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Moben kitchen Manchester
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Mrs J Wright
Town/City of Residence:

We spent 5 hours with a salesman who planned a perfectly nice kitchen for us and spent hours assurring us of the quality product we were buying. He frequently likened the quality of Moben to John Lewis and Pogenpohl and did nothing but disparage the DIY kitchens such as magnets and B&Q inferring that these were very low grade kitchens.

In particular he assured us that Moben are the only company in the UK who fit their own kitchens with their own dedicated, professional fitters. We were taken in and duly signed up using their Finance option as we were led to believe we would be protected by doing so as no money would be advanced until we were happy wth the kitchen.

I have no complaints about the subsequent survey.
Delivery of the kitchen was fine.

Installation commenced a week later (11/08/03). We were told that the whole job would take 3-4 days but only 6 hours of work were done in the first 2 days. During this time the fitters ripped out our old kitchen and threw it into the front garden (where it is still sitting!!) and hacked about at the plumbing and electrics. On the third day they finally got around to fitting some cupboards and after they had left that evening we found that a whole wall of cupboards had been incorrectly placed and as a result they had to unnecessarily hack out a light switch which was left live and hanging dangerously. In addition almost every cupboard and door was damaged with a dent, scratch or other abrasion and it was so disappointing that it would all have to come outand be replaced!!

The quality of the cabinets was also very disappointing - 15mm chipboard, laminate flaking, flimsy backs, ordinary pressed hinges (we had been promised heavy duty solid hinges) and not Moben employees doing the fitting but contractors from a local building firm! Certainly not worth the contract price. We confronted the fitters on the fourth morning and they suggested that we contact Moben at once to resolve our complaints and they promptly left. We have not seen them since!

We cotacted Moben and were told that Moben refused to discuss the problems or send anyone round to inspect the kitchen until the kitchen was completely fitted and they were sending back the fitters. They didn't come back which was probably just as well because we didn't trust them to continue.

We spent an agonising 2 days trying to contact Moben and waiting for them to return calls which they never did. Eventually, as we had been left with no sink or cooker, my husband reclaimed our old sink from the front garden and plumbed it back in and then reconnected our old cooker only to find that the fitters had drilled through the mains cooker cable, blown the fuse and covered it all up by mounting the cooker hood over the damaged cable. Of course they failed to mention any of this to us!!!

My husband (angry and shocked - fortunately for Moben, not in the electrical sense!) informed Moben by registered letter that they were in breach of contract and that we wished to terminate the contract and our loan agreement. (It only turns out that First National, the loan company, paid Moben in full on the 2nd August - 2 days before we even took delivery of the kitchen! Some protection that proved to be, although it would seem that they are jointly liable with Moben for this contract).

A rep from Moben finally turned up after the weekend, drew up a short report and made out we were being very unreasonable. Moben are now saying it is not their policy to give refunds (despite that being our legal entitlement) and want to come back and finish putting in the kitchen which is wholly unacceptable as far as we are concerned.

They are guilty of misrepresentation, failing to install the kitchen to an acceptable standard, supplying a kitchen of a quality far below that which their salesman promised, using inexperienced fitters, non-existent customer service...the list is endless.

We have been living in limbo for 2 weeks now and I am slowly coming to the realisation that we may be living in this shell of a kitchen for some months to come (I have 2 young children!). It looks like the only way we will get Moben to give us our money back is to take them to court. I have never been so stressed and anxious in my life so be warned.

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  Editorial Comments

An update on this story by Mrs Wright on 7 October 2003:
'It is now October and still Moben have failed to refund our money. We ended up taking our old kitchen to the dump because Moben failed to send a skip and collect it! We have been forced to seek advice from a solicitor and have tried to resolve the matter through Qualitas but they have had our papers for over a month now and there has been no progress. The finance company have finally become involved (probably because we haven't paid them!!!) and sent round a surveyor to look at the kitchen. We are hoping that his report may finally persuade someone to take our case seriously.

We have had boards up outside our house for over 8 weeks now warning people against a Moben kitchen and I'm pleased to report that several people have heeded our advice after being given a tour round our kitchen. We have also heard form at least 3 other people in the immediate area who have had severe problems with their recently fitted Moben Kitchens!! Alas the grief continues and not knowing how long we must live like this (it's like being on a camping holiday!!) is unbearable.
Mrs Wright 7/10/03


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Hello J Wright if that is your real name. We commonly come by what is known as "stupid Customer Syndrome" when the customer believes whatever he/she is told by the sales rep without reading what they are signing. The contract signed releases the company from an liability or responsibility as to what is verbally promised by any sales rep.
Wally Hudalla ... 3 November 2003
Wally (if that is your real name?) Many thanks for your helpful comments.
Can we assume you are a Moben employee? If so, I rest my case!! Any other helpful tips you would like to disclose from the Moben sales rep training manual? I make no apologies for being honest and expect representatives of professional companies I invite into my home to be likewise. You may be interested to know that misrepresentation is illegal, verbal or otherwise.
J. Wright (yes, that is my real name).
Jeanine Wright ... 24 November 2003
We were going to get a qoute from moben for our kitchen.
We left our phone number with the sales rep in there outlet in a store in shrewsbury. They phoned to make an appointment but said it would take several hours.
We decided to get other quotes first. Now several months later we receive regular phone calls from moben asking if we want a quote sometimes they call us up to 5 times a day.We have now reported them to bt for making unwanted phone calls. Helen Wilkins ... 30 November 2003
I am pleased I found this website today - although a bit late.
I ordered and paid in full for a Moben kitchen that would be (I was told) fully fitted and fully functioning in 3 days. It has been 3 weeks since the fitting works started, different fitters have come and gone and I have been left with half a kitchen. Moben has not returned any of my calls and I suppose I can only phone Trading Standards now to see what can be done. I am so angry I think I am going to spend two weekends at Moben's showroom in Queensway (where I first got in contact with the company) warning prospective buyers.
Yulena Sanchez-Hoet ... 9 December 2003
Attracted by Moben's '55% plus an extra 10%' off all new
, fully-fitted kitchen January 2004 offer, we decided to take a closer look. But then stumbled across this site and thought better of it. Thanks for the warning everyone! Jon Walker ...25 January 2004
We are starting to go through the system of complaining to Moben about our kitchen.
Our kitchen still isn't finished after just over 3 months now, It's a very long story but to cut it short the first one was fitted very badly and has now been completely refitted (almost)! I would be very interested to know about high compensation claims against Moben for really bad experiences. And how successful they have been through Qualitas or not. Thanks!
Sarah of Stamford Lincs. Sarah Wilkinson ... 10 February 2004
Please find enclosed the list of issues we have concerning the kitchen works. Joanna Hartley ... 5 July 2004

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