8 October 2002
Thank You for your recent communication.

As previously discussed with yourselves, and with Alex Morrison of British Airways Partnership on 17/07/02 on your behalf any UK damage is dealt with by Our Avis Claims department: Willis Coroon. Any customer that has damage on a uk avis car has to deal with our insurance company.

They are currently investigating your claim, and like with any insurance company, it can take some time.

All correspondence has been passed to Willis to investigate on your

As again sent to yourself on 20/09/02 - I enclose several methods of
contact for our claims department:

Willis Coroon (address & tel supplied)

Email - (supplied)
Once again this correspondence has been passed to Willis who we have
advised to contact yourselves ASAP.

I apologise if you feel your letters aren't being answered. They are being investigated.

Yours Sincerely

Darryl Green
Customer Service Representative
Avis Rent A Car
United Kingdom