in when he arrived. The fitters told me they were calling in the field installations manager about the problem - but they left me with an unuseable kitchen as 4 doors were missing and 1 was faulty and no handles on anything that was fitted. I range the KD customer helpdesk who seemed unaware of the problem - again no one rang me back as promised with an update. I was told that Paul Garland would ring me and arrange a visit on Wednesday -but this did not happen. On Wednesday after several phone calls including one of the customer services staff putting the phone down on me when I wanted to hold to speak with the area manager - a time was set for a Thursday inspection.

The inspection took place ( for which I had to take a further day off work) and Mr. Garland took photos of the problem agreed that the plan post survey was at fault ( in fact did not meet surveying guidelines) and stated what would be done to put things right. II stated that I needed the kitchen finished by the end of the following week (17th October) and he saw no problem in meeting this date.

On the following Monday (13th) having heard nothing I rang in again and as I was on the phone they ordered the replacement work surfaces and faulty doors. Paul Young the area manager stated he would get a fit date and get back to me. When I rang back twice on Tuesday they had not managed to secure a fit date. Eventually on Wednesday and by ringing the fitters directly I managed to find out that the earliest fit date was Monday 20th - though not happy with this I accepted is as this was still before the Tiling date of 22nd October.

In the meantime on Thursday 16th the wrong worktop was left outside my door ( I live alone and had to get help to carry it into the house!) When I reported this I was promised a replacement on Friday ( I presumed a.m. and remember asking the customer services operator (Sarah?) to ask them to ring the door to wake me up rather than leave it outside. When no delivery had arrived by 9 am on Friday I went to work leaving a note for the carriers and a key with a neighbour - after asking to speak to both Paul and Paula and leaving messages for both to ring me back -to no avail I spoke to Sarah who promised to speak with the carriers and ring me back - after no such phone call happened I rang back twice to be informed (by Sarah) a) that a morning delivery had not been requested and b) that she never promised to ring back - and in fact was quite rude to me about this. I returned from work to find that the delivery had occurred.

On Monday - Bizarrely I had a phone call from KD asking if my kitchen had now been fitted - did the system say it should have been fitted at the weekend?) anyway at 9am the gas hob was disconnected and the fitters arrived shortly afterwards- I left for work but by the time I arrived I had an urgent message from the fitters to say that the worktop was damaged and they had left site (there was other work they could have done - fitting doors and changing corner unit). Speaking with the fitters they had ordered a replacement worktop and said if I confirmed its delivery - someone would be here this afternoon (Tuesday) - on this premise I agreed to not have the gas reconnected.

So having taken another day off work today (Tuesday) - no delivery happened - I spoke with Paul - who apologised for the lack of delivery - I explained that I would now need to rearrange Tiling and that things absolutely needed sorting out this week. He said he would get back to me but - unsurprisingly did not. I rang in at 3:15 and could get through neither to Paul or Paula - I rang back at 3:30 and could get through to neither - though after leaving a message Paul did ring me back. Going through things again - I stated that if no one was coming on Wednesday I needed the hob re-connecting - Paul again said he would get back to me - but did not.

So as things stand I have no gas hob - no idea of what to expect on Wednesday (and an important meeting at work to attend). and no clear plan to get things sorted.

I am expecting visitors at the weekend and as things stand I cannot accommodate them. This is a long arranged family celebration which it look as though I will have to cancel.

So to refute the claims on the web site..

Ÿ Professional design and planning -> Faulty surveys and haphazard planning with no quality controls in place aas far as I cna see.
Ÿ KD control the whole process -> give wrong fit dates - lie to you on the phone , never return your phone calls and don’t sort out your problems.
Ÿ Everything is organised for you -> I would have been much better organising myelf - but as I have a very busy job thought it would be better organised centrally - how wrong could I be!.

As things stand I have no confidence in the ability of KD to sort the issues out and intend to explore the following options:

1) Escalate within KD - I need a director level commitment to sorting this out (by the weekend of 25th)and to pay any costs I incur on delaying other contractors.

2) A full refund of my bill £7990 so I can organise alternative arrangements for putting the problems right. - I have instigated this though Barclaycard now but can halt it should option 1 be complied with.

3) I take arrangements out of KD hands and sue them for payment - including copying local press, ombudsman and Watchdog of this now well documented saga.

I require an immediate acknowledgement and response to this letter

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Coard

cc: MKD Holdings Managing Director
Barclaycard Legal department

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I know how you feel.we have had a lot of problems with k d .
Mrs Julie Hinton .. 28 November 2003
My own experience is similar to to this one except I am out of pocket 12500 pounds and still no kitchen! Work started on 31 Oct followed by 3 days of 'fitting', then the fitters left! It is now 16 Dec 2003 and still no kitchen for the 7 people in my house! Disgraceful! MKD have promised many times to do something but the fitter fails to arrive, or something happens, still no kitchen!
M Falconer .. 16 December 2003
I had alot of problems with Kitchens direct in 2000
which where only sorted when I got my local trading standards involved
john beckett .. 19 january 2004
Nothing changes then.
We had endless problems in May 2002. People should be warned about Moben/Kitchens Direct. Sue Middleman .. 9 February 2004
Kitchens Direct made our lives a misery.
It started with lies from the salesman and broken promises. It took us a month and endless phone calls and letters plus a threat to them from Trading Standards to get any action.
Anybody who even thinks about getting a Kitchens Direct kitchen should think again. It has been the most expensive mistake of my life. Don't touch them.
Stuart Wilson ... 17 February 2004
We have just had our kitchen installed,
and have had no problems what so ever. Kitchen was delivered on the day they said, the fitters started on the day they said. The fitters worked extremely well, and completed the job in the time they stated. My kitchen looks brilliant, thank you moben for doing a great job. Julie Renton .. 14 June 2004
1) We were given a false presentation of the kitchen in the brochure and by the representatives.
The picture in the brochure is totally different (i.e. different material used) from what they have done.

2) They took all the money of £8,192.00 before starting the job.

3) Cheap materials were used which started peeling off after a week. A bad job was also done (i.e. crooked cupboard doors)

4) Now we are finding it a hassle just to get a project manager to come and rectify the problem after we had called them some many times.

I am sending you information concerning the problems we have had with Kitchen Direct from the 27th of March, 2004 for future stories or articles which highlight cunsumer injustice by such companies.

Re- installation of kitchen

1) We were given a false presentation of the kitchen in the brochure and by the representatives. The picture in the brochure is totally different (i.e. different material used) from what they have done.
2) They took all the money of £8,192.00 before starting the job.
3) Cheap materials were used which started peeling off after a week. A bad job was also done (i.e. crooked cupboard doors)
4) Now we are finding it a hassle just to get a project manager to come and rectify the problem after we had called them some many times.

Mrs Ekua Asibu ... 18 June 2004

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