6 November 2002

Sad to see that my company, the kilt hire co, at present is being slandered by this web site, "a friend who got married on Saturday suffered from similar bad service" is pure hearsay. I would be pleased if this was taken out.

You are not giving companies a chance to speak to their customers.

As of 06/11/02 we have NOT had any complaints, neither written nor verbal, on any orders from this weekend.

Mr & Mrs Hankin, have not had to wait an unreasonable amount of time for a reply, wedding was in August & the letter was not received until about three weeks ago. It was unfortunate that the original letter did not arrive at our company.

The Hankins asked for a considered reply asked us, this is what they got, we have checked into the facts before blurting out incorrect information. There was a lot of staff involved in this situation.

There has never been a question about a refund over the trews, & this has this morning been posted.

I see there is nothing mentioned in this letter about the boys outfit being the Hankin's own measurements, we had never seen the boy, we are not mind readers?

The kilt hire co van on the evening pre wedding went to St Andrews to deliver shoes, so if we were that bad, I ask you Mr & Mrs Hankin would we have done that, I think not. If we were advised about an ill fitting jacket, would it not have been smart to tell us so that we could have brought that with us?

I do agree that we are all human and can make mistakes and I can assure this web site that as a company we continually look to improve.

I am sad to see the Hankins will never use us again because of this and shall continue to mention our name in other wedding media, they are surely very bitter people.

Because of your web site, there has been no right to reply. This I am disgusted in, your web site needs to be policed by common sense people that can sniff out a letter that is purely malicious and you have a responsibility to check the facts before you post something like this.


Paul Swadzba
Director - the kilt hire co