Thank you for your comments.

For every Dedicated Page set up, a Right of Reply email or letter is sent to the company concerned. Further comments submitted to the page by visitors, remain published on the Dedicated Page for viewing if and whenever the Company reps decide to re visit the page.

But we will now adopt a policy of 'follow up' emails to these companies drawing their attention to comments made. Due to cost retrictions we will only do this where an email contact/address is available for the company in question.
We have now reduced the number of Sounding Boards from 3 to 2. There is still room for improvement and this is being explored.
In the earlier days of clik2complaints, we had a dedicated 'Name 'n Shame em' section but on later reflection decided to discontinue it. The Editor found that most of the postings lacked detail. It didn't appear proper and legally sound to publish such.

However, what we now plan to do is to set up a simiar 'Name 'n Shame em' section based on clik2complaints' case file. We will summarise a list of companies that have failed to address their customer complaints published on clik2complaints.

Jonathan T-Wright
Editor, The Consumers Complaint List