16 Oct 2001

I would like to point out that a letter was sent to Mr. Morton on the 8th October regarding his complaint. In this letter I explained that the room confirmed was a small double room.

Like all hotels we have varying room sizes etc. This is reflected in the price of the room. Our website shows a price range of £120-£195 for doubles. Mr. Morton accepted our offer for a small double room at £120.

We provided what we had confirmed. As for the comments about water, no other guest has complained from that room and we found no problem at all. I would like to express my concern at your ambush style website where you see fit to publish something before you have heard the full story.

I also notice that on the paperwork that was eventually sent that you do not include any phone contact details.

In fact all you have is a post office box. Why are you trying to hide?

The matter with Mr. Morton and the Claverley Hotel has been resolved and a little bit of effort on your behalf to obtain both sides of the story would have been appreciated.
Manager, Claverley Hotel